Against the Gods - Chapter 887 - A Sword That Should Not Exist

Chapter 887 - A Sword That Should Not Exist

Chapter 887 - A Sword That Should Not Exist

She shook her head?

“Then do you know who she is?” Yun Che asked again.

“...” The girl continued to shake her head mutely.

Yun Che, “...”

She has never seen Hong’er before?

And she also does not know who Hong’er is...

Then why did she...

After recalling Hong’er’s reaction, it was clear that she had never seen this girl before either.

Then the entire sequence of events where the girl summoned Hong’er which led to Hong’er bawling her eyes out after she saw her and the two of them shedding tears when they looked at each other… could it be have been an instinctual reaction that came from their bodies or souls?

And if they did not have an extremely special connection, why did such an instinctual reaction occur?

Yun Che, who was currently filled with extreme suspicion, caused his consciousness to sink into the Sky Poison Pearl. He saw Hong’er sitting down with her legs curled up to her body, her tiny hand vigorously rubbing away the tears in her eyes. Even though she was no longer sobbing, she had wept until her eyes and her nose had turned red.

“Hong’er,” Yun Che asked as he moved forward. “What exactly happened just now? The girl that you just saw… Have you seen her before?”

“Of course I haven’t.” Hong’er stuck out her tiny reddened nose, “I already said that I can’t remember anything from my past, so how could it be possible that I’ve seen her before? Master is really stupid.”

“Then why did you suddenly start crying buckets?”

“I already said that I don’t know alright!?” Hong’er pouted as she shook her head, “I just suddenly felt really sad and felt like crying. However…” Hong’er’s lips suddenly curved into a bow as a sweet and happy smile appeared on her face, “After I finished crying, I feel really good. It’s true. Master, why don’t you cry once for me to see?”

“...” Yun Che retreated in defeat.

Countless enigmas nagged at Yun Che’s mind.

The Darkness Seed that had fused with his profound veins had proven that the ancient Evil G.o.d did not only have perfect control over the five elemental profound energies of water, fire, wind, lightning and earth, he also clearly possessed darkness profound energy. As a G.o.d belonging to the G.o.d race, he would definitely not have allowed the other G.o.ds to know that he possessed the darkness element when he was still alive in the Primordial Era. Because the G.o.ds did not tolerate any negative profound energy and none of the legends that he had heard from Jasmine regarding the Evil G.o.d had mentioned him possessing darkness profound energy.

Even the ancient memories of the Evil G.o.d that Jasmine had obtained from the Evil G.o.d’s blood had only told her that there were five seeds of power that comprised of the five elements.

Clearly, the Evil G.o.d had probably never exposed his darkness profound energy during the Primordial Era. Furthermore, he had buried this information exceptionally well. At the same time, one could clearly tell from the legacy and memories that he had left behind that the Evil G.o.d did not want the future generations to know of his secret.

Then how did this Darkness Seed end up in that girl’s possession?

And this mysterious, terrifying and extremely bizarre world of darkness...

Could it also be something that the Evil G.o.d left behind?

Why did he want to leave behind such a world of darkness?

Why was this girl in a place like this? What connection did she have with the Primordial Evil G.o.d?

And what kind of connection did she have with Hong’er...

And that Hong’er… Who exactly was she?

“~!#¥%…” Yun Che’s brain was a complete mess right now. He had been plunged into this thick and tangled web of mysteries at the same time he had obtained this enormous power. Before this, every time he had obtained an Evil G.o.d Seed, besides feeling joy, he would also feel as if he was fulfilling some sort of destiny. But after he had obtained this Darkness Seed, he had been left at a complete loss.


He had this indistinct feeling that he had come into contact with a secret that even the ancient divine beings were not aware of...

However, he had merely faintly touched the surface of this mystery. The whole truth behind all of this, including the girl with rainbow eyes and Hong’er’s true ident.i.ty, should probably have become an eternal mystery following the end of the era of G.o.ds and devils.

At the present moment, the most important thing to him was how to leave this place.

Yun Che raised his head to look above him. If he flew straight up, he should be able to fly out of this abyss but that peerlessly dreadful suction power was able to securely seal away everything that dwelled within this dark abyss.

