Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Chapter 6: The Return of the Number One Top Model

Of course not, it was not yet the right time!

Mo Ting knew what her plan was as well, so he handed the phone over to her, but Tang Ning avoided the taboo topic, and in front of Mo Ting, she pressed the answer key.

“Tang Ning, where are you now?”

“I was afraid the reporters would find me, so I hid,” Tang Ning calmly replied.

“So, you do not know what Sister Long said about the affair?” Han Yu Fan asked.

“What did Sister Long do? I hid in a very remote place, so I had no way to know the news in the outside world, what happened?” Tang Ning made herself as curious and inquisitive as possible.

“Thanks to your agent, now Day Arts Entertainment is in big trouble, come back to the company, I’ll give you a press conference, Tang Ning, only you can explain clearly, that Day Arts is innocent!”

What press conference, they wanted to play her as the scapegoat?

They thought she was dumb enough?

Tang Ning mockingly hanged up the phone, but… suddenly, Mo Ting uttered something.

“On your phone, I have saved my number, so that I will always be able to know your whereabouts, feel free to tell me if there is anything you want to do.”

“Thank you, Mo Ting…”

“… You called wrongly…” Mo Ting laid down his hands on her legs, and squeezed it, “if you call me something else… then I won’t let you go.”

Tang Ning blushed, but in a low voice, said, “Lao… alright.”1

Mo Ting gave her a rare smile.

“I’ll send you to Day Arts, remember what you promised me…to no longer be in touch with any man.”

Tang Ning knew what Mo Ting was talking about, and gave him a soothing smile, wanting Mo Ting to trust her. Mo Ting’s thoughts, between the two, it went without saying.

Forty minutes later, Mo Ting sent off Tang Ning near Day Arts Company, after all, he was still the *** monarch, therefore with regards to everyone in the social circle of entertainment, he wanted to know how difficult it would be for Tang Ning to make a comeback in the modeling industry.

Tang Ning also understood that she was a threat to many people, she was entering a game she couldn’t be naive or ignorant in, that if she didn’t reshuffle her cards and be able to turn around situations unfavorable to her, then she would only lose.

Tang Ning got down from the car, going inside Day Arts secretly with the use of a hidden pa.s.sage. Once the employees of Day Arts saw her, their gazes were filled with contempt, disdain and ridicule, seemingly accusing her of single-handedly planning what Sister Long did.

Tang Ning chose to turn a blind eye at them, instead going into Han Yu Fan’s office directly, looking at his tall figure from behind.

“You came back…” Han Yu Fan said, turning around, looking exhausted.

“In the end, what happened?”

“Tang Ning, you really did not know what Sister Long did?” Han Yu Fan threw down the newspaper in front of her, angrily asking, “if you didn’t incite her, then how could she, a mere agent, dare to do it?”

“Yu Fan, we are getting married, why would I do such a thing? Did you not do it?” Tang Ning’s face was full of grievances, her voice also coming out choked.

“That HF jewelry show, why did you wear the crown star on your ankle? You know, that what you and Yu Rou have that can expose you are your legs.”

Tang Ning looked at Han Yu Fan who voiced this question, thinking of all the times that Han Yu Fan would protect Mo Yu Rou. She just used to think that Han Yu Fan was protecting his new company, so she endured it all, letting him defend other people, but now, she noticed, that he only defended Mo Yu Rou, and no one else.

“At that time, I couldn’t wear the crown star, there was no other choice but to put on my ankle, Mo Yu Rou’s a.s.sistant was also present, you can ask him.”

“I have already asked Yu Rou’s a.s.sistant, and he said that you did this on your own initiative,” Han Yu Fan said, stepping in closer and closer to her.

“I am your fiancee, and yet you’d rather believe in an outsider?” Tang Ning pretended to be disappointed, and further observe Han Yu Fan’s expression. “Yesterday… should have been the day we registered for our marriage.”

“Anyway, now there are consequences, we have been sued by the HF for breach of contract, and because of your agent, now more and more people are condemning Day Arts, the consequences of the aftermath, you have to take responsibility for it,” Han Yu Fan looked down at Tang Ning, his gaze holding a hint of a G.o.d’s dictation and arrogance.

“You are going to be my wife, and I do not want my wife to be someone who will harm my career, so… Tang Ning, in order to keep the reputation of Day Arts, you are obligated to stand up and explain to the outside world, that this was just your agent’s speculation, that it had nothing to do with Day Arts Entertainment…”

“Telling other people that what SIster Long said was to promote me, isn’t that the same as admitting that I was planning to be promoted to people? This isn’t the first time you wanted me to take the blame, and let Mo Yu Rou rise into popularity,” Tang Ning cried out. “Yu Fan, is it because that I want to marry you, that I should be sacrificed?”

“I don’t care, this is just your responsibility,” as he said this sentence, Han Yu Fan thought that his tone had been too heavy, and softened it down, wanting to reach out and hold Tang Ning, but Tang Ning pushed him away.

“Tang NIng, I am also quite anxious, and… it’s only this time, after we get married, I will be good to you…”

Sure enough, Tang Ning stopped her tears, and nodded her head. “Alright, I’ll compromise, I will say that what happened was for promoting me, but there won’t be a next time!”

“No, there won’t be a next time,” in fact, what Han Yu Fan though was, the next time you are still not fooled, after the wedding, Tang Ning could only be at his disposal.

“The press conference is at 3 P.M., we’ll meet before that, and plan out what you’re going to say.”


Tang Ning completely stopped crying, and saw that Han Yu Fan in the past and the present’s eyes were no different. When Han Yu Fan stepped out of his office, her eyes flashed coldly. She cannot forget about that cheating slag right away, but she would still be loyal to her choice. After Han Yu Fan rejected the pot, she would not be back again.2

Thinking of this, she returned to her lounge, and made a call to her agent.

“Hahaha, Tang Ning, just tell me what you need me to do!” On the other side of the phone wa s a voice full of fighting spirit. “At 3’o clock in the afternoon, I will publicly apologize, explain that it was just some speculation, afterwards… you should anonymously spread Han Yu Fan and Mo Yu Rou’s photos of intimate times in the hospital…

“Hahaha, oh, and I also thought of a perfect, matching t.i.tle! Day Arts’ president pedaling many boats, one of the many of society.” Tang Ning laughed with her agent, but she still did not forget to apologize to her.

“I’m sorry Sister Long, for troubling you.”

“Tang Ning, as long as you decide to start modeling again, I will help you return to your position of first-cla.s.s model, even becoming an international supermodel!”


And… we have the sixth chapter posted up! Not much of a note for now, except for me being curious about what she’ll say at the press conference. ^^

Lao is a pre-fix that indicates affection for someone ↩

I have no idea what it means, the translated version was wonky. Hopefully someone can tell me what it means…

hey, someone responded! Thank you a lot, mx. Anonymous! (´。• ᵕ •。`) the original chinese version of this phrase is a play on words which means to take the blame for others, or be unjustly blamed. ↩