Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1575 - Young Eagle Receives Love Letter

Chapter 1575 - Young Eagle Receives Love Letter

Chapter 1575: Young Eagle Receives Love Letter

She turned her head and glanced at the handsome and unbridled young man next to her, then immediately averted her gaze anxiously, her gaze landing on his textbook.

She then noticed that the first half of Mu Ya’s textbook didn’t have any traces of notes, and his other books were also brand new. A surprised look appeared in her eyes.

When Mu Ya noticed her glance and looked over, she immediately turned her head away.

People who were inferior and unsociable tended to be sharp at noticing things. She had the feeling that these three brothers weren’t transfer students.

There was the saying that one could enjoy the benefits of a favorable position. However, this would still depend on the individual’s att.i.tude.

The girl with the blunt bangs didn’t say a word, but other girls weren’t like her. Before the self-study period ended, a pink letter was pa.s.sed down to the last row, landing in the hands of the girl with the blunt bangs.

“Give it to Mu Ya.”

The form teacher was still in front of the cla.s.sroom. After the girl who had pa.s.sed down the letter handed it to the girl with the blunt bangs, she immediately lowered her head, pretending to read the English textbook.

As someone who was often excluded by others, such things rarely pa.s.sed through her hands. Feeling as if she was holding onto a hot potato, she immediately placed the letter onto Mu Ya’s table.

Mu Ya threw her a glance, looking baffled. Before picking up the letter, he smelled an intense fragrance. This caused him to frown in disgust.

He was about to return the letter when the bell signaling the end of cla.s.s rang. The students gushed out, fighting to be the first to run out to reach the canteen. If they were late, they’d have to queue for a long time.

The girl seated next to Mu Ya also immediately put her book down and ran out.

The three brothers had come to school after having breakfast. Moreover, they could survive with just one meal a day. Therefore, half a minute later, the cla.s.sroom was emptied, but they were still there.

Mu Tian grabbed the letter on Mu Ya’s table and took a whiff. He immediately sneezed.

“Wow, is this the legendary love letter?” Mu Tian took the letter and showed it to Mu Hai.

Mu Hai nodded calmly. “En.”

“That’s unfair. Why did he receive a love letter when he only said two words? I’ve said so much, but no one wrote one for me.” As Mu Tian said that, he looked toward the empty seat next to his third brother, consoling himself and saying, “It must be because you’re seated next to a girl! She’s the one who wrote it to you, right?”

Mu Ya didn’t refute that and took the letter from him. “There’s nothing to be envious about. The fact that she’s confessing when we just met means that she’s too superficial. I don’t dare to take it. We’re different from them. In this lifetime, we only have one chance to choose our partner.”

Mu Tian nodded in agreement, but still said curiously, “Since you’ve already received the letter, open it and take a look.”

Mu Ya opened the letter and read it. His brows furrowed increasingly deeper, and he even felt a little disgusted.

“What’s written on it?” Mu Tian looked over curiously, then broke into the same expression as his younger brother.

“It’s one thing to say that it’s love at first sight, but what does she mean by saying that she’ll only marry you and that she’d only be willing to part with you if the mountains are flattened and the heaven and earth are merged as one[1]? That’s so fake!” Mu Tian couldn’t bear it after reading half of the letter. He quickly picked up the English textbook to wash his eyes.

Mu Ya held in with the discomfort and finished the letter. He couldn’t understand the artistic signature left at the end. He then stuffed the letter into the book of the cla.s.smate sitting next to him, checking out her name while he was at it: Shen Yin.

It somehow matched with the “artistic letterings” on the letter.

Half of the breakfast time quickly pa.s.sed by, and some students came back in batches.

The girls giggled as they talked about the three new cla.s.smates. This made quite a number of guys feel angry, and they looked at the Mu brothers with gazes filled with hostility.

Mu Tian suddenly stood up and walked over to a guy who rolled his eyes at him.

The guy stared at him warily and asked, “What do you want?”

[1] Extract from a famous love poem from the Han Dynasty that prays for eternal love.