Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1038 - Battling the Behemoth King (2)

Chapter 1038 - Battling the Behemoth King (2)

Chapter 1038: Battling the Behemoth King (2)

Winston had a well-thought-out plan. The behemoth king also noticed that it wasn’t able to throw the beastman off it and anxiously turned twice, then knocked toward a big tree, attempting to smash the beastman on its back to death.

Winston happened to be tossed to the side of the behemoth. When he saw this, the muscles on his arms bulged up even more as he propped his body up and swung his body to the other side with the behemoth’s movements. He was almost squeezed between the behemoth and the tree trunk.

The behemoth was smart. When it noticed that Winston had plunged to the other side of its body, it immediately turned and b.u.mped toward the tree trunk again.

Winston dodged again, trying his best to stabilize his body on the behemoth’s back. He opened his mouth wide, revealing his row of white teeth. The fangs on both sides grew long rapidly, and his head presented a half-beast state.

The eagle beastmen on top were all amazed. The city lord was really amazing to be able to control the partial transformation into his beast form so accurately. This was an eye-opener for them.

Winston’s fangs weren’t comparable to that of a saber-tooth cat, but it wasn’t that much shorter. When they pierced down, they broke through the behemoth’s dermis layer.

Only then did the behemoth really feel pain. Its bellows became increasingly enraged and its movements increasingly maniacal. It was only short of rolling on the ground.

Winston bit onto the behemoth’s neck, wanting to tear off a piece of its flesh. The behemoth’s skin and flesh were thick, and he wasn’t able to hurt it much with one bite. Since that was the case, he would just bite down slowly. A time would come when he’d be able to break its spine.

Winston’s actions were stuck after he tried tugging his head up.

This behemoth’s skin was really tough. As expected of a behemoth king.

The behemoth king’s bellows turned from rage into agony. It turned its body and smashed onto a mound, trying hard to tunnel into it.

Winston was thrown into the mud and was instantly covered by it. The muddy water flowed down along his skin into his mouth, and his white teeth were also dyed with a faint layer of stains.

He panted heavily, releasing his bite slightly. Then, he found a position that was easier to tug at, gathered his strength, and tugged outward.

A gush of blood splattered out. The blood droplets went through the densely-packed falling rain droplets, dissipating before they managed to land.

“Roar!” The behemoth king let out an even more agonizing howl in the mud.

The behemoths around it panicked. When the behemoth king got near to them, they quickly backed off, ensuring that it was in the center of their encirclement.

The behemoth king might feel pain, but it wasn’t given any critical damage. The intense pain caused it to enter a completely berserk state. It stood up from the mud and once again tried to into a tree trunk that was thick as a wall.

Winston quickly moved away.

“Boom!” A loud sound rang out, and the tree that was so thick that it’d take 100 people to circle it, shook intensely. Before the behemoth made another move, Winston bit down again.

“Roar!” As the behemoth bellowed, it turned its body and knocked once again.


Winston dodged and took another bite.

On the third time, the big tree was knocked over. The behemoth stumbled a little and then fell to the ground. Winston was also squashed. He felt an intense pain in his chest and spurted out a mouthful of blood.

The eagle beastmen on the tree quickly flew up, almost having their tails bitten by the behemoth around them.

The eagle beastmen quickly found another landing, leaving only some black feathers floating with the wind amidst the rain.

The behemoth king got up, then found another huge tree to knock into.


Winston opened his b.l.o.o.d.y mouth and took another bite.


Another bite…

They were in a battle with their lives on the line. It came down to who could last to the very end.

The behemoth king knocked down over ten big trees when, finally, its spine, which was the most important part of its body, was broken by Winston. With a “Kacha” sound, the ma.s.sive body suddenly turned weak and crashed onto the ground, smas.h.i.+ng into the mud and sending muddy water splattering outward.

Winston’s body also turned limp as he laid on the ground, spurting out another mouthful of blood.