Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1456 - I Miss My Wife

Chapter 1456 - I Miss My Wife

Chapter 1456: I Miss My Wife

On the narrow aisle, Parker was stopped by an air stewardess. She said fl.u.s.teredly, “Dear pa.s.senger, please be quiet. We’re flying… you can’t get off the plane.”

Due to her excellent professionalism, the air stewardess didn’t burst out laughing. Was this really not a f*cking movie? Why did she feel like she was looking at the guy in ‘Lost on Journey[1]’? (The scene where the guy wanted to open the window on the plane for a breather.)

But this guy is way too handsome. Their roles don’t match! So ooc[2]!

Although the aisle was narrow, when Parker turned his body, he nimbly got past the air stewardess and dashed to the entrance of the plane.

Looking at the door that was so tightly fitted to the plane body they almost appeared to be one, Parker nearly didn’t recognize it. It was only after sniffing at it that he confirmed this was the place he had entered through. He pounded his fist on the door.

The loud bangs startled the surrounding pa.s.sengers.

That air stewardess caught up to him. Zhang Yu and the rest also came up, and everyone fl.u.s.teredly held him back.

Afraid he would accidentally hurt the female, Parker could only restrain himself.

“I want to go home! I want to go home!” Parker ranted, looking dazed and feeling conflicted.

If he were to go down like this, he would surely fall to his death. So did that mean he could only endure this for another eight hours? He felt so panicked, as though something was being forcibly ripped out from inside him—his connection with his mate.

Seeing that his face was pale, the air stewardess hurriedly asked, “Are you feeling unwell?”

Males were typically reluctant to reveal their weaknesses. No matter how awful he felt inside, Parker refused to say it. He merely gazed in the direction from which he came and said, “I want to go home.”

That longing look coupled with the body of an adult made him look like an intellectually challenged person.

The air stewardess: “…”

Zhang Yu: “…”

If a pa.s.senger was in danger, the airline folks would try to think of a way to land the plane. But Parker apparently just looked like a child who was missing home. Hence, the air stewardess dispelled this thought and comforted him as she brought him back to his seat.

When he sat down on his seat again, it was as if there were iron nails on Parker’s b.u.t.t, for he kept fidgeting and scratching his ears and chin. Finally, he took up Zhang Yu’s suggestion, closed his eyes, and tried to sleep.

But even with his eyes shut, he felt tormented. Parker clenched his fists and took a long while to dazedly fall asleep with his eyes closed.

Suddenly, he felt an emptiness in his heart and abruptly awoke from his sleep.


The loud bellow startled everyone on the plane, and tens of pairs of eyes looked towards him in unison. Even those who couldn’t see him from their seats looked in his direction.

This time, Parker directly jumped onto a table. Jumping from table to table, he leaped over the heads of the pa.s.sengers and dashed right for the door.

“I! Want! To! Go! Home!” These five words echoed throughout the plane.

The pa.s.sengers and crew: “…”

Zhang Yu and the rest:

So embarra.s.sing. Can I pretend I don’t know this guy? Although, he’s very handsome indeed.

Parker swiftly ran to the door, and the air stewardess wasn’t able to catch up. Looking at the firmly closed door, Parker sobered up.

So he was on a plane, on the way to film in another country. He wasn’t able to go back.

Zhang Yu caught up and grabbed his clothes. “What is it again?”

Parker lowered his head and drooped his ears dejectedly as he stood up and quietly walked back.

Many pa.s.sengers started reprimanding him. Some smacked their own heads, while others wiped the tables.

Incredibly worried, Zhang Yu wanted to call the person in charge to find out what exactly was the matter with him.

“Are you alright? Why do you want to go home?” Zhang Yu asked softly.

Parker said in a tone that sounded as if he was about to burst into tears, “I miss Qing… mat… I miss my wife.”

He corrected himself a few times before finally finding a relatively normal term.

[1] A Chinese comedy

[2] out of character