Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1083 - Ultimate Battle at the Depths of the Earth Fissure (2)

Chapter 1083 - Ultimate Battle at the Depths of the Earth Fissure (2)

Chapter 1083: Ultimate Battle at the Depths of the Earth Fissure (2)

Feeling deeply deceived, Saint Zachary flew into a rage. He transformed into his beast form instantaneously and charged towards Muir with his giant pincers raised.

Just then, splas.h.i.+ng sounds of water descended from above, and a large stretch of moisture spread out at the depths of the earth fissure.

The human and scorpion were already sparred with each other. That loud splash caused the scorpion beastman’s actions to halt imperceptibly and his side eyes to roll backward.

Hmph, this tactic again? For how much longer are they planning to pour in water?

Though Saint Zachary didn’t feel a tinge of fear, the water level under his feet seemed to be rising way faster than it did previously. Was this an illusion?

His momentary distraction gave Muir breathing s.p.a.ce, and even though Muir didn’t get a chance to attack the scorpion beastman these few rounds, he didn’t get injured either.

Very quickly, a rich botanical fragrance emanated throughout the air. A green glow appeared in the clear water where the depths could now not be seen.

This bizarre situation intensified the bad premonition in Saint Zachary’s heart, who decisively gave up on attacking the eagle beastman and switched to climbing upwards.

This was an excellent opportunity to kill Saint Zachary, so in no way would Muir let him flee so easily. He instantly gave chase and pulled one of Saint Zachary’s legs backward.

The infuriated Saint Zachary turned around and raised his giant pincers, a.s.suming a posture of clamping down upon the opponent.

Just then, a burning wooden rod fell from the air in a spinning motion, and the glow from the fire lit up the stone wall along its trajectory. When it fell into the water, which had by now risen to one’s waist, the flames extinguished with a “pff” sound. However, in the next second, a stretch of flames exploded on the water surface and rapidly spread out.

“No!” The tragic cry of a female voice entered the earth fissure together with that torch. That voice seemed soaked with tears, inducing sadness and tears in those who heard it.

The scorpion and human froze in the middle of their duel. Both turned their heads to look towards the flames that were blazing towards them, and an eerie red glow coated over their black eyes, a glow which was becoming increasingly bright and glaring.

A vibrant smile appeared on Muir’s face. There wasn’t a trace of regret on his face, only satisfaction and relief.

He knew that Qingqing didn’t blame him. Qingqing wanted him to stay alive.

As the fire spread over, the scorpion beastman hurriedly kicked Muir away and speedily climbed upwards.

Muir instantly snapped out of his trance. With a fiery glint in his eyes, he ignored the sea of fire around him and leaped forward to grab the scorpion beastman’s leg once more, using his brute strength to pull the enemy into the water yet again.

Bird feathers were the least able to withstand burning. Though he was in his human form, Muir’s body still ignited the second it came in contact with the flames, and in the blink of an eye, he turned into a moving ball of fire.

He couldn’t sense any pain, perhaps because the part of him that was burning right now was a layer of feathers that couldn’t feel pain. Or maybe, he had forgotten all about the pain in this crucial moment.

This unprecedented sense of danger caused panic to surface in Saint Zachary’s eyes for the first time in his life. Using his giant scorpion pincers, he tried to latch onto a rock next to him. The pincers and rock produced an ear-piercing sound as they sc.r.a.ped against each other, but nevertheless, he was still pulled down, reluctant as he might be.

The two beasts fell into the water at the same time. With a loud splash, the flames on Muir’s body were put out, and his body was now covered with a charred, black layer.

The giant scorpion’s body couldn’t be drowned by the water yet. His upper body was enveloped by the flames, and, though he wouldn’t catch fire so quickly, he did feel the pain coming from his sh.e.l.l. Saint Zachary hissed in pain, then dived into the water to wet his sh.e.l.l, before climbing up once again.

Muir followed closely behind him like a ghoul. Every time the scorpion floated to the water surface, he would mercilessly pull the scorpion down.

With this delay, the water level had already gone over their heads, and Saint Zachary was no longer able to float to the surface anymore, sinking like a rock.