Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1421 - : Filming (2)

Chapter 1421 - : Filming (2)

Chapter 1421: Filming (2)

The young lady’s breathing stopped, and her blue eyes contracted in surprise. The camera didn’t miss out on any of her changes. It was a reaction that couldn’t be acted out.

Curtis looked at the young lady for a moment as per Brady’s request, allowing the camera to film around him. After he noticed the hand gesture Brady made to him from the corner of his eyes, he jumped off the ground with a few leaps, leaving without a hint of emotion. His behavior was just like his disposition: dignified, cold, and aloof, not allowing others to intrude.

However, something unexpected happened. Curtis jumped over the female lead’s head. The scene was a little hard to accept.

Bonnie couldn’t help but turn as Curtis left, continuing to search for the “elf’s” figure. This also appeared a little abrupt.

However, after these two surprise elements were taken care of, it’d look beautiful too. There would also be more hints of liveliness and reality.

The young lady found the thing she had been searching for all this while and the camera lens stopped there.

Brady put down the camera and, before he could take a look at the recording, exhaled as if he had been relieved of a great burden. “Stop!”

Only then did Bonnie return to her senses and exhale. [Who is that guy?]

[I don’t know. You can ask him yourself,] Brady replied half-heartedly, then walked toward his a.s.sistants on the side and asked, “How is it on your side? Show it to me.”

The a.s.sistants immediately showed him the recording. Brady nodded. “Perfect, it’s too perfect. After this commercial is done, it’ll definitely astonish the audience who have gotten used to the same old things.”

Curtis heard their voices and walked over from a distance. When Bonnie saw him, she immediately ran over.

As Curtis was too cold, she hadn’t paid him any notice previously. Only now did she realize that he was so… astonis.h.i.+ng.

[You’re so beautiful!] Bonnie said agitatedly.

Curtis returned a baffled expression. Bonnie paused for a moment, then said in awkward Mandarin, “You… are very beautiful.”

Curtis nodded as a recognition for her praise, then walked away in a good mood.

Bonnie was speechless. She felt that he was as cool as the feeling he gave off.

Brady had wanted to take more shots for details, but he realized that this series of shots was enough to edit a perfect and flawless video, for both models.

Moreover, the fog had also gotten a lot fainter. Even if they were to film again, it wouldn’t have the fairyland vibe from earlier. Therefore, the filming ended early.

“It’s still early. It’s rare for us to come to the mountain, why don’t we treat it as a trip and stay here for half a day to enjoy ourselves?” Brady asked.

“That sounds good. I saw a small river at the side. We can have a barbecue there,” the female makeup artist said excitedly.

The male a.s.sistants were also very eager and agreed happily. Bonnie didn’t speak the same language as them and hadn’t fitted in at the beginning, but she took a look at Curtis and for once, she also agreed.

“Curtis, the minority will follow the decision of the majority. No matter if you’re willing or not, you’ll have to stay behind.” Brady could tell that Curtis wasn’t interested in joining them and said, smiling.

Curtis asked, “What time is it?”

“It’s almost nine, why?” Brady asked.

Curtis tied his hair into a ponytail and said, “I have to bring food to Snow. I’ll be making a move first.”

“Snow? Is that your girlfriend?” Brady looked very gossipy, but he still said, “Just give her a call to notify her. It’s just a meal. She couldn’t possibly starve herself to death, could she?”

“She won’t starve herself to death, but she’ll eat trash.” Curtis thought of Bai Qingqing’s expression when she was picking through the rotting vegetable leaves and a hint of warmth finally appeared on his icy-cold face.