Against the Gods - Chapter 889 - Linger, Linger (2)

Chapter 889 - Linger, Linger (2)

Chapter 889 - Ling’er, Ling’er (2)

Facing Yun Che’s surprise, Su Ling’er placed her own small hand on Yun Che’s palm and her forehead gently leaned on his chest. “I fainted right after being stopped by the Sky Poison Sword. When I woke up, I was still hanging on the Sky Poison Sword. I recovered a bit of strength soon after and with the support of the rock at the side, I crawled up to a place that was considerably less dangerous.”

“You… How do you know about the Sky Poison Sword?” Yun Che was still in a daze.

The Sky Poison Sword was something from his past life, so why was Ling’er able to shout out its name?

The name of the sword was definitely not engraved on the Sky Poison Sword’s blade.

Su Ling’er continued to speak gently. “That place was very dark and very cold. I was really afraid, afraid to the point where I had several times wanted to leap directly down… After that, I unconsciously fell asleep and even dreamed…”

“It was a very long, long dream.”

Su Ling’er raised her face and looked at him with her beautiful affectionate eyes. Yun Che’s heart intensely skipped a beat from her eyes, because this was the expression Su Ling’er from his past life used to look at him with… Melancholic, spoiled, affectionate...

“Ling’er… You… You…”

“In the dream, there was a clear, small river, an emerald green bamboo forest, a small self-built cottage and Big Brother Yun Che.” It was as though Su Ling’er’s voice was coming from a dream. “In the dream, Big Brother Yun Che was always bearing so many injuries and was always flowing with so much blood. Every wound and every trickl of blood, would always make my heart ache, to point where it was hard to breathe… He was so gentle in the beginning but he became really terrifying, as though he had gone crazy. But, I still loved him and was infatuated with him… Every day, I would be staying in the small bamboo cottage, desperately praying for him to return alive, yet every day, I would be awoken by these nightmares, unable to stop the tears in my eyes…”

“...” Yun Che’s mind was ringing out loud. “Ling’er, you… you… How did you…”

“At the end of the dream, I died. I died in his embrace. He was desperately crying out loud while hugging onto me, crying in such a disheartening manner. After crying out all his tears, in the end, all that flowed down from his eyes was blood… At the center of the bamboo forest, he dug a place for me to lay in rest with his bare hands, to the point where his own hands were dyed completely in blood… With his blood-filled hands, he engraved on the tombstone… Written on the tombstone was… my beloved wife Su Ling’er…”

Su Ling’er’s voice, trembling in the beginning, choked at the end. Each of her final words was accompanied by a single tear. “At first, I thought that, to him, vengeance meant everything in his life, while I was just someone he didn’t need to have… However, that dream had let me know that, in the heart of the Yun Che I loved, my existence had always been there. I gave him all the tears of my lifetime and what I received in return, was all the tears of his lifetime. It seems, I had always… been blissful… I had always had in my hands, the thing that I wished for the most…”


Yun Che’s mind once again rang out, his eyes and even his entire body, were beginning to tremble.

“Big Brother Yun Che,” Su Ling’er’s pair of slender arms circled around Yun Che’s neck and she said in an indulgent manner. “We… won’t ever separate again, right?”

“Ling’er… Ling’er!!” His two calls carried feelings that transcended time and s.p.a.ce. He hugged Su Ling’er tightly in return and with a trembling voice, he said stutteringly. “Yes… We will never separate again, never again!”

That was not a dream. That was the memories of her past life, no, it was her past lifetime.

The Su Ling’er in his embrace, was both Su Ling’er of this lifetime and also Su Ling’er of his past lifetime… She was Su Ling’er in her entirety.

He did not know why it would turn out like this. Probably, this was the heaven’s way of making up for the fate of his and Su Ling’er’s past life...

However, no matter the reason, it was no longer that important. Not only had he once again held onto Su Ling’er,it was even Su Ling’er in her entirety. This was already a result that was far more than perfect.

And actually, what brought about this entire chain of events, was a miraculous accident.

Back then, when Yun Che leapt off Cloud’s End Cliff, in the very last moments of his life, probably because he subconsciously did not wish for the Sky Poison Sword to be buried in the abyss of Cloud’s End Cliff alongside him and used up all his strength to fling it away, seemingly at the same time, the Mirror of Samsara which had been worn in front of his chest all this while, activated the reincarnation ability after foreseeing Yun Che’s certain death.

The reincarnation ability that was a violation of the Heavenly Way was used on Yun Che and the Sky Poison Pearl and there was a small amount of energy which seeped into the Sky Poison Sword as well. This prevented the Sky Poison Sword from disappearing due to the s.h.i.+ft in time axis and amendment of the karmic effect in the Azure Cloud Continent and it also allowed Su Ling’er, who made contact with the Sky Poison Sword, to awaken the memories of her “past life.”

This was an extremely profound coincidence and maybe, it was really an arrangement made by destiny.

The two people stayed on Cloud’s End Cliff for a very, very long time. After submerging themselves in their overly beautiful world of two for a long time, they began to face the reality that had already happened.

Though Su Ling’er did not question him, Yun Che knew that she definitely wanted to know just what had happened to her and what happened to the Azure Cloud Continent. Regarding all of this, he would honestly tell her everything and he was even eager to tell her everything. Because after Jasmine had left, Ling’er, who similarly carried memories of “two lifetimes,” was the only person left he could talk to about them.

She was also the only person who truly knew of his past.

However right now, what Su Ling’er was most concerned with, would definitely be the matters regarding the Grandwake Clan. He told Su Ling’er in detail the things that happened after he returned to the Grandwake Clan, while Su Ling’er quietly leaned on him. Her reactions were calm and her heart was similarly beating calmly as well. After awakening to the memories of her “past life,” like Yun Che, she had become someone who possessed “two lifetimes.” She had already become very indifferent to the fate of the Grandwake Clan and the consequences Su Haoran would face. Because she had already obtained everything she wanted, obtained the entrustment of her devotion and soul of two lifetimes. As long as she was with him, everything else was no longer important.

