Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1037 - Battling the Behemoth King (1)

Chapter 1037 - Battling the Behemoth King (1)

Chapter 1037: Battling the Behemoth King (1)


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By the time they reacted to things, the two behemoths instantly trembled with fear, laying their bodies low, whining as they backed off.

No matter how impregnable the behemoths were, it was still a little tough when they collided with another of the same species. The behemoth king stumbled for two steps and let out an enraged bellow, acting like it was going to bite and kill the two behemoths who had offended it.

However, the small beastman on its back took this opportunity to climb up onto its back. The alarm in the behemoth king’s heart rang off.

It was common for behemoths to be killed by such animals that could transform. However, it had never encountered one before. The behemoths viewed themselves as the kings of the forest, and as the behemoth king, it was naturally the king amongst the kings. Those insignificant creatures wouldn’t dare to offend it. Those who dared to do that all quickly died in its mouth.

Therefore, the behemoth king still didn’t pay any heed when that beastman got onto its neck. It only realized that it had been careless when that beastman climbed onto its back.

This was also related to first impressions. Winston had never shown off an attacking stance. He gave the behemoth king the impression of being a pushover, which led it to underestimate its opponent even more.

The behemoth would be on the pa.s.sive end once someone climbed onto its back. Their short limbs were unable to get things off their back. They could only jump and rub around.

The behemoth king took things seriously and started to jump crazily.

Winston was jolted, and he slapped against the behemoth’s body that was tougher than rock. The powerful colliding force felt horrible, and he was almost thrown off.

He’d be dead if he fell off. He noticed the densely-packed behemoths around him from the corner of his eyes and started to contemplate quickly.

He curved his big hand, and black beast armor popped out from his fingers, piercing fiercely into the behemoth’s skin. He finally managed to stabilize himself.

The behemoth king immediately felt a piercing pain on its skin, and some kind of liquid seemed to be flowing out of its body. It was stunned for a moment, then it immediately glared with its black bean-like eyes.


Feelings of horror entered its body through the piercing pain on its skin, extending out to its internal organs, making it develop the urge to flee.

“Roar!” The behemoth king bellowed, causing even the raindrops to tremor slightly. All the eagle beastmen on the trees felt paralyzed.

The behemoth king. To think that their city lord was planning on killing the behemoth king!

Ordinary behemoths were comparable to three-striped beastmen. Those slightly stronger were comparable to the kings of the beastmen, the four-striped beastmen.

The behemoth king would at least be at the level of four-striped beastmen or higher. They hadn’t even heard of hunting and killing a behemoth king, let alone seeing it in person.

The eagle beastmen’s blood boiled. They were personally witnessing the city lord hunting down the behemoth king. This was their glory. Even if the city fell, he’d still be considered a great hero of the generation.

The city lord instantly completed the most difficult first step. The eagle beastmen who hadn’t seen it clearly felt extremely regretful and wished that time could turn back so that they could watch it again.

All the eagle beastmen opened their eyes to the biggest extent, staring without averting their gazes, fearing that they’d miss out on any detail.

“Roar!” The pa.s.siveness caused the behemoth king to feel increasingly anxious, and it jumped around chaotically like it was in mania.

Winston had the time to catch a breather and calmed down.

He now had the chance of fleeing. He just needed to raise his head and glance at the eagle beastmen, and they’d immediately come and save him.

However, he suddenly changed his mind. Since they hadn’t managed to catch that scorpion beastman, he might as well kill the behemoth king.

With the behemoth king’s death, they wouldn’t need to search for the behemoth king egg. Even the group of behemoths might sink into a chaotic battle, dueling to pick out the new behemoth king.

By then, the City of Beastmen could just stay idle and watch at the side, then drag the corpses back to eat.