Against the Gods - Chapter 888 - Linger, Linger (1)

Chapter 888 - Linger, Linger (1)

Chapter 888 - Ling’er, Ling’er (1)

Initially, it was just a normal sword. It was the one and only sword which his master gave him when he was accompanying his master and practicing his medicinal arts in the Azure Cloud Continent. He had always used it for self-defense and had only used it to kill profound beasts. Never had he used it to kill people.

Later on, his master was forced to death and under his hatred, he crazily unleashed the venomous poison of the Sky Poison Pearl, killing countless people… While the sword, because it was infected by the Sky Poison Pearl’s venomous poison, turned into a poisonous sword.

Its name, was thus changed by Yun Che to Sky Poison Sword.

When he leapt off Cloud’s End Cliff back then, he had done it together with this Sky Poison Sword. He still vaguely remembered that when he leapt off, the final thing he did before his consciousness completely disappeared, was to fling out this Sky Poison Sword with all the remaining strength left in his entire body.

This Sky Poison Sword was the one and only in this world and it was definitely impossible for a second one to exist.

Yun Che gently pinched onto the blade and with a slight use of force, he had already completely pulled it out from the mountain wall with a light clanging sound. Its blade, tip, hilt, color and aura, were completely the same as the Sky Poison Sword, which he was familiar with as if it was part of his body and had accompanied him for a few dozen years.

However, hadn’t the cause and effect of this world been altered by the Mirror of Samsara at the same time he reincarnated? “He” no longer existed in this world and the Sky Poison Pearl no longer existed in this world either. So why did the Sky Poison Sword, which had come into existence because of him here?

Furthermore, the most exaggerated consequence brought about by the Mirror of Samsara reincarnating him was the s.h.i.+ft in time axis of Azure Cloud Continent. Everything had returned back to a few dozen years ago and according to the present time in the Azure Cloud Continent, even if this world still had another “him,” everything would have gone abiding to all the events that happened back then. During this time, he basically had yet to jump off Cloud’s End Cliff.

Furthermore, the Sky Poison Sword would not have even been born yet and it would have only been his first encounter with Su Ling’er.

Could it be that the s.h.i.+ft in time axis brought about by the Mirror of Samsara’s reincarnation, was not just purely a reversal of time but had to a certain degree or due to some unique circ.u.mstances, maintained the things that existed and the incidents that happened in the “future”?

Yun Che carefully raised the Sky Poison Sword as he felt surging waves in his heart. The reason why it existed was hard to explain but it was not that important. To Yun Che, being able to wield it once more was a pleasant surprise bestowed by the heavens. Though its might was far from being able to compare to the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword materialized by Hong’er, nor was it a weapon suitable for use, it was something given to him by his master.

By regaining possession of this Sky Poison Sword, he finally had a keepsake left behind by his master.

His fingers lightly slid through the blade and then to the hilt. Just as he was preparing to keep it, at the ends of the hilt, his fingers suddenly touched a few strands of something that were firm yet a little soft at the same time.

Yun Che put some force behind his fingers before he was able to pluck them out from the sword.

At first glance, the things on his hand were a few strands of torn metal flakes which had considerably s.h.i.+ning metallic surfaces. However, looking at the degree of their distortion and adhesion, these properties were clearly not something regular metals would have. The aura they were emitting was completely different from metals as well.

Yun Che looked at them with focused eyes for a short while and suddenly recognized them...

These are… dragon scales!?

Why were torn dragon scales hanging on the hilt of the Sky Poison Sword?

Just as this question flashed past Yun Che’s mind, his body suddenly shook as though he was struck by lightning.

These dragon scales...

Wait a minute… Could it be...

Yun Che’s memories, hazily returned to the Ranking Tournament hosted by Heavenly Sword Villa… returned to what felt like a dreamscape, where he once again encountered Su Ling’er...

These dragon scales...

Dragonscale Armor!!

The first prize of Blue Wind Ranking Tournament, that Dragonscale Armor!

The Dragonscale Armor which he gave to Su Ling’er back then!

These torn dragon scales, were clearly the same dragon scales from the Dragonscale Armor!

The same color and the same aura!

Could it… Could it be...

