Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1420 - Filming (1)

Chapter 1420 - Filming (1)

Chapter 1420: Filming (1)

The branches were very dense, and the main trunk was thick and strong, being able to withstand his body when in beast form.

As Curtis looked at it, he felt an uncontrollable urge to lay on it to see how it felt.

He tugged a brown vine gently, then jumped up easily onto a two-meter tall horizontal branch. After reaching this branch, he then jumped again, reaching a great height after a couple of jumps, hiding amidst the tree crown.

Snake beastmen didn’t excel in jumping, but this bit of height was still easily manageable.

Brady was stunned. He chased after him a little before raising his head and asking, “Kurt? Where are you?”

“Screech screech

Screech screech

” What replied Brady were some small birds on the branches.

An additional hint of mystery and suspense was added to the atmosphere under the tree crown. This was what Brady wanted. Even though he had some doubts, he still subconsciously allowed himself to be immersed in this atmosphere, holding up his camera to search Curtis.

When Curtis heard his voice, he immediately came down from the tree. He grabbed onto a vine with one hand as his body slid down like a slithering snake.

His bright red long hair flew with the wind, spreading out like a piece of extravagant and beautiful silk. His crimson red eyes didn’t have any emotions in them, looking cold like a plant from the forest. This was probably how an elf would look like.

Stunned, Brady put down the camera unconsciously, raising his head and appearing to be dazed.

Curtis was about to land, making a perfect series of actions. However, as there was a branch below him, he didn’t care for the beautiful flow and just landed on it casually before jumping off to the ground.

However, this turn brought about a brand new surprise. The elf in the forest instantly broke free of his effeminate side and displayed his strength and power.

Brady was already ready to come out from the act after Curtis had landed, but he entered another daze due to this turn of events.

“Brady?” Curtis called out.

Brady jolted awake suddenly, shaking his head and saying, “Kurt, I like you more and more now.”

Curtis threw him a strange look, his gaze filled with despise. He didn’t expect a male to like him.

Brady was stunned, then broke out laughing, saying, “I’ve found a real elf to play an elf. Alright, we’ll shoot with these movements. Everyone get ready. Bonnie, come on!”

Bonnie was wearing a snow-white dress, her skin so fair that it was comparable to the pure white fabric she was wearing. Her golden hair draped over her shoulders. She was playing the role of a beautiful young girl who had mistakenly entered the forest.

She seemed to have smelled something and her brush-like long and curly lashes lifted, revealing a pair of light-blue eyes that were like the sky. When the camera zoomed in closer, giving her a close-up, the young lady’s sweetness, beauty, and youth were all revealed.

With such a beautiful female lead, the male lead would definitely pale a little in comparison.

She ran barefooted. The scene stayed on her, making one curious what on earth she was looking for. Something that could make such a beautiful young girl rush toward it must be wonderful.

When she stopped running and looked around, the main theme that was to be expressed through the camera was finally revealed.

Slight sounds rang out from the branches. The young lady looked up and only saw a red shadow flash past. The scene paused as a red-haired beautiful young man appeared.

His beauty was indistinct in terms of gender. An additional bit of effeminate would make him look feminine, while an additional bit of masculinity would make him appear coa.r.s.e. His blood-red eyes made it even harder for one to avert their gaze as compared to the young lady’s light blue eyes.

His eyes didn’t have a hint of impurity in them, as clear as animals’, yet so cold that it’d make one’s heart tremble.