Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1372 - Encountering Ruffians in a Dark Alley (1)

Chapter 1372 - Encountering Ruffians in a Dark Alley (1)

Chapter 1372: Encountering Ruffians in a Dark Alley (1)


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Winston had noticed it the instant he came to this new world. He only wanted to hug his mate tightly, never leaving her ever again.

Therefore, he turned into his human form while in midair, then landed on the floor in a half-kneeling position. Although he had gotten skinnier, his human form body was still muscular and filled with power.

His breathing was heavy. Looking from afar, it was as if one was able to hear the sound of his breathing.

In a secluded, quiet, and dirty alley, a bunch of ruffians had surrounded a young man, asking him for money. When they heard the sound, all of them looked over in unison.

A naked man stood up from a half-kneeling position. When he stood up, his muscles and bones looked even more magnificent than a martial arts celebrity from Europe or America.

“Terminator?” A voice rang out from the crowd. The person had probably watched too many science-fiction movies.

Someone smirked. Even though the person felt a little scared, with more people on his side, that bit of terror was replaced by numbness.

Winston walked outside in large strides, but his path was blocked by the ruffians.

“If you don’t wish to die, scram to one side.” The leader, a bald man, had a wooden rod resting on his shoulder as he raised his chin arrogantly while speaking to Winston. If it wasn’t because the other party wasn’t even wearing a single piece of clothing, he’d rob him too.

Winston walked straight on without averting his gaze. He pa.s.sed by the “road barrier”, grabbed the other party by their arm, then tossed them casually. The bald man instantly flew away like a kite.

A commotion broke out in the group. Everyone immediately backed off, creating a circle around him.

Winston didn’t slow down. He merely threw a glance at the clothes the humans were wearing and then looked at his own body.

The bald man fell to the ground, shattering half of a front tooth, and half of his face was covered in blood. Enraged, he got back up to his teeth and raised the wooden rod to smash it toward the back of Winston’s head.


Winston took this attack. His body was as steady as a boulder, and the wooden rod broke.

The broken half of the wooden rod flew over the bald man’s head, hitting another ruffian, who let out an agonizing cry.

Winston finally paused. Before he made a move, an invisible pressure and killing aura was emitted in the air.

The group was speechless, no one daring to even breathe loudly. The ruffian who was. .h.i.t by the wooden rod also fell silent after letting out a cry.

The bald man’s body tensed up till it was hard for him to move. His hand, which was holding onto the half chunk of the wooden rod, trembled uncontrollably. He had used all of his strength earlier, so much so that his palm was aching and his arm was numb. However, this guy was unscathed. It was too strange!

Winston turned slowly, his gaze landing on the bald man’s face only now. His silver eyes were icy-cold like ice.

The bald man vaguely saw the guy raise his hand. He immediately realized that this guy was going to retaliate.

At this instant, all his senses slowed down at an unprecedented rate. He could sense all the psychological changes he was going through every single second.

However, even if he were to notice it and try with all his might to dodge, his body was unable to catch up to the rhythm. He only felt that he lost balance over his body and lost consciousness forever without even feeling any pain.

Winston grabbed the bald man’s head with his hand and smashed it to the ground like a watermelon.

“Bang!” A sound that was louder than when the wooden rod hit his head rang out. Even the cement floor shook a little.

The bald man’s head was smashed into smithereens like a watermelon. Red and white brain matter and shattered bones splattered everywhere. A wet eyeball rolled out, getting a lot of dust stuck on it.

“Those who stand in my way shall die!”

Winston slowly raised his expressionless head and stood up, his low and hoa.r.s.e voice shrouded with a layer of dangerous killing intent.