Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1035 - Extinguishing the Spark of Danger (2)

Chapter 1035 - Extinguishing the Spark of Danger (2)

Chapter 1035: Extinguis.h.i.+ng the Spark of Danger (2)

“Your Majesty, what should we do now?” The eagle beastmen had lost their composure after seeing behemoths’ mania. They were good at flying and weren’t afraid of the behemoths, but they still had their mates in the City of Beastmen.

Winston turned into his human form and then jumped up onto his specialized ride. “Scatter off. Keep an eye on the ground in front of the behemoths. The scorpion beastmen must be hiding below.”


The eagle beastmen instantly felt like they had a mainstay. They bore with the strong gales and heavy rain, flying low, and started their search.

While they were searching, the behemoths were still slowly moving in the direction of the City of Beastmen chaotically. Occasionally, pairs would mate or kill each other to satisfy their hunger. Even the eagle beastmen flying around them were often attacked.

Another day pa.s.sed by, and, just as the behemoths were about to notice the City of Beastmen’s existence, the eagle beastmen finally noticed something.

“Screech~” Upon the light cry, several tens of eagle beastmen immediately gathered, staring at the slightly seething soil on the ground.

The seething soil paused, and the eagle beastmen instantly fell silent. They just watched as that part of the ground seemed like it was going to move.

As if noticing the eagle beastmen’s existence, that layer of soil sank down again after a pause.

“Go down and dig!” Upon Winston’s command, the eagle beastmen all swooped down, landing on the ground and turning into their human form, crazily digging away.

Winston laid on the ground to listen. The sound of acc.u.mulated water on the surface entered his ears, interrupting his hearing. He looked around, found a stone, and placed it on the ground before he focused on his listening.

Half of the eagle beastmen worked hard at digging the ground while the other half imitated Winston, listening to the movements underground. However, their listening wasn’t comparable to the tiger tribe, and they could only hear the swoos.h.i.+ng rainfall.

Winston’s eyes squinted slightly, capturing countless fine or intense sounds. Eliminating the behemoth’s thundering footsteps, the sound of the rain, and the movement of the acc.u.mulated water in the soil, he captured rustling sounds that seemed like soil being dug at.

Winston opened his eyes and pointed in one direction.

The eagle beastmen understood and immediately walked a distance in that direction, then quickly dug away.

Winston also s.h.i.+fted the stone and ran over to listen, then pointed further in front.

He didn’t expect the scorpion tribe to be able to move so quickly underground. It wasn’t much slower than when they ran in their human form.

“City Lord, the behemoths are getting very close.” An anxious voice rang out. The sound of the tremors on the ground became even more intense.

Winston didn’t even take a look and made a shus.h.i.+ng gesture. He moved the stone over slightly further in front of the scorpion beastman and gestured for the eagle beastmen to dig away.

The behemoth at the very front noticed them. Its eyes gleamed with hunger, and it charged toward them.

Rumble rumble rumble. The ground instantly tremored intensely.

Winston furrowed his brows tightly, not caring if they’d alarm the scorpion beastman anymore as he said anxiously, “Dig quickly!”

The behemoth’s footsteps had alarmed the scorpion beastman, causing it to move even faster.

The eagle beastmen started digging even faster. The eagle beastman watched as the behemoth rapidly got closer. A cold sweat broke out on his face, dripping down together with the rainwater.

The behemoth started running increasingly faster, and its pair of eyes that were right in front of its head gleamed with excitement. It even opened its huge mouth that was filled with sharp fangs, waiting to have a good meal.

“City Lord, there isn’t enough time! Let’s run quickly!”

As his voice stopped, a few eagle beastmen turned into their beast form with a swoosh, flapping their wings and flying in the sky.

The eagle beastmen digging also couldn’t help but raise their heads. They were instantly mortified, and a crazy struggle flashed in their eyes. An instant later, they also turned into their beast form and flew up.

“It’s coming!” Seeing that all the eagle beastmen had retreated, Winston listened to the sound coming toward him and personally started to dig without even throwing a glance at the behemoth.