Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1373 - Encountering Ruffians in a Dark Alley (2)

Chapter 1373 - Encountering Ruffians in a Dark Alley (2)

Chapter 1373: Encountering Ruffians in a Dark Alley (2)

Having been obstructed for six years, no matter how rational Winston tried to be, he had still been worn out. Even if it was a group of behemoths standing in front of him, he would kill them all without any hesitation, let alone a few ruffians.

The surrounding ruffians were all trembling intensely. The person being robbed had run off long ago when Winston was smashed by the wooden rod. He didn’t see this brutal scene.

The ruffians shouted in their hearts: Hurry up and leave, hurry up and leave. Didn’t you just want to leave earlier?

However, Winston didn’t do as they wished. After standing up, he turned to face them.

At that instant, the ruffians trembled even more intensely, their legs turning soft like jelly. If they were to relax, they’d all fall limp to the ground.

Winston looked at them one by one, then his gaze finally landed on the tallest ruffian.

The ruffian’s body instantly shook. He finally couldn’t withstand the pressure and fell to the ground. His pants rapidly became wet and a stinky smell filled up the already contaminated air.

Winston’s brows furrowed tightly together. These were human males? They were weaker than the prey he usually hunted.

The pants were already dirtied. He had no choice but to turn his gaze to another fatty.

“Take off your pants,” Winston said coldly.

The fatty replied with a “huh?” in a daze, but didn’t dare to hesitate for even an instant. He quickly took off his blue pants that had prints of coconut trees and the beach. He was even planning on taking off his underwear. Winston took the beach pants and frowned when he smelled the greasy scent on the human. However, he still put it on eventually. It was quite fitting.

When they went hunting in the past, they’d always like to pick fat prey. Today, he had finally seen a fat one, but it felt really disgusting. Winston couldn’t understand how such a fat predator managed to survive.

Seeing that the group of humans no longer tried to find trouble for him, Winston walked out with large strides.

The ruffians in the alley stood in a daze for a few minutes, then exchanged glances as they gradually returned to their senses.

The bald man’s corpse was still laying on the cement floor, the position his head had exploded had turned into a blood flower. His intestine-like brain could also be seen.

“Someone’s dead! Call the police!”

Someone screamed and ran off. The other ruffians also screamed and ran away. After a series of frantic footsteps, there was no one left in the alley except a corpse.

Very soon, policemen arrived at the scene and took the corpse away. From the call they received, they had also tracked down the few ruffians who were at the scene and brought them to the police station.

After running away, those ruffians hid together and discussed this amongst themselves. They eventually decided to keep the truth to themselves till they died.

The enemy was in the dark and they were in the open. It’d be good if the guy could be caught, but if not, there was no way they’d be able to live if he wished to seek revenge. Moreover, it was highly likely that they were in the same trade and thus it was even easier to track them down. If it was possible, it was best if they didn’t make an enemy of him.

Moreover, that alley was too old and there were no surveillance cameras. Therefore, this murder case became an unresolved case. After the police completed the foundational processes, nothing carried on.

Parker had dashed up to the streets on impulse, darting his way through rapidly amongst the densely-packed crowd.

People who saw him were completely stunned. They stopped and looked at him. “Whose family’s big dog ran off? It’s so big?”

“Are you stupid? Whose dog would look like this? This is a leopard!”

The people had just realized the danger when Parker had run out of their vision. Another round of stares and commotion broke out.

After Parker ran for a distance, he noticed that other than humans, there weren’t any other animals around at all. Only then did he feel that his action was unsuitable.

Police sirens rang on the streets. Parker could sense the gazes coming from the source of the sound—many people were staring at him.

“Chi!” The leopard tugged his lips, making a sound and an expression similar to a contemptuous smirk, then darted into a shopping district that was filled with people.