Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1376 - : Leopard Buying Octopuses

Chapter 1376 - : Leopard Buying Octopuses

Chapter 1376: Leopard Buying Octopuses

“Do you want a portion? Three skewers cost ten yuan.” The stall owner immediately asked.

Parker understood that there was no free food in the world. The stall owner would definitely want something from him before giving him the food.

It so happened that the stall owner was done grilling the three skewers of octopuses, handing it to a young man at the side. That young man took out a wrinkled ten yuan note, placed it on the table, and left.

Hmmm? A piece of paper could be traded for food?

Parker opened his almond-shaped eyes, turned his body, and revealed a vulgar-elated expression, stared at the ground, and walked away.

The stall owner looked at the blond-haired young man strangely for a while, then took out ten more octopus skewers and started to cook them.

Parker looked around the ground for a while but wasn’t able to find a similar type of paper. He only found b.a.l.l.s of white tissue paper.

Forget it, he should just give it a try.

Parker picked up the paper and put it close to his nose to take a whiff. He immediately grimaced as if he was poisoned and quickly put it away.

After preparing mentally, he took a deep breath and spread the tissue paper open. He then walked to the barbecued octopus stall.

“I want a portion!” Parker generously slapped the tissue paper onto the table.

The stall owner was stunned for three seconds, then flew into a rage, rapidly sweeping the paper off the table and chasing him away.

“You nutcase! Go away! Don’t obstruct my business!”

Parker was instantly stunned by how fast humans could change their faces. Moreover, he was almost touched by the other party’s greasy hand too and was also angered. His lips curled up and he lowered his body to run off.

The stall owner had heaved a sigh of relief. However, when he was planning to continue to grill octopuses, he realized that the ten skewers of octopuses in his hand had disappeared.

He looked in a daze in the direction Parker had left in, then bellowed loudly, “Someone stole my octopuses!”

However, as he was by himself, it was inconvenient for him to go after the thief himself. He could only curse as he watched the blond-haired guy walking into the distance.

“F*ck, they aren’t even cooked yet. May you die from diarrhea after eating them.”

Parker felt that they were just right, but the flavoring was too strong. After eating them, he still felt like having more and licked his hands and the bamboo skewers cleanly.

Having eaten something salty, Parker felt parched and licked his lips. He started to look around for water.

It was really strange. He had walked for half a day but didn’t see a single river. There weren’t any other species, either.

It seemed that food was very scarce in this world.

Parker felt a little worried. What if, after finding Qingqing, he couldn’t provide her with the best food as he had done in the beastmen world?

The number of people only dwindled as he continued to walk until midnight. Parker took the opportunity to run quickly. His endurance had risen tremendously. After running at full speed for two hours, he’d be able to continue after resting for a while.

Therefore, when the sun was almost coming up, he finally managed to find his mate’s home.

“Qingqing…” Parker raised his head and looked at a window. He could already smell the familiar fragrance.

He tidied his hair and clothes before leaping up.


The window, which had only been changed less than a week ago, was sacrificed again.

Parker landed on the floor, shaking his head. Some gla.s.s fragments fell out from his hair.

He was so excited to see his mate that he forgot that there were still invisible walls in this world.

Bai Qingqing woke up from the shock, shooting up from the bed to a sitting position. She saw a black figure with her blurry gaze and asked, feeling anxious and doubtful, “Who’s there?”

“Qingqing.” Parker wanted to show his mate his most reliable side. But when he spoke, his voice choked. He decided to not hide it and pounced on her with a howl.

Bai Qingqing opened her eyes wide and said in disbelief, “Parker?”

Parker kissed his mate on the face. “I finally found you!”

Bai Qingqing’s eyes turned sore and she hugged him strongly.