Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1455 - Parker Takes Flying Chicken

Chapter 1455 - Parker Takes Flying Chicken

Chapter 1455: Parker Takes Flying Chicken


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Bai Qingqing hugged Parker, giving him a lot of reminders and things to take note of, especially in the area of protecting his privacy.

He mustn’t mention his family, address, nor their names. Some terms such as “females”, “males”, and “mates” must be changed too.

There were too many things she had to tell him, so Parker naturally got to hug his mate to sleep at night. The other three males also listened next to them.

The next morning, Parker bade Bai Qingqing goodbye, then grabbed a suitcase and set off.

Upon entering the plane, he asked curiously, “Weren’t we taking a plane?”

“My dear, this is a plane,” a female celebrity in her twenties replied.

Parker immediately realized that he might have said something wrong. He shut up and smiled.

A hint of obvious astonishment flashed in the female celebrity’s eyes despite having already taken a few glances at him.

“You’re the dog food prince charming? You’re really handsome! I’m Zhang Yu, the team leader in Princess-Knight (The abbreviation for Princess and Knight). Nice to meet you.” Zhang Yu spoke in a clear and crisp voice.

Zhang Yu wasn’t considered to be very beautiful, only elegant. She was very small and pet.i.te, like someone from a humble birth. When she was 18, she shot to fame for playing the role of a female lead in a famous director’s movie. At her current age of 24, she was considered the most popular female celebrity in the country.

Parker couldn’t help but feel worried when looking at her small and skinny figure. Why was this female so skinny? Did she not have food? Didn’t they say that the people taking part in this program were all celebrities that many people liked? Since those people liked her, why did they not give her food?

“h.e.l.lo. You should eat more,” Parker said. Qingqing’s figure would be considered good.

Zhang Yu smiled and said, “People look fatter on camera. I’ll look better on-screen if I’m thinner.”

Parker couldn’t understand this, but he remembered what Qingqing said that “the more you talk, the more mistakes you make”, and thus stopped speaking.

From now on, the journey had started. There were no managers nor planning team. They had to think of what to do by themselves.

As the leader, Zhang Xin naturally had to take care of the new members. Therefore, on the way there, she and Parker sat in the same row.

The plane took off and Parker leaned against the window, opening his mouth wide from astonishment.

To think that… they had left the ground?

So this was really a flying chicken! It had flown up!

Thankfully, Parker’s face was against the gla.s.s and no one saw his strange expression.

As the distance became further and further away, Parker gradually felt uneasy, and he unconsciously grabbed at the seat, making scratching sounds against the fabric.

Zhang Yu turned over to take a look, but her jaws almost dropped from shock. The seat between the two of them had been scratched into fabric strips, revealing the sponge inside.

“Parker?” Zhang Yu called out in surprise.

Parker forced himself to stop and turned to look at her.

“Is this your first time taking a plane? Are you not feeling well? Why don’t we chat?” Zhang Yu asked.

Parker looked out of the window and asked anxiously, “Are we not there yet? How much longer will it take?”

Zhang Yu looked at her watch, then said, “We’re only one-third through the journey. It’ll take another eight hours. Why don’t you get some sleep? We’ll arrive by the time you wake up.”

Parker’s sensing of his mate was getting increasingly weaker, to the extent that it was almost disappearing. Hearing that they were only one-third into the journey, Parker immediately stood up.

“I want to get off. I’m not partic.i.p.ating anymore. I want to go home!” As Parker said this, he tried to squeeze his way out.

Zhang Yu quickly grabbed him. “We’re on the plane. How are you going to get off?”

“I don’t care! I want to get off!” Parker said agitatedly. He pushed Zhang Yu, forgot about his suitcase, then dashed straight for the exit.