Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1375 - Parker on the Way Home

Chapter 1375 - Parker on the Way Home

Chapter 1375: Parker on the Way Home


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Parker was surprised by how this female hadn’t died of starvation despite being so old. Out of pity for a dying person, he didn’t flare up but immediately walked to the edge of the rooftop and jumped down.

“Ahhh!” The auntie was given a fright. After being stunned for a few seconds, she quickly ran over to take a look.

There wasn’t anyone below. Not even a corpse.

The auntie was baffled, mumbling to herself, “Did I see wrongly? Sigh, one’s vision gets worse with age. The door is locked, so how could anyone have come up?”

She didn’t know that there was someone else more astonished than she was.

A girl about 17 to 18 years old was holding onto a single-lens reflex camera, looking at the photo she had taken in a daze.

This was evidence that Parker had left behind when he jumped off from the rooftop onto a second rooftop that was slightly shorter.

The girl was just taking a random photo of the scenery. She didn’t see anyone earlier, but after the photo was taken, a human figure appeared in it. The girl zoomed in on the photo and saw that it was a good-looking man with blond hair. The guy looked so handsome that it was hard for one to keep their legs together.

The blond-haired man was in a landing pose, looking graceful and confident. His face, which was being raised, happened to be tilted in an optimal upward 45-degree angle, his face looking so handsome like the G.o.d Apollo from the western mythologies. His deep golden eyes reflected an obvious light spot under the sunlight as if they were shooting lasers.

Although it looked a little funny, the two light spots added a hint of charm to the young man.

When the girl raised her head, there wasn’t anyone on the opposite rooftop anymore. If it wasn’t because of the figure in her camera, she’d have thought that she had seen it wrongly too.

The guy had probably left when she was lost in thought. Forget it, she should post it on Weibo


first. This beautiful photo would definitely earn her a lot of likes.

Therefore, another wave of screen-licking


commotion started again.

Parker vaguely sensed something. After landing on the ground, he turned back to take a look at the window above him, scratched his head, then walked off in large strides.

He first ran under a controlled speed. After noticing that people were casting strange glances toward him, he then stopped. As he walked, he observed the human males’ running speed.

Finally, he saw the running standard of human males when someone caught a thief. He was instantly stunned.

What? This was a male?

What difference was their speed from females? Even Qingqing ran faster than them.

At the thought of using such a speed to look for Qingqing, a helpless feeling gushed up from the depths of Parker’s heart.

He better wait to take action at night. No matter how many humans there were, they’d all return to their nests after it got dark, right?—Parker thought naively to himself.

Parker then slowly walked in the direction of his mate, barefooted. His figure was long and slender, he was handsome, and he was barefooted. It wasn’t hard to imagine how many heads would turn when he walked on the streets.

Parker felt a little diffident, occasionally touching his b.u.t.t and then his ears.

Why were they all looking at him? He had kept his tail and ears, looking no different from humans. Although most humans had black hair, there was no lack of humans with colored hair too. His blond hair shouldn’t be considered strange. Other people were wearing clothes and pants. He was, too. He was just short of wearing shoes. Was it because of the shoes?

Parker lowered his head to look at his dirty feet, decisively eliminating this possibility.

He had seen quite a number of people barefooted by the roadside, laying on the ground. The other humans didn’t cast many glances in their direction, either. Therefore, not wearing shoes shouldn’t be a big problem.

He maintained a composed expression, walking until the sky turned dark, till he was starting to feel a little sleepy. However, these humans were still walking along the roads, looking spirited.

There were lights and people everywhere, with more people around than when it was daytime. Many stalls filled up the streets and the air was filled with a mixture of car exhaust fumes and the scent of food.

“Gulp~” Parker’s stomach protested as he stopped next to a grilled octopus stall.