Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1084 - Ultimate Battle at the Depths of the Earth Fissure (3)

Chapter 1084 - Ultimate Battle at the Depths of the Earth Fissure (3)

Chapter 1084: Ultimate Battle at the Depths of the Earth Fissure (3)


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However, Muir floated up naturally. As long as his body floated to the surface, he’d immediately start burning. He could only grab onto a rock and stay in the water.

Saint Zachary held great hatred toward Muir. Seeing what a pathetic state Muir was in, mockery suddenly appeared in his eyes.

So what if he treated Bai Qingqing well? Wasn’t he still sacrificed by her mates without any hesitation? Bai Qingqing might even be glad to see this happening.

Therefore, one should wipe out all of their mate’s other males.

Saint Zachary calmed down and slowly moved toward him. Muir immediately went on his guard against the enemy.

Even though he wasn’t a match for Saint Zachary, he must try to drag things out for them.

Muir was quickly defeated once again, hit to the bottom of the water, and knocked fiercely onto the ground. Red ribbons flowed out from his mouth, nose, and ears, forming an ink wash painting.

The water in front of him was dyed red by his blood, casting his entire world with a layer of red light. Muir saw through his blurry vision that the scorpion beastman was swinging his huge pincer toward him, and he looked toward the flickering fire on top.

Muir thought to himself that with this, Saint Zachary was considered to be done for. He then closed his eyes without any regrets.

Bai Qingqing’s completely drenched body plunged from a great height in the sky, and this was the first time she managed to overcome her instincts to scream. Her moistened eyes ignored the torment from the wind and rain as she opened them wide, trying to search for something.

Finally, a black bird figure appeared in front of her. All the negative emotions in Bai Qingqing’s eyes cleared up like the clear weather that came after the rain, and a faint smile appeared on her pale face.

Amidst the sound of the wind, the human and bird fell into the forest.

Two eagle beastmen darted up like arrows fired from a bow, catching them with accuracy.

Saint Zachary raised his scorpion pincer and clamped down without any hesitation, not withholding any strength at all. With a loud “boom”, the rock shattered, exploding and shooting out quickly even under the water pressure.

Saint Zachary’s body trembled intensely, and the two eyes on top of his head were filled with disbelief. He then came to a realization, which then turned into anger and hatred that he had nowhere to vent.

He raised his head and looked up. The fire on top of the water was already very far from where he was. He couldn’t hold the last breath in his chest for much longer, either. He continued to breathe.

The huge scorpion climbed upward along the rock walls quickly, taking a large mouthful of air once he emerged to the surface. However, he only managed to inhale air that had sparks in it, causing his nose and lungs to burn, putting him through agony.

The intense pain caused him to sink into the water once again. He then turned into his human form, leaping out like a flying fish, jumping to a height two meters above the water.

Many dried willow branches were floating on the surface of the water, burning in flames and releasing a tremendous amount of smoke and heat.

Even though the flames were far away, the temperature was still unbearably high. The oxygen level in the air was also pathetic, with a greater portion of the air comprising of toxic carbon dioxide.

The huge scorpion continued to climb the rock walls for over ten meters, but eventually still couldn’t hold it in anymore and jumped back into the water.

The water effectively eased the scorching pain of his body. Saint Zachary’s black eyes were terrifyingly blood-shot, looking as scary as ancient ferocious beasts.

However, as he looked toward the water surface that was covered with flames, his eyes still showed deep horror. Without being able to think too much about it, Saint Zachary quickly started digging a hole in the stone wall that was closest to the surface of the water.

Both sides of the earth fissure were rocks. Even though Saint Zachary was a stripeless beast, it still took a long time for him to dig a hole. He was only slightly faster than the rate at which the water level was rising.

Moreover, the dug hole had no air. Even though the s.p.a.ce in which the hole had reached was already higher than the water level, he was still unable to breathe.

The prolonged lack of oxygen caused Saint Zachary’s head on his back to start to feel groggy. He lowered his head and picked up the string of soul crystals hung around his chest, kissed it, then firmly continued to make a path upward.