Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1458 - Parker the Mover

Chapter 1458 - Parker the Mover

Chapter 1458: Parker the Mover

Meanwhile, the anti-social Parker was already a great distance ahead of everyone else. When he turned back and saw them, he let out a painful groan.

Won’t you people hurry up? Let’s get there as soon as possible and go home quickly!

Having no other choice, he could only set down his luggage and briskly run down the mountain.

Seeing Parker return, his team members were shocked. Zhang Yu asked, “Why did you come back down? It wasn’t easy for you to go that far.”

Parker kept his mouth shut and said nothing. Seeing her, a skinny female, almost collapsing from exhaustion, he felt sorry for her and took the two pieces of luggage from her hands.

He then turned around and looked at his other team members, then took the luggage away from the pale-faced Song Yuan’er.

After which, with one luggage in each hand and a huge bag on his back, he quietly started running.

That’s right, he started running. While other people were inching forward with great difficulty, he easily broke into a run. Even the extremely heavy luggage looked like they were made from clouds in his hands.

His team members: “…”

The male team members thought:

The female celebrities’ luggage must be too light.

The female team members thought: Men must be stronger.

They continued advancing slowly.

Parker set down the luggage, then ran down again to carry the others’ luggage. After running to and fro a few times, he finally gathered everyone’s luggage together.

If it weren’t for the fact that his arms weren’t long enough, he would have carried the luggage all at once.

Parker thought:

They should be able to move faster now, right?!

Who knew, when he turned his head, he saw that the group of them were almost exactly where he had left them.

Parker: “…”

Are the heavens out to get me? Never mind the females. What’s the deal with those young and robust males? Am I going to have to carry them up one by one?

In the end, that really was what Parker did. The first one he carried up was Zhang Yu.

After which, he ran a few more trips and carried all the female team members up the mountain. It was only because the male team members resolutely refused Parker’s help out of shame that he didn’t have to carry them as well.

But the result was that the male team members ended up falling behind a great distance, even when the female team members took a short rest at mid-mountain.

They tied the luggage together using a rope so that Parker could pull it all up in one shot. After walking some distance, Parker would come back and carry the female celebrities for a distance. Rinse and repeat. Very soon, they arrived at the peak of the mountain.

“Heavens! We’re finally here!” Song Yuan’er stood on a rock and, with her arms on her waist, gazed downwards. “Can’t even see where they are now.”

Zhang Yu said, “Let’s set up the tents first. So that when they arrive, we can start to cook.”

“Okay,” someone responded, before immediately taking out the tent from the luggage.

Parker went over to help, but Zhang Yu stopped him. With a smile, she said, “You’ve carried us such a great distance. You should go over there to rest. Just wait to eat later.”

“Yeah, it’s been hard on you,” someone chimed in. Everyone felt bad about letting him do any more

Each second had been pa.s.sing like years to Parker, and he didn’t have the strength to stand on ceremony with others. Upon hearing this, he held a hand to his chest and went to a quiet and empty plot of land, before sitting down with his back facing everyone.

The female celebrities also experienced quite a few setbacks before finally managing to set up the tents.

Everyone was about to ask Parker to go over to rest, but when they turned around, they saw him sitting all by himself with the wind blowing in his face, seeming as though he was waiting for someone. For some reason, looking at his back view, they felt sorry for him.

Parker’s VJ was filming the scenery out of boredom. Being the VJ of such an antisocial person with monstrous strength, he felt that he wouldn’t be able to film anything interesting.

Seeing Zhang Yu walk over, the VJ perked up and instantly turned the camera towards her, thinking:

Finally, something I can film.

“The tents have been set up. It’s cold outside, go and sit in the tent.” Zhang Yu’s voice broke the desolate vibe in the air.