Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Chapter 7: Han Yu Fan, You Can Really Be So Ruthless!

An international model, she hadn’t thought that far, she just wanted to enjoy the present…

… and let Han Yu Fan and Mo Yu Rou pay the price.

12 o’clock the next day, for a long time she waited for Han Yu Fan, who unexpectedly took her to the bas.e.m.e.nt level of a restaurant. There, surprisingly enough, was a candlelit table for their lunch. Watching the red roses and candle light contrast against each other, Tang Ning quietly, with the help of Han Yu Fan, sat down at the table.

“There are some Sirloin steak for you on the table…”

Tang Ning was surprised for a moment and did not speak. Her former relations.h.i.+p with Han Yu Fan lasted for five years, yet he actually did not remember her preferences.

“How do you not like it?”

Tang Ning tried to speak, but a tall man dressed like a western chef suddenly came over to them and spoke, “Miss Tang, here is your favorite Filet Mignon, I, on behalf of our restaurant Delphi 1,  would like to wish you newly weds an enjoyable time…”

Han Yu Fan’s smile tightened, his complexion changed, however it would be no good for him to flare up, leaving him no other choice but to bear the embarra.s.sment. He gestured for someone to switch the meals placed in front of Tang Ning.

“Your taste changed?”

“Thank you, but we are not married!” Tang Ning did not care about Han Yu Fan, she only looked at the chef standing in front of her and explained, “If you really are being considerate of me, then please remember it.”

The chef politely left, and then Tang Ning turned back to Han Yu Fan.

“Next time I will remember… anything my wife loves to eat!” Han Yu Fan seemingly said to himself.

“Let’s just eat quickly, then you can give me the speech script!” Tang Ning, in her heart, sneered at him, although her outside face was still calm as always.

Suddenly though… she received a message ent.i.tled 0819, when she opened the content, she found that it was Mo Ting who sent it.

The meaning of 0819, that is, the date that they married.

“I had my men send you some steak, my chef sincerely wanted to express good wishes.”

Tang Ning felt the urge to laugh out loud, although she didn’t in the end. Glancing at her phone underneath the table, she messaged back, “how do you know where I am?”

“If you want to know, try and figure it out,” Mo Ting calmly sent back this sentence.

Tang Ning held her phone in one hand and looked all over the restaurant, but she didn’t see Mo Ting. Although she didn’t know how Mo Ting could send her a message so close to her, Tang Ning still felt that he… in the presence of someone who was like an emperor, said person could not be ignored, nor could they be refused.

“Tang Ning, what are you looking at?” Han Yu Fan reached out and interrupted her line of sight, his maroon eyes full of questions.

“Nothing…” Tang Ning shook her head, and, in a moment, smoothly changed the topic.

“When are we having the re-registration of our marriage?”

“As soon as this affair As you now, Mo Yu Rou is in the top selection for the top ten models, it is a good opportunity for her to rise. Fortunately, Tang Ning, you are there for her, otherwise, she would be slandered!” Han Yu Fan poured red wine for Tang Ning, even toasting her.

“I will then take double of what you owe,” Tang Ning smiled gently and beautifully, her shallow dimples showing, making her look even more lucid and elegant than ever.[^1]

But even though he was in front of her, it was as though Han Yu Fan could not register it in his head, his nerves already being worn out by Mo Yu Rou often using him as a pillow and endlessly chattering to him. He did not pay attention to Tang Ning’s words.

“Tang Ning, you’ve been suffering…” Tang Ning knew that this was him giving her her pot with sweetness in it, before poison infiltrated it.

“Yes, after the press conference, you should contact Sister Long, as it seems, that the only way to deal with her kind of people, is to take legal means.”

“Alright,” Tang Ning said sweetly, thinking, wanting to change Sister Long’s mind, that was impossible!

2:30 P.M., in the hall of Day Arts Entertainment, everyone in the fas.h.i.+on media was a.s.sembled. They were all quite interested in Tang Ning’s public statement.

Because, whether it was for when she suddenly retired in the past, or when she signed with Day Arts, or for the affair with Mo Yu Rou, after Tang Ning retired, she stayed low-key, making it exceedingly hard to find black material on her.

At 3 P.M., Tang Ning appeared, dressed neatly in muted colors, a bodyguard accompanying her. She walked up the stage, and turning elegantly to face the media, she began to speak, sending the reporters into a frenzy.

“Tang Ning, your name is being searched up fervently on the internet, did you do this or not  as advertis.e.m.e.nt?”

“Tang Ning, you and Mo Yu Rou are both models of Day Arts Entertainment, however in the past months only Mo Yu Rou has been active in the industry, is it or is it not true that you have been secretly harboring hatred towards her fame?”

“Tang Ning, was this done to hype your name or not?”

In the face of the chaotic scene, the company team blocked the reporters, in order to keep the order and let Tang Ning speak.

“First of all, I would like to apologize to the public, because I personally caused damage to the company’s reputation, as well as Mo Yu Rou to the outside world, for merely a bit of my speculation. HF crown star’s catwalk was my own idea, without the knowledge of the company and other parties. Miss Yu Rou’s unauthorized appearance, all this with my company they had nothing to do with it.”

“I did do this… to hype myself up. But my agent knew nothing, she just felt that I was being used at the time, I will also take all responsibility, thank you everyone who supervised me, thank you.”

Tang Ning’s words fell, and there was instantly an uproar in the audience. Reporters were restless, because there had been no artists in the past like Tang Ning, who, with her neat appearance, would admit their own mistake. Others were anxious to write it off, emphasize her innocence in the whole matter, believing it so that Tang Ning did this due to so much guilt, and that Mo Yu Rou and the company really had no knowledge of the matter.

Tang Ning then thought that it was over, but she did not think that Han Yu Fan would make to move to fully put on her back the blame of the situation. Han Yu Fan let the artist director deliberately go over to her side, and, facing the media reporters, say, “this is not the first time, but… I and the company, we’re willing to give you one last chance, Tang Ning, hopefully you have learned your lesson, be a proper model.”

Not for the first time indeed, they wanted her to use it to overthrow Sister Long’s statement, and accuse her of using Mo Yu Rou’s show as hype for herself.

Han Yu Fan, you could really be so ruthless!

Tang Ning did not speak, but deeply bowed to the media, and then under the protection of the team, left the hall…

This time, on the internet, they all began to condemn her again, but after all, Tang Ning was quite intuitive, the public could only see the surface. They treated the whole affair as a joke.2

In another place, Mo Ting finished a meeting, and hearing about the event, turned his head and looked at his a.s.sistant who whispered about Tang Ning’s conference event.

“President, what do you want to do with miss Tang?”

“No need for the time being, soon we’ll see her response,” Mo Ting replied. As he had already been persuaded by Tang Ning, he was only now curious of what she was going to do to the two. With this, he would also further see her true capabilities. His wife could truly plan out schemes that could knock someone down their pedestal.


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