Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1276 - Learn to Fly

Chapter 1276 - Learn to Fly

Chapter 1276: Learn to Fly


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This was a method that Arthur was used to using when avoiding getting hunted down by ferocious beasts. For some reason, he suddenly thought of using it. Anyway, nothing would go wrong by being more careful. He still had to take care of the little eagle.

A tragedy had already taken place before. He shouldn’t be as careless as he was in the past.

Arthur carried the little eagle and walked for a distance in the water with difficulty, only getting on the sh.o.r.e after finding a place to hide. He even caught a few fishes on the way.

As he was wary, Bai Qingqing and the others had gotten it hard.

It had been over ten days since the little eagle had fallen off the cliff. Right had gotten a lot bigger than he was over ten days ago. His wings had also grown, there were now more black spots on his feathers, and his body ratio had changed a little compared to before.

Arthur pulled Right’s wing and checked it out, suddenly saying, “You should be able to learn to fly now, right?”

“Screech?” Right flapped his wings, creating gusts of cool wind. He liked this feeling a lot, having a strange sense of achievement.

Recalling the big eagles they had seen in the day, a hint of yearning flashed in Right’s eyes. He flapped his wings vigorously.

“Then… Let’s practice flying!” Arthur saw that Right was very enthusiastic and smiled, carried him up, then raised him above his head.

Right instantly became nervous, his long, slender, and sharp claws locked tightly onto Arthur’s hands. His body swayed, and even the slightest bit of wind would be able to topple him.

Looking down, Right recalled his memories from when he had fallen off the cliff and felt even more nervous.

“Screech screech screech!” He flapped his wings vigorously, resisting intensely.

Arthur coaxed, “Don’t be scared. I’ll catch you. You won’t fall.”

Screech screech screech!

Right cried out agonizingly and his claws grabbed on even tighter. His wings flapped incessantly like a helicopter’s rotor blades. It was as if he were to slow down, he’d fall off. It scared all the insects nearby, and they stopped making sounds.

It took Arthur a lot of effort to console Right. Right managed to agree to try, opening his beak slightly, his heart palpitating intensely.

“Alright, I’ll let go now.” Arthur reminded him in a gentle voice.

“Screech!” Right let out another loud cry, and his claws locked tightly once again.

Arthur a.s.sured him solemnly, “Alright, I won’t move, you jump off by yourself. I’ll catch you from the bottom. I’ll definitely not let you fall.”

Right looked at him doubtfully but eventually was taken over by his desire of wanting to fly. He looked at the ground, took in a deep breath, then summoned his courage to jump.

Arthur revealed a consoling smile, secretly cheering for Right.

However, at the next instant, the sound of flapping wings rang out anxiously as the little eagle let out a surprised cry, his body that was a mix of black and white fell heavily like a chicken that had its flight feathers snipped off.

This bit of height wasn’t enough to let Right comprehend the flying technique. What use was there to flap one’s wings quickly? Air currents weren’t created, and no matter how fast he flapped his wings, it would just produce the opposite of the desired results.

Arthur quickly reached out to catch him but failed to do so because Right moved too much. Right fell to the floor and let out an agonizing cry like that of a crow.


“Little eagle!” Arthur grabbed Right nervously, tidied his wings, then asked, “How are you? Are you hurt?”

Screech screech screech~

Right was in a daze for a moment from the fall. His head felt groggy, and he only recovered after a few seconds pa.s.sed. He slowly moved his wings.

Seeing that Right wasn’t hurt from the fall, Arthur heaved a sigh of relief and said, feeling guilty, “I’m sorry. I didn’t manage to catch you. I’ll definitely catch you next time.”


Children weren’t to be coaxed. Right had been completely fine, but after Arthur coaxed him, he suddenly felt aggrieved and cried out pitifully.