Finally, when Yun Che spoke of Su Hengshan suddenly severing his own life vein after pa.s.sing him the soul crystal, Su Ling’er was instantly startled up and her two hands tightly grabbed onto Yun Che’s arms as she said in a panic. “Father… Father, he…”

Yun Che hurriedly said. “Ling’er, don’t worry, your father is fine. Although he severed his own life vein, he was immediately saved by me. Right now, he’s already completely fine and he won’t ever do the same silly thing again.”

From the intense panic shown on Su Ling’er’s expression, Yun Che felt incomparably fortunate that he chose to save Su Hengshan’s life with all his strength at that time. Otherwise, if Su Hengshan had really lost his life then, he was unable to imagine just how depressed Ling’er, whom he had managed to regain, would have been.

“Father, he… Is he really alright?” Su Ling’er initially fl.u.s.tered eyes, once again soothened up.

“Of course. Have you forgotten? Back then, master has often criticized me but in front of you, he had many times secretly praised my medicinal arts and he had even said that once I’m over a hundred years old, my medicinal arts might even surpa.s.s his… These were all things that Ling’er secretly told me. If I can’t even save Ling’er’s father, how can I possibly live up to my master’s kindness?”

“Mn!” Su Ling’er lightly smiled, the anxiety on her face vanished like smoke in the air.

“I can bring you over to look at Uncle Su right now.” Yun Che stood up.

“Ah? Now?”

“I will bring you to a place.” Yun Che summoned the Primordial Profound Ark with a mysterious look and then, carrying Su Ling’er along, they entered the inner world of the Primordial Profound Ark.

The sudden switch in s.p.a.ce left Su Ling’er’s lips open for a long while. “This place is…”

“This is the world of the Primordial Profound Ark,” Yun Che said with a smile. “It can directly cross through large distances in s.p.a.ce and instantly move to places I want to go. The reason why I was able to return to the Azure Cloud Continent this time was because of it. Regarding the matters of the Primordial Profound Ark, I will tell you about them in the future.”

“Mn.” Su Ling’er gently nodded. Following after, the light in her eyes stirred and she hurriedly rushed towards the person who was lying on the stone slabs in front of them.

“Ah… Father!”

Su Hengshan was quietly lying there and was still in a state of deep unconsciousness. However, his complexion was already quite ruddy and his breathing was calm and stable. Only his aura still remained a little frail.

Yun Che arrived next to Su Hengshan and reached out his hand to check the health condition of his life vein. Following after, the light in his eyes fiercely stirred… The extent of recovery of Su Hengshan’s life vein had actually reached nearly thirty percent.

Reaching such an extent should have required at least ten days.

In other words, after his soul was being stolen by the Netherworld Udumbara Flower in the dark abyss, he did not wake up very quickly but had stayed unconscious for nearly ten days!

Then Su Ling’er had similarly stayed in the darkness for ten days… Or maybe, in these ten days, she had been experiencing that long “dream”.

Sensing Su Hengshan’s frail, yet especially stable presence of life, Su Ling’er’s final worry had completely dispersed as well. With sparkling eyes, she said. “Big Brother Yun Che, thank you.”

Yun Che immediately shook his head. “Compared to the sacrifices you made for me and the debts I owe you, something like this can’t even be considered a piece of hair off of the bodies of a hundred cows. Furthermore, he is my father-in-law. Protecting my own father-in-law is a natural thing to do.”

“Heh…” Su Ling’er cheerfully laughed and said a little playfully, “Big Brother Yun Che, you have become even better at making girls happy, hehe.”

“Uh…” Yun Che’s eyes floated away. Then he hurriedly changed the subject and said decisively. “Ling’er, don’t worry. I won’t let the danger and wrongs you endured go for naught. I will also definitely make Seven Stars Divine Palace pay for all their debts towards Uncle Su and the Grandwake Clan!”

“Ah…” Su Ling’er lightly moaned. Her initially playful eyes were instantly dyed with panic. “Don’t… I managed to find Big Brother Yun Che and Father will immediately get better as well, so I did not suffer from any wrongs. The me now feels even more blissful than ever before. I don’t hate anyone, nor do I resent anyone. I don’t want you to take revenge, I really don’t…”

Seeing the worry and even fear pouring out of Su Ling’er’s eyes, Yun Che instantly wished he could ruthlessly slap himself in the face. In his past life, it was exactly because he was fixated on vengeance which made her life bitter and had burdened her for her entire life. Back then, she wondered how many times she had plead in tears for him to stop seeking revenge, yet he had never listened to her. Every day, like a crazed dog which had lost its heart, he headed out to bite the people he hated...

He reincarnated and had endured countless hards.h.i.+ps to finally reunite with Ling’er, so how could he once again step onto the mistaken path he once took and make her sad and afraid again?

He grabbed onto Su Ling’er’s hands, looked straight in her eyes and said with incomparably seriousness and calm. “Alright, I will listen to Ling’er’s words. Who cares if they are the divine palace or ghost palace, even there’s ten thousand of them added up together, they will never be as important as a single strand of Ling’er’s hair. Right now, I can’t even wait to hug my Ling’er, why would I have the spare time to care about them?”

“Pfft…” Su Ling’er laughed. She leaned onto Yun Che’s chest and lightly drew circles on his chest with her finger as she sweetly said. “Big Brother Yun Che, you sure have a slippery tongue now. In these few years I wasn’t next to you, could you have already tricked many girls into your arms behind my back?”