There seemed to be something rumbling within Yun Che’s chest, exploding out. He tightly held onto the torn dragon scales in his hands. His heart throbbed intensely and his entire body trembled uncontrollably. “Ling’er… It’s Ling’er… It’s definitely Ling’er…”

He hurriedly turned around, panting roughly. Within this abyss of death, he let out an agitated loud roar. “Ling’er!! Ling’er!! Where are you!? Ling’er!”

His voice heavily echoed within the abyss, shaking the tumbling sand and stones. Yun Che shouted loudly. As he was too excited, only after shouting out a few dozen times, it felt as though he had emptied all of his strength, as he was no longer able to shout again.

“Big Brother Yun Che… Is that you?”

A dreamy clear voice, like the breeze in an empty valley, lightly reverberated next to Yun Che.

Yun Che’s body suddenly stiffened straight, as he stood completely rooted to the ground, as though he had suddenly fallen into a dream, unable to believe the world he was currently being exposed to. He raised his head, his action was so stiff and slow, it felt as though he was a wooden doll being raised up by a string.

On the mountain wall high above, a dark round rock protruding outwards. At the side of the round rock was a jade-green beautiful figure. She had an impressively elegant appearance and eyes that could cause the stars to lose their color.

Droplets of water silently fell off her two beautiful eyes, drawing long glittering traces of water in the sky, falling all the way down to the unreturnable abyssal depths.

Under the radiance of the Phoenix flames, their two pairs of eyes made contact while separated by a long empty s.p.a.ce. The scene froze for a long while and even the entire world had sunken into silence, until everything was broken by Yun Che’s breathing.

“Ling... er…” Yun Che forcefully stretched out his hand. Everything before his eyes was much more perfect than a dream and he dared not to even approach and make contact for a moment, afraid that everything was merely just a dreamscape that would shatter with the slightest touch.

The Ling’er in his line of sight was much slenderer than six years ago and was more youthful and tender than his past life. However, that was his Ling’er. He definitely would not mistake her as it was impossible for him to do so.

“Big Brother Yun Che…” Su Ling’er called out, feeling as if she was talking in her dream. Her two hands and body, were as though they were being pushed by an invisible force, unconsciously approaching Yun Che… Then, she felt a sense of weightlessness beneath her feet as she slipped off the round rock, falling towards Yun Che.

However, she did not scream because of this sudden accident, nor was she even the slightest bit afraid. Present within her eyes was just an extremely beautiful calm.


Yun Che quickly called out, finally awakening from the haziness. He rose into the air and tightly caught Su Ling’er who was descending towards him. When he was truly holding onto her soft and tender body, the endless warmth and sense of satisfaction spread through Yun Che’s body.

Because at this moment, he was finally completely certain that all this was not an illusory dreamscape.

He hugged Su Ling’er tightly and from the bottom of the cliff, charged towards the skies. Su Ling’er quietly leaned into his chest, a light smile surfaced on her lips and tears welled in her beautiful eyes. In her heart, she no longer carried the slightest fear or anxiety but merely endless bliss, sense of security and satisfaction.

Su Ling’er was alive, safe and sound. After that loss back then, the “dreamscape” six years ago and once again another “loss”, he was finally able to embrace her tightly.

Everything was like a dream.

At this moment, he already knew that after Su Ling’er had jumped off Cloud’s End Cliff, the Sky Poison Sword and Dragonscale Armor had saved her life.

In the process of falling, the Dragonscale Armor on her body coincidentally hung onto the hilt of the Sky Poison Sword.

If it was anything else, like a branch or even a protruding rock, it could not have possibly stopped Su Ling’er. However, the Sky Poison Sword was swung towards the cliff with all of Yun Che’s strength while he was carrying the heart of certain death, deeply stabbing into it. Due to the poison power that originated from the Sky Poison Pearl, it was incomparably st.u.r.dy and even the force of a fall that acc.u.mulated for several kilometers would not possibly break it.

And, if it was regular clothing which ended up stopped by the Sky Poison Sword, under the intense force generated by the fall, the only result was the clothing being torn. It would have been impossible for it to hang onto the sword. However, the Dragonscale Armor Yun Che gave Su Ling’er was a Sky Profound Armor, constructed by actual dragon scales. Just by being worn, it could even block the power of even a Sky Profound Realm profound pract.i.tioner by an extremely large degree. The force generated by a fall of several kilometers was basically insufficient in completely tearing the Dragonscale Armor apart.