Even though Yun Che’s profound strength had grown immensely after he had obtained the Darkness Seed, he was very sure that the terrifying suction force above him was something that he could not resist.

All of the darkness monsters in this place were unfathomably strong and any one of them could instantly destroy the Yun Che who had obtained the Darkness Seed. It would not be possible for this bottomless abyss to imprison these kind of existences but not a single one of them had ever appeared in the outside world.

The reason for this was because even these darkness monsters could not resist that suction force, so they were forcefully sealed away in this world of darkness.

So how exactly could he leave this place...

Yun Che looked at the s.p.a.ce above him as he lapsed into deep thought. After a long period of time, he gritted his teeth and suddenly launched himself into the air as he flew upwards with all his might.

Even though he did not know whether he could struggle free, he wanted to experience just how strong that suction force was once more.

Would it end up in complete despair or would he be able to see a ray of hope?

Yun Che’s flying speed was extremely fast. At the same time, all of the profound strength in his body swelled up as he swiftly reached the height of three thousand meters. The surrounding darkness energy started to boil as it swept towards Yun Che. Yun Che, who had made sufficient preparation for this, let out a low yell as his entire body released an incomparably dense jet-black profound light.


The profound light that shone on Yun Che’s body exploded outwards with an incredibly loud ring but the moment the surrounding rampaging darkness energy came into contact with his body, it suddenly recoiled at lightning speed. Regardless of whether it was Yun Che’s body or the profound energy that had erupted out of his body, neither of them had been obstructed at all.


At the checkpoint between both worlds, Yun Che’s body immediately rang with the incomparably sharp sound of s.p.a.ce tearing apart. Before he had even realized it, he had already escaped the world of darkness below him.

“...” Yun Che slowly came to a stop as he was dazed for a brief period of time.

I came out…!?

I actually managed to come out!!

That dreadful suction force that had previously appeared and was impossible for him to resist had not appeared this time.

No, it had appeared… But it instantly disappeared after that!

Yun Che suspiciously looked at the black light surrounding his body. He was stumped for a good long while before he muttered to himself, “Could it be because of… the Evil G.o.d’s Darkness Seed?”

Could it be that the Evil G.o.d’s darkness profound energy was the power that was sealing away this world of darkness, so it would not obstruct him because he had obtained the Evil G.o.d’s darkness profound power?


Could it be this reason?

After he stood there indefinitely in a bewildered state, Yun Che’s brows finally twitched before suddenly sinking again. After that, he began to descend once more.

With a soft ring, Yun Che traveled through the boundary between the two worlds yet again. This time, he did not circulate any profound energy, instead he focused on observing the changes that occurred around him.

As soon as he entered the world of darkness, the surrounding dark energy instantly changed and gathered around him. The moment the gathered darkness touched his body, it recoiled, not tearing at Yun Che at all.

So that was indeed the case!!

He forcefully descended into this dark abyss for the sake of Su Ling’er and when the devil origin orb had flared up inside his body, he had thought that certain death awaited him. But he never imagined that in the blink of an eye, not only did his strength explosively increase, he had even completely escaped the nightmarish grasp of the devil origin orb and right now, he once again discovered that he could freely leave and enter this world of darkness.

This complete reversal of fortune had been entirely due to the Evil G.o.d’s Darkness Seed.

It was all because of the chance encounter he had with that strange girl in the abyss.

Yun Che descended at an extremely quick speed. He followed that h.e.l.lish purple light and soon landed at that girl’s side. He did not know who she was and why she was here. It was even possible that he would never ever know the answers to those questions but she was his savior… and she had done far more than simply saving him.

But right now, it was time for them to bid each other farewell.

“It’s about time for me to go. I still have many things I need to do on the outside, so I need to leave this place,” Yun Che said in a soft voice. “However, I will forever remember you. After all, the life I have right now is something that you’ve given me.”

“...” The girl’s lips opened as she looked at him with a steady gaze, it was as if she wanted to say something.

“You are all alone in this place, so you must definitely feel very lonely,” Yun Che said with a faint smile. “After I have finished what I need to do, I will come and visit you often.”

“...” The l.u.s.ter in the girl’s eyes seemed to faintly billow.

“Then… I’m off.”

