Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 546

Chapter 546

After returning home, Elder Tang sat alone in his study room for quite some time holding onto the black box that Mo Ting had given him . After hesitating for a while, he ended up locking the box in his safe . He knew that if he was to look at the contents of the box, he would not be able to endure another second around Tang Xuan .

Not long after, there was a knock on the door . It was Tang Xuan, "Grandfather, may I come in?"

Elder Tang adjusted his complex expression and replied, "Come in . "

Tang Xuan pushed open the door and entered, revealing a dazzling smile . She directly approached Elder Tang, grabbed onto his arm and started swaying it from side to side, "Grandfather, it's so boring being a pregnant woman at home . Can I go out and do some work?"

Work . . .

After Elder Tang uncovered the true Tang Xuan, everything that came out of her mouth sounded like it was a part of her scheme .

Tang Xuan mentioned working because she obviously wanted to use the child as an excuse to return to Tang Corps . and set the foundations for her comeback .

"You've only fallen pregnant not long ago . If you work, you will tire out my precious grandchild . "

"No I won't, grandfather . You know how I am . The more you won't allow me to do something . . . the more I want to do it . "

Elder Tang was well aware of her temper . It seemed, Tang Xuan was under the a.s.sumption that even if Elder Tang didn't hand the family business over to her, he would at least give her back her previous role . But . . .

. . . her a.s.sumptions were wrong . . .

Elder Tang agreed to let her work . He knew if he didn't, she would put on another act to gain sympathy . So, he smiled and patted her on the back of the hand, "OK, I'll let you work . I'll make a phone call in a moment to organize everything for you . But, you need to promise me that you'll take good care of your body and won't work as hard as you used to . "

"Thank you, grandfather," Tang Xuan cheered . She a.s.sumed, judging by the way her grandfather spoiled her, it was only a matter of time before she'd kick Xia Yuling out and retrieve what belonged to her .

"Get some rest . Grandfather still needs to look through some doc.u.ments . " After everything that happened, Elder Tang now found Tang Xuan's smile scary and fake .

She was meant be a part of the family, but instead, she was like a demon that enjoyed hurting the most important people around her .

"OK . "

Tang Xuan achieved her motive, so she turned to leave the room . At this moment, Elder Tang suddenly held her back, "Go upstairs and tell Yuling to come see me . "

"I'll go right away . "

Tang Xuan a.s.sumed that Elder Tang wanted to see Xia Yuling about giving her back her role in the company, so she immediately headed to Xia Yuling's room . Keeping up with her weak act, she said, "Auntie, grandfather wants to see you in the study room . "

Xia Yuling held back the urge to slap Tang Xuan across the face as she kept her focus on the doc.u.ments in her hands, "I'll be down there in a second . "

Tang Xuan's gaze contained a trace of victory . She could already imagine that Xia Yuling's role would soon be non-existent .

However, she had no idea how much self control it took for Xia Yuling to hold herself back from hitting her . . .

Not long after, Xia Yuling headed downstairs and entered Elder Tang's study room, "Father, you asked for me?"

Elder Tang pointed to the doorway with his chin, gesturing to her that Tang Xuan may be eavesdropping, "Follow me . "

Xia Yuling nodded her head and accompanied Elder Tang out onto the balcony where Tang Xuan no longer had the chance to eavesdrop .

"Tang Xuan wants to go back to work at Tang Corps . , so I agreed to let her return . . . "

"Father . . . "

"Let me finish . " Elder Tang looked into the distance; his gaze was filled with disappointment and sadness, "I'll leave this matter for you to handle . Give her the easiest job in the company and use her pregnancy as an excuse to temporarily suppress her . I know she won't keep to herself, so, organize someone to monitor her, trace her every movement, and act accordingly . "

"If it wasn't because of the child in her stomach . . . "

"Father, I understand how you feel," Xia Yuling patted Elder Tang on the back of his hand . "If it wasn't because she was pregnant, I would have broken her legs already . "

After all, Tangning had almost become a victim of her evil schemes .

After careful discussion, Xia Yuling left Elder Tang's study room . Meanwhile, Tang Xuan pretended to be watching television . As soon as she saw Xia Yuling step out, she stood up and looked at her .

"Come report to the office tomorrow," Xia Yuling instructed calmly .

"Thank you, auntie," Tang Xuan tilted her head, sure that Xia Yuling and Elder Tang had just undergone an argument .

However, she had no idea that noone in the household would ever be tricked by her again .

Xia Yuling let out a gentle laugh, but her voice contained a sense of disdain . Tang Xuan simply thought Xia Yuling wasn't happy about her return . So, when noone noticed, her lips secretly curved upwards .

Tomorrow . . .

. . . there was going to be a good show .

After returning on set, Tangning quickly got back into character . Perhaps it was because the problem with Tang Xuan had now been solved, she was in better condition than before and found it easier to focus .

However, just as one problem was solved, that night, another big news made its way onto the entertainment news headlines .

Bei Chendong was caught kissing a mystery woman on his doorstep .

Although the ident.i.ty of the woman wasn't clear, they were captured on camera, intimately returning to his villa .

Originally, this had nothing to do with Tangning . But, seeing this piece of news still made Tangning furrow her brows . . .

Bei Chendong was extremely lazy and the only person he ever had beside him was his a.s.sistant, Han Xiner . Plus, he obviously liked Han Xiner, so why was he suddenly caught on camera hugging another woman?

She had indeed been too busy to care about the people around her lately . So, after seeing the news, she immediately gave Han Xiner a phone call, "Xiner, what happened with Bei Chendong?"

"I'm not sure, I'm currently handling the PR," Han Xiner's voice contained a sense of disbelief .

"Xiner . . . you and Bei Chendong . . . "

"A few days ago, Fang Yu sent me an invite to Hai Rui's PR examination . After that, Bei Chendong started acting really strange," Han Xiner recalled . She didn't believe that she'd spend an entire lifetime by Bei Chendong's side . After all, she was bound to move forward in life . So, she did not think there was anything wrong with her taking part in Hai Rui's exam .

"You obviously know that he likes you . . . " Tangning jumped straight to the point . "Don't tell me you haven't noticed . "

"He's put in a lot of time and effort, yet, he hasn't received anything in return . "

"But, I've thought about it for a while . It wasn't easy for me to get another chance at life . I don't want to simply spend my life by his side . I want to be worthy . As an a.s.sistant, how could I ever dream of being with him?" Han Xiner replied in seriousness .

Tangning understood how Han Xiner felt . She was optimistic and cheery . At the same time, she did not want to spend her life living off a man . Because, to be worthy of matching him, she knew she had the potential to reach the same level .

"Xiner, do what you want to do . Live vigorously and make this lifetime worth it . "