Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 545

Chapter 545

"Miss Tang, please . . . I beg of you . "

Seeing Doctor Lin's devastated expression, Tangning did not feel the slightest bit of pity . She was well aware that if Doctor Lin had not been discovered, she would not have considered herself wrong . In fact, she would have flaunted the money she received from hurting Tangning and spent it happily and freely on herself .

"There's no point begging me . Especially since you didn't even give me the chance to beg you . "

As soon as these words left Tangning's mouth, Mo Ting gestured for Lu Che to show the woman out . Afterwards, they brought in the doctor that initially examined Tangning .

Seeing Doctor Lin's fate, the young woman was so frightened, she began to tremble .

"For the sake of money, you were willing to present a report that didn't match the patient at all . Am I right?" Mo Ting asked as he leaned against his chair with one arm around Tangning .

"No . . . That's not it . . . " the woman frantically tried to explain . "I'm sorry, I won't do it ever again . Could you please let me go . This is my first time . "

Hearing her say it was her first time, Tangning couldn't help but laugh, "Did you know that your 'first time' could have given me a miscarriage and could have also made it impossible for me to ever fall pregnant again?"

"If that had actually happened, how would you have made up for my child? By giving me your life?"

The woman was truly frightened by Tangning . As her eyes filled with tears, she did not say another word .

"I don't want to cause trouble . But, if you bully me, who else could I blame?"

"I heard you just got married . I wonder what your husband would think when he finds out how evil you are . . . "

"I've already found someone to contact him . "

After hearing Tangning say this, the woman completely fell apart . She directly knelt on the ground with her eyes wide in shock .

Tangning was much too frightening . If Mo Ting suffocated others with his presence . . . Tangning destroyed them mentally .

She did not hurt others physically, but she grasped onto their weaknesses and ruthlessly drilled into their hearts .

Nothing compared to losing the most important thing in one's life . . .

. . . because, that made one lose their reason for living .

The incident this time also involved a few minor people with small roles . Mo Ting did not intend to see every single one them, so he told Lu Che to deal with them the way that Tangning had already demonstrated . On the surface, she didn't seem to be hurting anyone, but in reality, she had completely destroyed them .

After everything was over, Mo Ting gently touched Tangning's stomach, "I know you haven't been fully avenged . The remaining two people will be delivered to you soon . "

Tangning knew who Mo Ting was referring to, but she shook her head, "The Zhong Family are easy to deal with, but we will leave Tang Xuan for someone else to

to handle . "

She believed, after what happened, if Elder Tang had not woken up, he did not deserve to be a family elder .

A moment later, Xia Yuling helped Elder Tang into the conference room . Everyone looked each other in the eyes as Xia Yuling slowly placed her focus on Tangning's stomach, "Is the baby fine?"

"Yes, it's fine . "

Elder Tang had been completely distracted by his own anger . So, only now did he realize that Tangning was pregnant .

All of a sudden, he was ecstatic .

"That's right! Xiao Ning is pregnant, she's pregnant . . . "

"Grandfather . . . "

"Yes, I know . Leave Tang Xuan's matter with me," Elder Tang could already predict what Tangning wanted to say, so he directly cut in . "Don't worry, grandfather won't show mercy this time . Nor will I allow her to play any more tricks . However, I will make sure she leaves behind the child . "

Tangning understood . Rather than exposing Tang Xuan right now, it was better for everyone to knowingly watch her put on an act . So that when the truth finally got revealed, it would have an extra impact . At that time, Tang Xuan would no longer think that she outsmarted everyone .

Realizing that everyone knew she was acting all along would make her life a living h.e.l.l .

"How far along is the child? When is the predicted date of labor?"

Seeing Elder Tang in a good mood, Tangning also found her mood lighten . However, she did not forget to remind the old man, "Grandfather, I hope you can keep my pregnancy a secret for now . You especially need to keep it a secret from Tang Xuan . At the moment, she thinks that my uterus has been removed . I don't want her to spend all day plotting against my child and I . "

"I understand," Elder Tang nodded . However, the mix of emotions made him feel slightly unsettled .

Ultimately, the entire incident smoothly came to an end . In order to get Tangning back on set in time, Mo Ting did not stick around and chat . As for Elder Tang, he did not want Tang Xuan to find out that he had met with Tangning, so he swiftly returned home . However, just before he left, Mo Ting handed him a box, "This box contains all the evidence you need against Tang Xuan . "

Elder Tang did not say another word . He simply nodded his head, "Take good care of my granddaughter . "

"Of course, I love her more than you do," Mo Ting replied briefly before leaving Qiao Kang Hospital .

Elder Tang was well aware that he couldn't compare to Mo Ting, so all the way home, he sighed to Xia Yuling, "How did the Tang Family create such a monster?"

"Father, to be safe, from now on, if Tang Xuan touches your medicine or anything, let me double check it . After all, for the sake of securing power, she could do anything . . . "

"Don't worry, I know what I'm doing . I can't be tricked that easily," Elder Tang growled . "If she dares to play her tricks on me, I will break her legs on the spot . "

Xia Yuling wasn't very hopeful because she already felt that Tang Xuan was incurable .

This time, the Tang Family were going to put on a good show . . .

While all this was happening, Mo Ting escorted Tangning back to the set . Of course, even though her family now knew of her pregnancy, she couldn't just go around telling everyone about it . After all, it wasn't safe enough to do so yet, nor was it a big enough blow on Tang Xuan if she revealed it too early .

Moreover, the couple had previously agreed that they'd wait until 'The Lost Relative' finished filming anyway .

"Now that grandfather and mom have their eye on Tang Xuan over at the Tang Household, you don't need to worry about her for a while . "

"I'm​ not feeling hopeful . . . " Tangning shook her head worriedly . "However, I trust that grandfather won't go easy on her this time . "

"You don't need to worry about the Tang Family . Just focus on filming and try to complete it as soon as possible . "

Thinking about the scene that just played out at Qiao Kang Hospital, Tangning knew that it wasn't Mo Ting's style to let them off easily . As his wife, she was well aware of his degree of black-bellyness .

"OK . . . "

"Everytime I think about how close you got to getting hurt, I feel a little scared . . . "

"Hubby, are you blaming yourself?" Tangning hooked her arms around Mo Ting's neck . "Don't forget, you've saved me every time . And this time, you protected both our child and I . "

"I've always trusted you . No matter when and what you do, I will always trust you . "