Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1274 - SearChapter on the Seaside

Chapter 1274 - SearChapter on the Seaside

Chapter 1274: Search on the Seaside

The river currents flowed turbulently into the vast ocean like playful children returning enthusiastically to their mother’s embrace, creating intense splashes.

On the beach, a frail man walked while supporting himself with a branch, leaving many clear footprints on the golden sand. A hemp-colored fat bird that only reached the height of his kneecaps followed behind him with his short legs, creating beautiful bird claw prints.

The shadows of the man and bird came together, looking a lot like a pair of father and son. The scene looked very heartwarming.

“Your injuries have healed. You can play freely today. Go on.” Arthur used the branch to push Right, his tone sounding doting.


Excited, Right ran off quickly. His fat body swayed to the left and right, and his vigor made him look like he was headed for a c.o.c.kfight.

Arthur shook his head and softly laughed. He then turned to face the sea, and the joy on his face was instantly replaced by grief.

I still can’t find you. Am I not able to even see you one last time? My pitiful child.

Arthur covered his face with his hands, closing his eyes to hide the fragility in his gaze.

“Screech?” Right had run off for very far and hadn’t heard Arthur’s voice. He turned and looked back.

After taking a look at him from afar for a while, Right spread and flapped his wings as he ran toward Arthur, crying joyfully.

Arthur immediately withdrew from his grief, his lips curling up into a smile. Sensing Right’s joy, the grief in his heart seemed to dissipate a little too.

He bent over and caught Right when he came running over. “Run slower. Be careful of dangers in the sand.”

“Screech?” Right lowered his head, feeling perplexed. He clawed at the hot and fine sand, not understanding what danger there could be here.

Arthur smiled and took a few steps to the front, stopping at a place where the sand bulged slightly. He poked with the branch, and a red scorpion with its tail raised immediately darted out.

“Remember, danger might be hidden anywhere. One can only survive by constantly staying alert,” Arthur said earnestly.

“Screech~” Right replied, not really understanding, but quietly remembered it in his heart.

This was the self-preservation method of a weakling. It was something that Muir had never taught him. Eagle beastmen were born to be strong beastmen, and even if they were incomparable to others, they’d be able to save themselves by flying into the sky.

However, Arthur was just a doctor. What he could teach Right were just ways to save himself.

The red scorpion raised its tail, swung it threateningly toward the branch, then planned on slipping away.

The deep contemplation in Right’s eyes immediately dissipated as he was attracted by the scorpion. He shrunk his neck and chased after it.

“Screech screech screech!”

Very soon, this red scorpion entered Right’s stomach.

Arthur smiled, patted his head, then said, “You must be hungry. Let’s go and look for food.”

“Screech!” Right flapped his wings excitedly, causing the sand and dust on the ground to flutter with the wind, irritating their eyes.

The man and bird had just walked under the shade when a few huge eagles quickly pa.s.sed by the sand.

Arthur wasn’t strong, but he had sharp senses. His ears twitched and he immediately went on his guard, carrying Right in his arms and hiding amongst the bushes.

Eagle beastmen had extraordinary vision and naturally didn’t miss the traces left behind by a young eagle on the beach. They exchanged a few glances and charged down rapidly, landing near the footprints.

“Screech~” When Right suddenly saw beastmen of the same species as him, his eyes opened wide and he struggled and wanted to dash out.

“Hush~” Arthur gestured for Right to stay quiet. Right immediately quiet down docilely.

“Screech screech screech screech~ Screech screech screech screech screech screech~” [As expected, it’s the footsteps of a young eagle. So the footsteps next to them belonged to a fox beastman?]

“Screech screech screech~” [That must be the case.]

These few eagle beastmen chattered amongst themselves.