Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1039

Chapter 1039

Chapter 1039: Unt.i.tled


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The group of behemoths fell quiet for an instant. Then, those in the innermost circle took two steps forward.

Winston’s unfocused gaze instantly returned to clarity as he forced himself to get his act together and get up. He glanced at the group of behemoths around him warily.

When behemoths were in a group, they were invincible like a group of zombies. If they attacked Winston, he’d have to enter a chaotic battle again. Although he might not necessarily die, the chances of him escaping were very low. It’d take strength, brains, and luck.

Thankfully, the behemoths weren’t zombies who only knew to eat. They also knew about the survival of the fittest, and they had feelings of horror in their bones. It was impossible for them to not fear the beastman who had won against the behemoth king.

Therefore, when Winston looked over, the behemoths who had taken two steps forward immediately backed off.

Winston heaved a sigh of relief. He raised his head and threw a gesturing glance at the eagle beastmen on the trees.

Only then did the eagle beastmen come back to their senses and quickly flew down. They sensed the gazes of the countless behemoths around them, feeling an indescribable sense of pride.

“This behemoth king is enough for over 100 beastmen. Bring it back!” Under Winston’s order, several tens of eagle beastmen quickly landed on the behemoth king’s corpse. It took their eagle claws sometime before they could pierce through the skin. All of them then flapped their wings, lifting the ma.s.sive behemoth’s body as they flew up.

“City lord?” Seeing that Winston had walked over to one side, the two-striped eagle beastman in-charge of ferrying him spoke up. “Is there anything else?”

Winston put his hand to his chest, occasionally coughing and even spitting out saliva that had blood mixed in it. However, his strides were still stable, and he walked over to the spot where he had been digging previously.

“What is it?” The eagle beastman was perplexed. He threw a fearful glance at the group of behemoths who seemed raring to make a move, yet were wary against their city lord. He quickly followed behind the city lord.

The behemoths feared the city lord but not him. It was safer for him to follow him closely.

Winston poked one hand through the soil that was softened by the rainwater, then drew it out again, holding onto a pitch-black segment that was like firewood. It was clearly a scorpion leg.

The eagle beastman opened his eyes wide. That scorpion beastman died, after all. When did that happen?

Right, the city lord had punched down toward the ground at the very end. The scorpion beastman must have been killed then. To be able to kill the other party even through such a thick layer of soil… How tremendous must the prowess of that punch be?

The eagle beastman found it hard to imagine and felt great pride. This was their city lord. With the city lord around, what did the City of Beastmen have to fear?

The scorpion leg had a viscous liquid that was mixed with mud dripping off it. The behemoth king egg must have been smashed as well. Winston tossed the scorpion leg aside and washed his hands in a pool of water in a soil cavity.

“Let’s go! Back to the village!”

The eagle beastman instantly turned into his beat form, carried the city lord on his back, then let out a long screech proudly when he took flight. “Screech—”

As Winston left the ground, the group of behemoths instantly relaxed. They even ran over to pounce and bite at the eagle beastman who hadn’t flown too high up. They didn’t manage to bite it, but a few of them collided with each other.

Behemoths had a fiery temper. They looked at each other, let out a few roars, then got into a tussle.

The group mustn’t be without a king for a day. With the behemoth king dead, a new behemoth king must be born immediately. The battle in the center of the group was like a fuse that ignited a war. In an instant, the entire stretch of behemoths sank into a chaotic battle.

Winston watched the chaos under them, and his lips that had a hint of blood trickling down curled up coldly. It seemed that their efforts on hunting the behemoths were saved. They just needed to be responsible for moving the food back to the village.

After returning to the City of Beastmen, news of the behemoth king being killed by the city lord spread like wildfire. A seething commotion broke out, and many beastmen seemed as if they were high on drugs, running and howling crazily in the rain.

Right in front of all the beastmen, Winston took out a crystal that had stronger energy than ordinary transparent crystals, bringing the atmosphere up to a great height.