Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1422 - Ask About

Chapter 1422 - Ask About

Chapter 1422: Ask About

Brady could see the fondness on Curtis’s face clearly and thus threw a meaningful glance toward Bonnie. He then said to Curtis, “I won’t force you to stay, then. You remember the route, right? Let Little Li drive you back. The few of us can just take the truck.”

“Alright.” Curtis took a look at the surrounding plants with eyes filled with sentimental attachment. He then asked, “Are you familiar with this piece of land? Do you know if it is owned by anyone?”

Brady asked, “What do you want to use it for? This is a protected zone, you can’t chop the trees. What else can you do here?”

Curtis said, “Make a zoo.”

Brady burst out laughing. “Make a zoo here? They’ll be able to see animals in the forest as it is. Are you sure that people will visit the zoo? The people staying in the area are all very poor, and I don’t think they’ll be generous.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Curtis said.

Brady gave it some thought before saying, “The traffic here is too rundown. If you really plan on opening a zoo here, I’d suggest doing it on the vacant land next to the forest. I remember that they’ve always been opening it up to call for tenders to reclaim the land. This place is more remote and the cost will definitely be low. Moreover, there’d also be subsidies from the government. The place might be remote with rocks everywhere and thus won’t be good for farming, but it shouldn’t have any effect on a zoo.”

After saying this, Brady paused and then shrugged. “I’ve also considered opening a mountain villa here for tourists. I’d be able to come here often to have fun. But then again, I’m a foreigner. I’d be considered lucky to be able to get the contract for the land. I can forget about getting incentives. Since it’d be a loss, I gave up on the idea. You can give it a try.”

“I’ll look things up.” Curtis nodded toward him gratefully, then turned to leave.

[Hmm? Where is he going?] Bonnie saw that Curtis was walking away and asked Brady anxiously.

Brady said, [Give up. He already has a girlfriend.]

[So what?] Bonnie said unhappily after a pause.

[I can tell that he loves his girlfriend a lot. If you’re planning to give up on your studies to pursue him, then go ahead,] Brady said.

Bonnie said dejectedly, [After I complete my studies, if he were to break up with his girlfriend, I’ll come back to pursue him.]

[That’s a clever girl.] Brady beckoned with his hand and said, [Come, let’s go to the river to catch fish. The fish in the mountain is a lot fresher and more delicious.]

As they chatted, Curtis had already returned to the road at his greatest speed.

The barren land that Brady mentioned was by the road. Curtis brought it up, and the chauffeur drove the car over on the way.

This piece of land was flat, giving people a wide vision, and spa.r.s.e weeds were growing on the ground. Traffic would be convenient as it was just by the roadside.

There were farm crops in the distance. The rocks on the surface of this stretch of land made it impossible to be used for farming, therefore it had been left alone for so long.

Curtis got off to take a look. The more he looked at it, the more satisfied he was.

This was especially when, at the end of the barren land, behind the mountain, he saw a lush primitive forest. It gave an additional fresh feeling to this barren land as well. Even with the valley separating the barren and the forest, he could still hear the animal cries from the forest.

This canyon was a dangerous zone to humans, but to the beastmen, it’d just be a little troublesome. It wouldn’t be difficult to cross it.

This place would be perfect if they were to transplant some trees here.

If he really had to pick lacking points, it’d be that this place was more remote and the source of customers would be a very big problem. Even if traffic was convenient, the problem might still be hard to resolve.

However, Curtis didn’t care if he’d get any business. It’d be fine as long as he had an excuse to survive.

After getting a satisfactory result, Curtis returned to the car in a good mood, urging the chauffeur to rush back home at full speed.