Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1417 - Entering the Mountain

Chapter 1417 - Entering the Mountain

Chapter 1417: Entering the Mountain


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Atlas Studios

Brady had the chauffeur stop over by the side, left two people behind to take care of the cars, while the rest of them came out carrying the luggage on their backs.

“If things go smoothly, we’ll need two days and one night. Curtis, you know this, right?” Brady carried a bulging backpack on his back while seeing Curtis empty-handed and thus asked worriedly.

Curtis had no idea, but he liked this better and thus gave a pleased “en” as his reply.

Brady didn’t say more. He stared as the a.s.sistants moved the stuff. Two of them came out carrying a big box. As it was too heavy, it slammed down hard when placed on the floor.

Brady said, “Be careful.”

“It’s too heavy,” said the a.s.sistant as he moved his shoulder.

“Why don’t I change with you, then? If you can guarantee that you won’t spoil the equipment inside, that is.”

The two a.s.sistants quickly waved their hands. “Forget it, forget it. We better carry the box.”

Brady shook his head and said, “You guys just don’t have enough training. You’ll gain more strength if you do more outdoor exercises.”

As Curtis was in a hurry to enter the mountain, he saw that they were held back because of two humans, walked over without saying anything, and picked up the box.

The box seemed as if it had been through a qualitative change, appearing very light in Curtis’s hands when it had caused two adult men to be unable to straighten their backs. Curtis didn’t even appear as if he was exerting force.

The two men who were carrying the box earlier gasped. “My G.o.d, you’re so strong.”

Brady also looked toward Curtis in surprise and said, “It seems that you exercise often, too.”

Curtis nodded. “You can say that. Which direction should we be heading to?”

“Follow me.” Brady took the lead and entered the mountain.

The wild gra.s.s was lush, but traces of footsteps could still be seen. This path was probably created from Brady’s “at least once a month” trip.

There was a total of seven people in the group—two male a.s.sistants, a female makeup artist, followed by Curtis, Brady, and a female model with blond hair and blue eyes.

It was hard to walk in the mountain. In the beginning, everyone was invigorated as it was a novel experience, but they started complaining after an hour (these were the people Brady had selected from the company from those with better physical capabilities).

Brady mocked them for having weak physical attributes. He had plenty of stamina, but he was also panting slightly. Curtis was the only one who looked normal, just a little impatient. He had an urge to knock all of them unconscious and carry them.

The sun set, and it quickly turned dark. Other than Curtis, the rest were all holding a torchlight. Light beams moved around in the dark forest.

Sharp and loud insect cries could be heard around them, occasionally noisy, occasionally quiet.

It was undoubtedly dangerous to travel in a primitive forest. The female model, who was the youngest, was the first to show fear. She walked a few steps faster to Brady’s side.

[It’s already dark. Please let us rest. I can’t go on anymore,] the female model said to Brady in English.

Hearing a different language, Curtis threw a glance at her.

According to Brady’s plan, they should find a campsite before it got dark. They’d then familiarize themselves with the environment and then start the shoot the next day.

However, as people were dragging him down, the group was only half his speed when he came by himself.

Brady let out a sigh and said, “Alright, Bonnie. The terrain here is still okay. Let’s set up camps first. Tomorrow, Curtis and I will go alone to search for the filming sites. How about that?”

Curtis nodded. “Sure.”

[That’s great. I can finally rest now.] Bonnie lay down on her stomach on the ground, looking as if she was on her last breath.

The other people also felt as if they had been granted amnesty and sat down on the ground to rest.