He stretched out a hand to lightly caress that girl’s ethereal hair as he gave her one last long look… Whoever saw those four-colored eyes would never be able to forget them for the rest of their lives. After that, he stopped hesitating as he took to the air and rushed toward the borders of this dark world.

The girl’s eyes silently chased after his figure until he had completely vanished from her vision… Gradually, the light in her eyes slowly grew dull and she turned around and flew back into the midst of the Netherworld Udumbara Flowers. In an instant, all of the Netherworld Udumbara Flowers bloomed at the same time, forming a sea of purple flowers that was more wondrous and fantastical than any dream.

The girl hugged herself and curled up like a helpless little kitten amidst the sea of flowers. In this eternally lonely world of darkness, these living Netherworld Udumbara Flowers were her only companions.

Yun Che left the confines of the world of darkness and shot straight up. Even though his heart was filled with urgency, his speed was not fast and it even grew slower and slower.

On that day, he had clearly seen the scene of Su Ling’er jumping down the Cloud’s End Cliff in the memory of the remaining Seven Stars Divine Palace disciple. Furthermore, Su Ling’er’s soul crystal was still intact as well. But in his panic, he did not even give this much thought as he lost all composure and directly jumped off Cloud’s End Cliff.

However, during the time he had spent immersed in that world of darkness, he had regained his calm and he realized that he had left out one possibility… and it was a very big possibility at that.

That was the possibility that Su Ling’er did indeed jump off Cloud’s End Cliff… but she did not drop into the dark abyss below!

Instead, she had been caught by something as she was falling!

If that purple-colored soul crystal truly belonged to Su Ling’er, then this could be said to be the likeliest reason! Given how terrifying the world of darkness was, if Su Ling’er had fallen into it, she would definitely have died in an instant.

With this thought in mind, Yun Che chose to ascend at a slow speed while releasing his spiritual perception to its maximum range as he searched for any possible auras that he could detect.

He believed that the intact soul crystal definitely belonged to Su Ling’er! Fate had been cruel to Su Ling’er once, so for what reason would it be cruel to her again!?

As he strictly restrained his speed, Yun Che had only risen by around fifteen kilometers after a full fifteen minutes had pa.s.sed. But his heart had also begun to sink over this period of time.

Even though the world of darkness below him was an independent existence, there was still some darkness energy that had been dispelled from it… The faint aura of darkness devil energy that Yun Che had sensed while he descended into that world of darkness was the best proof of this.

It was also because of the existence of this darkness devil energy that a tall cliff like Cloud’s End Cliff was completely devoid of life. Not even a single blade of gra.s.s grew there, much less any tall and thick trees, so there would not be anything that could stop someone who fell in this place.

Furthermore, even if those trees truly existed… and even if it was a thick tree which stretched out very far, if someone fell down ten thousand meters, the accompanying force would be sufficient to instantly snap that tree apart. Expecting it to catch a person was something that was basically impossible.

Even though his heart was growing heavier and heavier, Yun Che refused to give up any hope. He slowed his ascent even further as his spiritual perception desperately swept across every spot that it could touch… But he did not find anything other than the silent and dead stone.

He could not even sense the life force of even a single reptile.

Yun Che kept his composure as he continued to advance. When he was still about fifteen kilometers from the top of the cliff, a strange aura suddenly p.r.i.c.ked Yun Che’s spiritual perception.

Furthermore, this was clearly a familiar aura that was not too far away.

Yun Che’s eyes instantly zoomed in on the source of that aura. His vision pierced through the darkness and his whole body unconsciously burned with Phoenix flames.

This place was not the dark abyss that lay below him, so the scarlet-red Phoenix flames instantly illuminated the entire s.p.a.ce around him. Astonis.h.i.+ngly, a gloomy green glow flashed in the direction that this strange aura was coming from.

Yun Che’s heart fiercely jumped as that familiarity instantly multiplied countless times over. He quickly rushed over.

The dark gray mountain wall had been deeply pierced by a long and thin sword. Even though, it had been there for an indeterminate amount of time there was not a single speck of rust on its body and the entire sword lowed with a gloomy green light.

As well as an extremely discomfiting aura

Yun Che stretched out his hand and lightly touched that gloomy green sword, his fingers faintly trembling.

“Sky… Poison… Sword…” He softly whispered as his vision swayed.