Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1416 - Primitive Forest

Chapter 1416 - Primitive Forest

Chapter 1416: Primitive Forest


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Atlas Studios

Despite her astonishment, Qin Feiyan’s response was very quick. She said naturally, “Of course. You’re a man, so you might not understand. Very few women nowadays don’t take care of their skin. There’s a saying that goes ‘There are no ugly women in this world, only lazy women who don’t take care of their skin.’ More and more men also take care of their skin these days. You can try finding out more.”

Curtis muttered to himself, “Then, why doesn’t Snow use it?”

“What?” Qin Feiyan hadn’t heard him clearly.

Curtis said, “I want to buy it. Where can these be bought?”

Qin Feiyan smiled and a.s.sured him, “Leave this to me. You just focus on the shooting later. I’ll help you pick the most high-end masks for men.”

Curtis instantly corrected her, “For women.”

“What?” Qin Feiyan froze in surprise. Suddenly, she recalled that young girl who constantly hung around Kurt, and she asked with uncertainty, “You’re not buying it for her, are you?”

“Mm,” Curtis succinctly replied.

Caught off guard, Qin Feiyan suddenly found herself fed with dog food


. Once again, she regretted not having the courage to go through with it that day.

But if you asked her to try again, all the more she didn’t dare to do so. What should she do?

After he was done with the mask, the folks from Youyou arrived.

The reason Curtis had been chosen by Youyou was that their chief designer had seen him in the magazine by chance and was infected by his wildness, coldness, as well as the danger he naturally exuded. That chief designer had an explosion of inspiration and designed a commercial tailored just for him. That was what brought about today’s meeting.

He was both the designer of the advertis.e.m.e.nt and also the senior photographer, so he was fully in charge of Curtis’s advertis.e.m.e.nt.

He was a tall and burly middle-aged Caucasian who could speak fluent Mandarin. At the sight of Curtis, he extended a hand to him warmly.

“h.e.l.lo, Mr. Kurt. I’ve long looked forward to meeting you. I finally get to see you in person. My name is Brady, and I’m happy to be collaborating with you.” Though Brady appeared tall and well-built from a distance, standing next to Curtis, for some bizarre reason he appeared a little weak. This was despite the fact that he was only half a head shorter than Curtis, and his figure was also much more muscular.

Curtis touched his hand coldly and nodded at him.

Brady wasn’t at all annoyed and instead, got even more excited. He retracted his hand and said, “You give me a much more intense vibe in real life than in the magazine. This is wonderful. I’m full of confidence about today’s shoot!”

Curtis: “…”

“It’s like this. The character I designed for you is a spirit in the forest. The entire thing will be filmed outdoors. The location has already been chosen. Let’s set off.” Brady had no choice but to sing a solo act. This was a skill that anyone who had interacted with Curtis would learn by themselves.

“Okay.” Curtis was very cooperative and responded before walking out first.

There were a few trucks and a posh-looking sedan parked in front of the building. Brady led Curtis to the sedan and drove into the busy traffic.

After a three-hour drive, the fleet of cars entered a primitive forest.

As he breathed in the truly clean air, Curtis froze in surprise and gazed around in disbelief.

He revealed a tiny scarlet bit of his forked snake’s tongue from the side of his lips, before retracting it back into his mouth the very next moment. There were still impurities in the air, but it was sufficiently good compared to the world of concrete built by humans everywhere in this world.

“It’s fantastic, isn’t it? I love exploring. In China, my favorite place is this primitive forest. I’ve got to come here at least once a month. I’ve always had a vision of shooting a commercial here. And when I saw you, I felt that my vision could be realized.”

Brady spoke in a joyful voice as he gazed at the scenery outside the window. He didn’t realize that the eyes of the “Kurt” he knew had turned into vertical slits and that his deep, blood-red eyes were glowing with excitement.

He had finally found a place where he could live!