Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1082 - Ultimate Battle at the Depths of the Earth Fissure (1)

Chapter 1082 - Ultimate Battle at the Depths of the Earth Fissure (1)

Chapter 1082: Ultimate Battle at the Depths of the Earth Fissure (1)


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Without any hesitation, Mitch.e.l.l instantly dragged the snake beastman outwards, s.h.i.+vering under the snake body’s icy temperature.

After leaving the coldest non-freezing zone, a layer of silver frost quickly formed over Curtis’s body as it was being dragged. When the body twisted and turned, a layer of thin ice even fell off.

Saint Zachary decisively ordered his son to send Curtis away and also decisively initiated the switching of their bodies immediately.

“I had wanted Curtis in order to threaten Bai Qingqing. Since it’s you, there’s no need for that. Let’s begin now.” Saint Zachary retreated two steps and revealed the ice beads behind him.

The eagle tribe was an honorable species that was known for keeping their word, so since Muir had agreed to it, he wouldn’t renege on his promise. Or else, Saint Zachary wouldn’t have sent Curtis away so decisively.

Muir also didn’t disappoint Saint Zachary. As he gazed at the aqua blue ice beads floating mid-air, a blue speck reflected in his black eyes, causing him to fall into a trance.

Since he had already become Qingqing’s spouse, he could die with no regrets. If Qingqing found out that he had forced her in order to save Curtis, she probably wouldn’t hate him, right? After all, she was such a kind person.

Muir’s lips curled up, and he walked forward, feeling no regrets whatsoever.

Raising his large hand, his fingers were about to touch the ice beads…


A shrill and delicate voice squirmed into Muir’s ears like a bolt of lightning. That voice carried with it an obvious panic and worry, and also a reluctance to part.

Above the ground, Mitch.e.l.l had just gone up, when he was sent flying as a nimble leopard pounced towards him, and the two beasts became embroiled in a battle.

Curtis’s body was exposed to the rain, and large droplets of rain battered upon his body, on which white frost constantly formed. As rain fell upon it, the white frost would fade, but the very next moment the white frost would thicken, before being doused by the rainwater once more.

The icy rainwater somehow turned out to be a good way to disperse the low temperature.

Winston ran to the fissure entrance and looked downwards, then shouted in his deep booming voice, “Do it!”

“No!” Even the rainwater couldn’t conceal the two visible streaks of tears under Bai Qingqing’s eyes. “Muir is still inside.”

Alas, Muir was no match for Saint Zachary. If they didn’t act now, should Saint Zachary crawl out, all their efforts would go to waste. Never mind the fact that it was hard to say if they would be able to kill Saint Zachary in the future, a few lives would also be lost in vain.

Winston shot the beastmen a look, and the water pipe from which water was trickling was instantly stuffed into the entrance of the earth fissure. Splattering water sounds constantly reverberated throughout the sealed earth fissure.

Time pulled back to that moment where Bai Qingqing first called out to Muir, and Muir’s hand halted in mid-air.

Saint Zachary’s countenance changed. “Bai Qingqing?”

He ought to feel glad that Bai Qingqing was walking right into his trap, but for some reason, an uneasy premonition surfaced in Saint Zachary’s heart.

He strode outside, wanting to capture Bai Qingqing immediately.

Muir retracted his hand and forcefully pinned Saint Zachary’s shoulders, using all his might to pull the latter back.

Under Muir’s tremendous force, Saint Zachary retreated quite a few steps, but he quickly steadied his footing, and four sharp black legs sprung from his sides. Together with his pair of arms and legs, there were a total of eight limbs.

“Your life belongs to me!” Saint Zachary bellowed in fury.

Muir spoke in an icy tone, “I will not allow anyone to harm Bai Qingqing.”

Though Muir was indeed one to keep his promise, protecting their spouse was the ultimate rule that all beastmen lived by. When the two principles contrasted, Muir chose to abide by the latter without hesitation.

Things like honor were merely qualities that arose out of the desire to please females. Compared to their spouse’s safety, it was considered nothing.