Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1576 - Young Eagle Issues a Challenge

Chapter 1576 - Young Eagle Issues a Challenge

Chapter 1576: Young Eagle Issues a Challenge

“I heard that you’re the sports representative?” Mu Tian walked over and put his arm around the guy as if they were on close terms. “Is the basketball team still short of people? Can you add us brothers in?”

“Who do you think you are? Do you think that just anyone can join the team?” The sports representative was a tall guy too, and he tried hard to break free. However, he didn’t succeed. He was about to fly into a rage when Mu Tian let go of him.

Mu Tian shrugged, looking like he wanted to settle things peacefully. “Then, how can one join?”

A commotion broke out in the cla.s.sroom, and the guys kept cheering on for them to fight, while the girls also cheered enthusiastically. “Mu Tian, go for it!”

The sports representative was caught in a predicament. He knew that the other party had great strength and thus wasn’t planning on competing with him in brute force. He gave it some thought before saying, “We’ll go to the basketball court in the afternoon.”

“That’s too long. I don’t have the patience.” Mu Tian looked around the cla.s.sroom, then said, “Let’s compete in jumps. We’ll draw lines on the blackboard with chalk, and the one who draws the higher line will win. I’m 17 centimeters taller than you, so I’ll take off 17 centimeters from my results. What do you think?”

The sports representative’s eyes gleamed. He was going to get a great advantage from this.

Firstly, as the small forward, he had a very strong jump. At a height of 1.73 meters, he was able to reach a height of 2.2 meters from the same spot. Deducting the length of his arm, it’d be around 2.15 meters.

The cla.s.sroom had a height of 3.3 meters. As long as he could jump one meter high, he’d definitely win this. As Mu Tian could only mark the top of the cla.s.sroom, after 17 centimeters were taken off, he’d definitely lose.

“Alright, we’ll compete in that. Who’s afraid?” The sports representative stood up and quickly walked to the front.

Mu Tian turned and winked at his brothers, then followed after him. The rest of the cla.s.smates made way for them to pa.s.s.

The sports representative picked up green chalk, took a few steps back, took in a deep breath, then jumped up after taking three steps forward, drawing a green mark on the white wall above the blackboard.

The sports representative landed, looked at the marking on the wall, then smiled in satisfaction.

That wasn’t bad. It was slightly higher than his initial plan. It should only be about ten centimeters from the ceiling. Mu Tian was definitely losing this.

“It’s your turn now,” said the sports representative, looking proud.

Mu Tian picked up pink chalk and tested it out on his finger. The great contrast between a bright handsome young man and the pastel pink took the hearts of the girls in the cla.s.s, causing them to nose-bleed in their hearts.

Mu Tian suddenly walked off the platform in front and turned to look at the sports representative. Their gazes were almost at the same height.

The sports representative’s countenance changed, and he became nervous.

Mu Tian raised his head and looked at the ceiling. Without any preparation, he jumped up with great ease, and a pink mark was left in the corner where the ceiling and wall met.

The sports representative instantly looked dejected.

Mu Tian said, “I’m sorry, it’s my win.”

Looking upset, the sports representative said, “You still have to deduct 17 centimeters.”

Mu Tian looked at him in surprise, then looked meaningfully at the platform and said, “Isn’t this platform just nice at canceling off the advantage I have over you?”

A girl stood up and chipped in, “The platform is 20 centimeters. Mu Tian, you can add another three centimeters. Moreover, Mu Tian can clearly jump higher. It’s all because the ceiling is too short. That’s not fair. Zhao Qin, I didn’t expect for you to be so despicable.”

Hearing that, the sports representative’s expression instantly sank. He choked and said, “Count it as his win, then.”

Mu Tian’s gaze moved between the two of them. He could tell that the guy liked the girl, but the girl didn’t seem to be interested in him.

“We can join the basketball team now, right?” Mu Tian smiled and asked.

“I, Zhao Qin, admit my loss. You guys can join the team.”