Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1374 - Stealing Clothes

Chapter 1374 - Stealing Clothes

Chapter 1374: Stealing Clothes


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“Get off the car and quickly give chase! Don’t let it hurt others!” The police car immediately stopped by the roadside. The officer who got off first said anxiously before chasing after the leopard.

How could Parker lose to humans in terms of speed? Moreover, the congestion on the streets also created a huge obstacle for them. The same obstacle didn’t apply to Parker. He would occasionally leap over flowerbeds or signboards, borrowing the momentum to run faster. It took him only a minute to lose the people chasing after him.

“Howl~” Parker squatted in a clothing store’s warehouse, observing the policemen through the shattered gla.s.s window. That was right, he was the one who had broken the window.

He had long noticed that some of the air was a little strange. It seemed as if there was nothing in the air, but on a closer look, one would be able to see fingerprints and dirty stains. While he was escaping, he didn’t forget to satisfy his sense of curiosity. He used his head to break through this gla.s.s window and found himself a place to rest.

Why were those humans chasing him? They must be guards like the eagle beastmen. It was really troublesome to not know how to fly. With there being so many humans, it was too funny that they weren’t able to move around even if they wished to protect others.

Parker licked his paw, feeling that he should have more patience. It was better for him to turn into his human form and go look for Qingqing.

He raised his paw to his chest, his golden leopard eyes filled with joy and ease.

He could sense Qingqing. With this, there was no need for him to be scared.

There were a lot of clothes in the warehouse. However, it was a pity they were all women’s clothing. After the policemen left, Parker jumped out from the window on the second floor and took a leisure stroll amidst the crowd.

Humans didn’t have any wariness at all. Only when Parker came into contact with them would they notice that they had just brushed past an animal. Those who had noticed it earlier would chase after the leopard, but as it was too crowded, they could only watch as the leopard slipped away.

Parker picked a mid-range menswear shop. The quality and design of this shop’s clothing weren’t bad, but the price was considered slightly higher amongst the commoners and thus there weren’t as many customers. They often didn’t have a single customer at all.

When Parker pa.s.sed by this shop, he took a liking to the leopard print sportswear hung up in an obvious spot. While the female who was looking after the goods didn’t notice, he slipped in.

“Hmmm? I seemed to have seen something yellow flas.h.i.+ng past.” The salesperson who had just gone to the furthest part of the shop suddenly turned and walked out.

Parker quickly hid under the table that had a row of merchandise laid out, looking at the pair of feet that was gradually getting closer.

This pair of shoes looked so strange. Why did they make the base so thin and long? Wouldn’t females fall when they stood on these shoes?

However, wearing shoes like these made one’s feet look very nice. Qingqing would definitely look prettier if she was the one wearing them.

Parker immediately decided to bring a pair of high heels for his mate as a gift.

The salesperson looked around strangely, then let down her guard under her colleagues’ persuasion and went back in again.

Parker shrank his claws back, his four paw pads stepping quietly on the floor. He walked to the clothing he took a liking to, got up, and bit down on the clothing before leaving rapidly.

When the salesperson noticed that a set of clothing had gone missing and discovered from the surveillance camera that they had been taken off by a leopard, she was very stunned. But let’s put that aside for now.

“Howl~” Parker held onto the set of clothing with his mouth, climbing to the roof of a house. He then hid in the warehouse, turned into his human form, and put on the leopard-print clothing.

Parker lowered his head to look at his body, shuddering. He felt as if he was wearing someone else’s skin.

An auntie opened the door to the rooftop to see a handsome guy standing there. She was stunned and looked at the door lock she had just opened, feeling stunned, before questioning fiercely, “Hey! Who are you! Why are you on my house’s rooftop!”

Similar to Curtis, Parker also felt that females didn’t have long to live after aging.