Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1371 - Parker and Winston Have Come

Chapter 1371 - Parker and Winston Have Come

Chapter 1371: Parker and Winston Have Come



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With Muir’s prize money, Bai Qingqing naturally didn’t fear that she’d be unable to afford the meal. However, for the sake of Curtis’s pride, she lied to him about liking to marinate them and enjoy them slowly. Only then did Curtis give up on selling fish to provide for her.

Curtis put his wallet in his mate’s backpack, then stayed behind in the villa and hung on the tree fork to digest his food.

Muir and Bai Qingqing went out by themselves for dinner. When it was dark, he sent her back to her house.

Turning back time to noon, at the point when the sunlight was the strongest, a leopard fell from the sky. At the same time in a different location, another ferocious tiger suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

“Howl?” Parker spun in the air and landed steadily on a rooftop. He let out a howl, feeling perplexed.

He was about to pounce toward a behemoth, but he didn’t expect that as he ran, his front paws suddenly stepped on empty s.p.a.ce and his body instantly plunged.

He was wondering how come there was such a deep hole in the ground. He didn’t expect the world in front of him to become so bright in the blink of an eye.

There wasn’t a hint of green around him, and he had no idea what kind of rock it was under his feet. It was a flat piece without a single strand of weed.

Parker was feeling baffled when an indescribable sense of satisfaction suddenly gushed up in his heart. His head shot out and he looked in the direction of his mate.


This was Qingqing’s world. He was certain. He could sense her existence!

Parker jumped and shouted out crazily on the roof that was over 20 floors high, looking like a dog with rabies.

His fur was lusher than before, but it was like wild gra.s.s that grew crazily, emitting a hint of haggardness amidst the messiness. A heavy animal skin bag was hung around his neck, jingling as he jumped about.

It had been six years. Six whole years. It was even longer than the time he had spent together with Qingqing. He had finally reached the level of a stripeless beast and had come to Qingqing’s world!

Parker calmed down after quite a while, standing on the edge of the roof, looking down at the crowd below that were small like ants.

Although they were far apart, as a leopard beastman, Parker could clearly see the gazes and expressions of the humans on the ground.

It was the same as the illusion that the ape king had created in the past. There were many humans here and also many females. Although the females here looked a lot better than the ones in the beastmen world, none of them were more beautiful than his Qingqing.

As expected, his Qingqing was still the most beautiful!

Parker’s eyes turned red, moisture filling them. Tears broke out from the corners of his eyes and created two trickles of dark-colored marks on his leopard face.

He took in a deep breath and jumped off the roof. He stepped on the window opposite, then jumped onto another wall. Repeating this, he landed on the floor and then rapidly ran in the direction of his mate.

Clearly, Parker wasn’t as unlucky as Muir. The location he was summoned to wasn’t so far that he had lost the connection with his mate.

Males’ mates were like a lighthouse while they were on a voyage. As long as the lighthouse was still lit up, they wouldn’t lose their sense of direction.

On another side, Winston had also been summoned over by Bai Qingqing’s sense of danger when she plunged from a height.

Like Parker, he also had an animal skin bag hung around his neck. However, his body wasn’t as healthy as Parker’s. He was a lot skinnier than before, and his fur was also dried and its color had faded. His tiger face emitted pain, but now, his gaze was filled with vitality and spirit, as if he was suppressing intense emotions.

He had leveled up to a stripeless beast in the first year, but it seemed that the summoning power wasn’t enough. A few times, he vaguely sensed his mate, but the connection was cut off at the next instant.

Swaying between hope and loss over these years had almost driven him crazy. He started to search for Parker to see if he was still around or if he had already left.

He might really be driven crazy if he was made to go through another six years. Thankfully, he had finally arrived in his mate’s world while he was still sane.