Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1418 - The Male Model Who Goes Out Late at Night (1)

Chapter 1418 - The Male Model Who Goes Out Late at Night (1)

Chapter 1418: The Male Model Who Goes Out Late at Night (1)

They set up a campfire on an empty land, then set up three tents under the trees.

Brady and Curtis would be sharing a tent, the two male a.s.sistants would be sharing another, and the female makeup artist and the model would share the last one.

After having some canned food and barbecued meat, Brady said to everyone, “Alright, everyone, get an early rest. We’ll need to work tomorrow. Kurt and Bonnie, it’s especially important for the two of you to rest well.”

After saying that Brady then repeated what he said to Bonnie in English. Bonnie was a young girl about 16 to 17 years old. Hearing what Brady said, she immediately nodded docilely.

However, Curtis stood up, planning to head out. Brady quickly called him.

“Kurt, where are you going? You mustn’t recklessly go around at night. It’s too dangerous,” he said.

Curtis’s patience was almost worn out. He only suppressed his anger at the thought of how much Snow cared about this commercial.

“Look for filming sites,” Curtis said. And to have a big feast. He had smelled the scent of prey on the way.

Brady said solemnly, “No, you can’t. We’ll search together when the sun rises.”

Curtis had his back facing Brady, emitting a hint of irritation from his hunger not getting satisfied. He squinted and asked, “What if I insist?”

Brady stood up. The atmosphere instantly became a little tense.

“I’m doing this for your safety. I understand this area. The terrain is dangerous and there are ferocious animals nearby, too. It’s too dangerous for you to go out alone. Even if you come back fine, it’ll still affect the shoot tomorrow if you aren’t well-rested. This will cause us to have to stay here for another day. We came here to film for your sake. If you don’t cooperate, then we can only dissolve the partners.h.i.+p,” Brady said as he stared at Curtis’s back.

Dissolving the partners.h.i.+p hit Curtis’s weak spot. He pursed his lips and sat down at a position two meters away from the fire.

“I’ll keep watch.” Curtis took a step back, planning to go out after the humans had all fallen asleep.

Brady frowned, only agreeing when he saw that Curtis was in a bad mood. “Alright, I’ll switch with you in four hours.”

It was actually still early, and there’d be enough sleep even if they were to wait four hours later. It shouldn’t affect Curtis’s sleep.

The humans were all exhausted. Their breathing quickly became long after they darted into the tents. Curtis looked up and flicked out his tongue, making hissing sounds.

Not long later, many snakes came crawling over, making densely packed rustling sounds.

[Protect them.] Curtis gave an order and then got up to enter the forest.

It could be that the snake sounds were too dangerous, but Brady suddenly woke up. He took a look at his phone and saw that only one hour had pa.s.sed.

“Kurt?” Brady pulled the tent’s zipper and probed his head out to take a look. He immediately let out a sigh.

Although this was a primitive forest, the trees were a lot smaller than those in the beastmen world. The plants were very packed together, and when Curtis walked, he brushed against them and made sounds that were different from when they rustled from the wind.

A beam of light shone on him. At the next instant, Brady’s anxious voice could be heard.

“Hey, Kurt!” Brady quickly gave chase.

It was harder to move around in the mountain at night. Even Brady was having difficulties heading forward. However, Curtis was having it easy as if he was walking on flat land, his figure rapidly moving further away.

Brady hadn’t given chase for long when he completely lost sight of Curtis.

“F*ck!” Brady kicked into the gra.s.s but was caught off guard by a series of unnatural shaking.

He immediately understood that there were snakes and quickly took a few steps back, returning to the campfire.

Brady discovered more snakes on the way back and mumbled, “That’s strange. Why are there so many snakes?”