Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1457 - Parker in the Midst of Filming

Chapter 1457 - Parker in the Midst of Filming

Chapter 1457: Parker in the Midst of Filming

Zhang Yu:

Is it a good idea for him to expose such a private matter? It’s a big taboo for a newly-debuting celebrity to be in a relations.h.i.+p. Marriage is an even bigger no-no. Has his company agreed to this?

While feeling speechless, Zhang Yu was also astonished. “You’re married?”

“Married?” The quick-thinking Parker immediately guessed that this meant forming a spousal relations.h.i.+p. He had heard from Qingqing that in this world, among the four of them, only one could be her legitimate spouse. At this thought, he felt even glummer.

“No,” said Parker.

Zhang Yu said, “You must love her a lot.”

Speaking of Bai Qingqing, Parker finally looked a bit more energetic. He instantly said, “Of course. She’s my wife. Who will I love if not her?”

Zhang Yu revealed an envious look. “It must be nice to be your girlfriend.”

Hearing this compliment from a female, a trace of smugness flickered across his face. He felt that Qingqing should be thinking this way as well.

Since there was no way to resolve this situation anytime soon, now that the connection with his spouse was completely broken, Parker gave up entirely and stopped kicking up a fuss. He quietly sat in his seat, looking like a depressed hunk.

He made it through the remaining arduous journey with open eyes. The second he got off the plane, Parker immediately came back to life.

“I want to go back. Which flight do I take to go back? I want to go back right now!” Parker asked Zhang Yu the instant they got off the plane.

At this moment, the cameras had turned on. The very first scene filmed of Parker was the scene above.

Parker’s request was mercilessly rejected by the production crew and director. Parker wanted to go back by himself, but the flight tickets and doc.u.mentation for his trip here had been obtained after a great deal of effort by his company and had been confiscated by the production crew!

His cell phone, cash, and bank card had all been retained in China before he boarded the plane.

It could be said that Parker was a lone human, ah no, a lone leopard right now.

After throwing a tantrum in the airport to no avail, the crestfallen Parker had no choice but to leave with everyone first.

When they got off the plane, it was already afternoon over here. After some hiccups, their group finally arrived at the hotel. Apart from getting acquainted with their team members, they also had to plan their schedules and familiarize themselves with the local culture. There were plenty of highlights.

The happenings throughout today would be edited into an episode. From then onwards, each day’s filming would also be edited into one episode. Since there would be six episodes for the show, they would return on the seventh day.

Parker kept a cold expression throughout and pretty much ignored everyone, staying true to his punch-worthy style. By the time night fell, no one could be bothered with him anymore. Even an uncle who was deemed to have an excellent temper couldn’t be bothered with him anymore. Only the team captain Zhang Yu managed to chat a bit with Parker. But even then he would keep saying he wanted to go home every other sentence or so. He was totally behaving like a gigantic baby.

The experienced seniors knew that the new artist Parker was about to be slammed by the netizens, even though recently he was even more popular than a celebrity.

But the next day, the celebrities who had thought this way were slapped in the face.

The itinerary for the first day was to climb a famous mountain and camp there for a day, before taking a car down the mountain the next day.

They had to climb up the mountain with their luggage. They had only just started when the formation of the team collapsed.

“I can’t do this. My luggage is so heavy. I can’t walk anymore.” A pretty woman in her forties, Song Yuan’er, collapsed on the ground.

Another young handsome guy wanted to help and s.h.i.+fted a few steps towards her, before quickly giving up because of the heavy load.

“This won’t do. We won’t be able to make it up there. There’s still so much more distance to cover,” Song Yuan’er declared firmly.

Another female celebrity about her age vowed solemnly, “No matter how difficult it is, we must carry on. So long as we persist, victory will be ours.”

The others looked annoyed while inwardly cursing the production crew for being inhumane. When they heard her words, even though they didn’t show it on their faces, they were all rolling their eyes in their hearts.

This might sound like some positive and motivating speech, but if it couldn’t be applied in real life, it was nothing more than bullc.r.a.p!