Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1415 - Coming Clean

Chapter 1415 - Coming Clean

Chapter 1415: Coming Clean

When she read that letter, Bai Qingqing realized what Curtis’s motivation for learning to read was back then—to find out what was written on that paper.

The characters were replicated in their entirety. One could find out the p.r.o.nunciation using the dictionary and pinyin. There was no doubt Curtis had done a thorough a.n.a.lysis of that letter.

At the time he even said that he had made a mental note of Zhang Xin’s scent, so it was a no-brainer that he would find his way to him and take revenge. For the sake of Zhang Xin’s safety, she had to come clean.

Curtis’s gaze eased by quite a bit. He stroked his spouse’s head and said, “Is he still pestering you?”

Bai Qingqing shook her head decisively. “Here we practice monogamy. Since he now knows that I have you, he certainly won’t bother me anymore.”

Curtis’s eyes lit up, but very quickly dimmed again.

“Too bad I didn’t meet you here. Nor was I able to take care of you by myself until you returned here.” As Curtis’s deep gaze fell upon her face, one could detect a hint of sorrow within.

He frequently regretted it after getting here. If he had known that he could follow Snow here, why would he have needed to leave the others by Snow’s side?

He wasn’t planning on dealing with them. However, the ident.i.ty of Snow’s rightful spouse had to be his!

“Let’s go and eat. The food’s getting cold.” Curtis held Snow’s hand and led her to a shady and cool spot.

As she walked, she said, “Alright, you should go now. Be careful not to get caught. I’ll wash the lunchbox and bring it to you tomorrow.”

“Mm.” Curtis stroked his spouse’s hair that had turned soft and hot under the sun, then left with the remnant sensation on his palm.

Bai Qingqing smiled as she waved at his back. She then went back to the canteen with the lunchbox, just now realizing that Zhang Xin had left since G.o.d knows when.

This time, he ought to have given up for good.

Curtis was still lazy and especially hated using his legs to run. After he no longer had a shortage of money, he didn’t stinge on spending money to take public transport.

When the bus reached the company, Curtis knocked on Qin Feiyan’s office door like usual.

Qin Feiyan heaved a big sigh of relief. When he walked into the room, she hurriedly walked over and said, “I knew you’re free at one. Their people are coming over soon, too. The makeup artist and photographer were sent from their side. You’ve got to be more serious this time. Have you made preparations?”

Because Bai Qingqing cared, Curtis also cared. Upon hearing this, he asked, “What preparations?”

“Put on a face mask to moisturize your skin,” said Qin Feiyan. Seeing his confusion, she gasped. “My goodness, don’t tell me you’ve never had a skincare routine all along.”

There had been countless times where Qin Feiyan was secretly envious of Curtis’s skin. At this moment, she suddenly felt a tinge of jealousy.

If such skin was given to her, she would even be willing to be a man!

Curtis shook his head. “It’s a must to have a skincare routine?”

“Erm…” Qin Feiyan was stuck for words. After a pause, she said, “Since your skin is so good, it makes no difference whether you have a skincare routine or not. But it’d be easier to apply the makeup after using a mask. Come, you should put on one before they come.”

As she spoke, she retrieved a face mask from her drawer. Because she frequently worked overtime, she would keep some skincare products in her office and also occasionally give her models some last-minute treatment.

Curtis nodded. According to Qin Feiyan’s instructions, he washed his face with a cream cleanser, then laid on the sofa and allowed her to put a moisturizing face mask on his face.

When that wet mask pressed upon his skin, Curtis felt like his breathing had been occupied by a pungent scent. He frowned slightly.

“Using this will make one pretty?” Curtis asked doubtfully.

Qin Feiyan cast him an astonished glance. Firstly, because she hadn’t expected him to suddenly say that. Secondly, because this topic really didn’t suit Curtis’s style.