Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1275 - Alert Arthur

Chapter 1275 - Alert Arthur

Chapter 1275: Alert Arthur


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[The footsteps are headed over there. Go over and check it out.]


After discussing things, the eagle beastmen flew low and headed for the direction Arthur and Right were hiding.

There were many weeds grown in places with trees, thus Arthur and Right didn’t leave any footprints behind. The eagle beastmen flew anxiously, pa.s.sing by perfectly from Arthur and Right, who were hidden amongst the bushes.


After all the large eagles flew off, Right raised his head and looked at Arthur, perplexed.

Arthur stroked Right’s back to console him, then looked warily in the direction the eagle beastmen left in. He lowered his voice and said, “They might be hunting. Many beastmen don’t have restraints on their food and might even eat beastmen of others or even of their own species. We can’t win against them, so it’s best for us to not show ourselves.”

“Screech!” Right nodded in understanding. He then looked in the direction the big eagles left in, his eyes having an additional hint of wariness and nervousness.

As for the eagle beastmen in front, after searching aimlessly for a while, they came to a helpless stop.

[Let’s go back and inform the city lord first.] An eagle beastman said, his words immediately receiving approval from all the eagle beastmen.

[The city lord has a sharp sense of smell, so he will definitely be able to locate them from their tracks.]

[We’ll be able to find the child from the city lord’s family very soon. We’d be considered to have earned great merit.]

The eagle beastmen were very excited and flew away in great spirits.

When they went back to report the news, Bai Qingqing was having lunch. After hearing that traces of Right were found, she lost her appet.i.te and grabbed Winston, urging him to set off.

“Let’s hurry up. Tracks on the sandy ground are easily lost. If we’re late, the sand which has their scent will be scattered by the wind,” Bai Qingqing said anxiously.

Winston wrapped up the food with leaves, then called over the eagle beastman who was responsible for ferrying him. By this time, Parker had already climbed onto the back of an eagle beastman, pulling Bai Qingqing into his embrace.

“Where are they?” asked Bai Qingqing as she looked in the direction of the sea.

“Screech!” The eagle beastmen who came back from the sea let out a cry of certainty, flapped their wings, and took flight.

By the time they arrived at the seaside, the footprints left on the beach had already become faint. Winston jumped off from midair without waiting for the eagle beastmen to land and landed steadily on the ground.

Winston lay down and took a whiff on the borders between the sand and the gra.s.s, saying in a relaxed tone, “The scent on the plants is very strong. We’ll be able to find them.”

“That’s great!” Bai Qingqing felt elated at the thought that Right was nearby. Her face that had turned pale from traveling long distances had a hint of color returning to it.

Winston led the way for the rest of the journey. He followed the scent and searched, but didn’t expect for it to be cut off once again.

They stopped by a small river. The river water was flowing very fast, heading toward the sea.

“They should have gone down into the river.” Winston frowned.

Bai Qingqing also slid off from the eagle beastman’s back, stepping onto the gra.s.s barefooted. She looked in the direction of the sea and guessed, “Could they have gone to the sea again?”

Given how fast the water was flowing, one would definitely not enter the water if they wished to head upstream. However, didn’t they just come from the seaside?

Winston thought of this as well. The fox tribal head had always shown unconcealed contempt toward Arthur. He didn’t think much of it when he heard that, but now, he suddenly felt that Arthur wasn’t normal.

Parker climbed a tree, leaped to the opposite side of the river, took a whiff by the riverside, and said, “There are no scents here. They didn’t cross the river.”

“Let’s search along the river.” Winston hesitated a moment before saying.

“Mm.” Bai Qingqing nodded.

Therefore, the flock of eagle beastmen flew toward the river again.

Arthur and Right, whom they were searching desperately for, were happily eating meat while sitting in between the gaps of rocks.

It was true that they had gone down into the water, but they had gone against the flow of the water so that they could hide their traces.