Sugar Daddy, Hoodoo In My Life!

State: Completed

Author: Yan Nanfei



Jian Rus.h.i.+, born in a rich family, was a college girl. Due to some economic reasons, her family went broke. Her father committed suicide under great pressure, while her mother ran away with someone else, leaving her alone in this world. As she tried to find some comfort from her boyfriend, she found that her boyfriend cheated on her. Feeling devastated, Jian Rus.h.i.+ thought of ending her life. But she wanted to do a crazy thing before that. Suddenly she remembered she was still virgin. So she decided to sleep with a man before she died. She went to a pub one day and saw a pretty man drinking there alone. She mistook him as a money boy and took him home. After they slept, she had no money to pay him. As the compensation, Jian Rus.h.i.+ became the mistress of that man, who turned out to be a golden bachelor. And a series of embarra.s.sing things happened…

Table of Contents