Please Be More Serious

State: Completed

Author: Ming Yue Ting Feng 明月聽風

Tags: #romance


Serious, workaholic man meets free-spirited girl.Qiu Zheng Qing is an elite manager at a well-known corporation whose life plan does not include dating but simply getting married because it is time. While meeting a former university cla.s.smate who fits his criteria for a life partner, he keeps on coming across a free-spirited rich, young miss and subsequently falls in love with someone who will turn his life upside down.Yin Ting (depressed): Whenever I pursue guys, I would always pinpoint the wrong target. That’s why I keep on failing. The next time I must definitely choose the right one before making my move.Qiu Zhen Qing (serious): Why is that you always fail, how do you say it when you are confessing, let me hear it. Be more serious, this is a solemn matter. Consider me your target, how would you make your confession, how would you say it?Yin Ting (sighing): That is, I like you a lot, let’s date.Qiu Zheng Qing (serious): Okay.Yin Ting (dumbstruck): Ah?Qiu Zheng Qing (serious): I said, I agree.Yin Ting (dumbstruck): …

Table of Contents
Latest Release: Chapter 61-62 2 years ago