Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1036 - : Untitled

Chapter 1036 - : Untitled

Chapter 1036: Unt.i.tled


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“City Lord!”

“Tiger king!”

The eagle beastmen resting on the branches were all agitated. They turned into their beast forms and then flew into midair, waiting to save him at any moment.

Winston was like a cast stone giant. As he dug down, he sent a large patch of earth up. Mud splattered and quickly dirtied his stalwart face.

“Roar!” This bellow came from the leading behemoth king.

Its wide foot stomped on the ground, making a thunderous sound. Although its legs were long, as it was curled up, it made its body look a little short as it supported its ma.s.sive body. The surface of its body was covered in a layer of rough dark-gray skin, which looked increasingly darker after being drenched in the rain. At first glance, it looked like legs had grown on a rock.

“Screech!” The eagle beastman hovering above Winston’s head let out a sharp cry, planning to pull the city lord up.

Winston seemed to sense it, and his claw went down even more ferociously. It contained the full power of a four-striped beastman, smas.h.i.+ng fiercely into the mud.


This deafening sound was even louder than the sound of the behemoth’s footsteps. Even the rainwater in the air trembled. The falling rainwater on top seemed to pause for a second before coming down.

The majesty of a ruler came down overwhelmingly, causing the eagle beastman above to feel mortified. His body trembled, and he almost fell to the ground. When he came back to his senses, he flapped his wings and flew higher.

The behemoth came within ten meters from Winston, raising its neck and baring its mouth. It let out a bellow and bit downward.

The pitiful eagle beastman who had just taken flight was given a bad scare and was almost shocked out of his wits. He flapped his wings pathetically like a phoenix that had landed in the water, narrowly avoiding the behemoth’s huge mouth that was big enough to swallow him whole.

The eagle beastman had just avoided the behemoth’s mouth when he saw that Winston was going to end up in it.

The behemoth’s bean-like eyes saw everything in front of it as food on its plate. It secreted a large amount of saliva that came down with the rain.

He still didn’t make it in time. Winston looked at the cavity in the ground that was empty without any scorpion and felt very irritated. At the same time, he also sensed the killing intent coming from behind him.

His body rolled to the front. Although it looked like a narrow escape, his actions were like flowing water, with great accuracy of the behemoth’s arrival as if he had eyes on his back.

The behemoth’s bite missed, and its teeth made a “Kacha” sound when they collided together as its mouth closed.

Winston retreated quickly while also a.s.suming an attacking stance.

In this short instance, a few more behemoths came running over, half surrounding him.

The eagle beastmen on the trees wanted to save him, but they knew their own limited capabilities. Even though there was still another half of Winston’s side which wasn’t surrounded, the spot would be filled up by the time they went down. By that time, it’d be uncertain if the city lord would die, but they’d definitely die.

Although the behemoth king had suffered humiliation, he didn’t care about the insignificant food in front of it. Its fury was stimulated, and he charged forward, biting out again.

If Parker was the one in his shoes, he’d be able to turn and dodge rapidly. However, Winston wasn’t an agility-type species. If he were to run to flee, the behemoths would catch up to him very quickly.

Therefore, he chose to advance instead of retreating, kicking his hind legs and pouncing forward. At the instant he collided with the behemoth’s mouth, he rapidly lowered his body.

“Kacha”. The behemoth missed its bite again, and fury seemed as if it was going to spew out from his eyes like flames. However, something that was going to enrage it even more was yet to come. It felt a weight on its neck. That lump of food had actually climbed up onto its body.

Thereafter, the behemoth king’s body trembled abruptly and it collided with the few other behemoths who had come running after it. All of their eyes had turned red from hunger, fixed on the food to the extent that they had offended their king.