Just like that, the Sky Poison Sword he unintentionally flung out in his past life, which should not still exist in the first place...

The Dragonscale Armor which he gave her in what he thought was a “dreamscape” that did not exist in this life...

Had actually miraculously saved Su Ling’er’s life together.

As though their two hearts were in consonance, neither of them spoke. Clearly, their inner hearts were like surging ocean waves but when they were embracing each other tightly, their hearts had turned especially silent. Even the initially shrilling howls of the wind felt incomparably gentle.

Unknowingly, bright rays of light began to s.h.i.+ne down on them from above and the air no longer felt oppressive. Yun Che’s arms slightly tightened as he circled in the air, escaping from the world of the abyssal depths. Hugging Su Ling’er, he gently landed on the side of Cloud’s End Cliff.

The mountain breeze was cooling and it did not carry the light scent of blood which Yun Che expected. Even the b.l.o.o.d.y scars that filled the ground earlier had disappeared without a trace as well. Probably, they were cleared away by the sects and clans of the Country of Supwake due to fear or they might have been cleaned by the disciples of Seven Stars Divine Palace later on.

However, at the very least, they were presently the only two people on Cloud’s End Cliff and it turned into a world that solely belonged to the two of them.

Gently holding onto Su Ling’er’s cheek, Yun Che silently focused his eyes and gently said. “Ling’er… You have grown up. These few years…”

Yun Che’s voice choked, as he did not know what explanation he should give that had to make her bitterly wait for six years. In the end, he said with a pale look. “...It’s my fault. I made you wait for such a long time.”

Su Ling’er gently shook her head, tears welled in her beautiful eyes. She gave a slight smile before hugging him once more, quietly leaning onto his chest, as she let out a dream-like voice. “Big Brother Yun Che, I’m definitely not dreaming, right…”

“This really might be a dream but it is a dream that we will never ever wake up from.” Yun Che lightly smiled as well.

The Ling’er of six years ago was like a lively and innocent little fairy. She would giggle out loud and wail out loud. But in a considerably short six years, she had turned especially quiet… quiet like a drifting orchid.

Rather, she was more like… the Su Ling’er whom he had painfully lost back then.

And back then, other than being quiet like a drifting orchid, it felt as if that Su Ling’er was filled with sadness and pain that could never disappear.

The two people immersed themselves in the mountain breeze for a very, very long time and from beginning till end, they were tightly embracing each other, as though they wanted to knead their own bodies into the other’s.

Only when the mountain breeze had quietly changed in direction, did the two figures finally, gently separate.

“Ling’er, are you not going to ask me… why I did not return to look for you this entire time in these few years?” Yun Che said guiltily.

However, Su Ling’er lightly shook her head, as she looked at him with misty eyes. “Because I know that Big Brother Yun Che definitely had no other choice and it isn’t because you don’t want Ling’er and have forgotten Ling’er.”

“...” Yun Che’s eyes swelled, as he was moved beyond words.

In his past life, she had given him endless accommodation, endless affection and endless sacrifices...

In this life, she was still the same as well...

This was his Ling’er.

“When I leapt off Cloud’s End Cliff, I had thought that I would no longer be able to see you again in this lifetime.” Su Ling’er stretched out her hand and gently caressed Yun Che’s cheek, her eyes were covered in foggy mist. “I never thought that, Big Brother Yun Che’s Sky Poison Sword and the Dragonscale Armor Big Brother Yun Che gave me would save me… I believe that it’s definitely because Big Brother Yun Che had always been thinking and worrying about me, that brought about such a miracle, allowing me to once again see Big Brother Yun Che.”

Yun Che lightly shook his head, his heart still carried the deep fear from earlier. “Ling’er, you’re so silly. Why did you have to jump? When I found out that you…”

Yun Che’s voice suddenly stopped halfway through, as he looked blankly at Su Ling’er. His voice turned especially stiff. “Ling’er… You… You… How did you know about… the Sky Poison Sword?”