Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 530

Chapter 530

After a few minutes of shock, came a rush of extreme happiness . Mo Ting was tempted to envelope Tangning with his embrace and hug her tightly in his arms . He wanted to tell her straight away that they were about to become parents .

The thought of a little creature coming into this world from Tangning's body with his blood flowing through its body, made him feel invigorated . The pride he felt completely filled his body .

He was about to become a father . . .

This was a feeling he had never imagined experiencing; it was an amazing feeling .

After quickly tidying up, Mo Ting left the bedroom to find Tangning sitting on the sofa cutting some fruit . He immediately rushed over and s.n.a.t.c.hed the knife from her hand, "Didn't I tell you not to do anything?"

"I'm just cutting some fruit . " Tangning had no idea that the hCG blood test she did with Long Jie would help her in such a way . She was simply confused by Mo Ting's anxiousness .

"On a day like this, it's best you put away dangerous items like knives and sit still," Mo Ting found a barely pa.s.sable excuse to stop Tangning from using a knife .

Tangning didn't know whether to laugh or cry . But, she eventually nodded her head, "Fine, I'll listen to you . "

Mo Ting gently stroked his fingers through Tangning's hair before walking into the kitchen .

He still couldn't believe, apart from the hospital staff, he was the first to find out about Tangning's pregnancy - even Tangning

had no idea!

Counting the days, it seemed this must have been a result of the night when they did not use protection .

Not long after, Lu Che arrived at Hyatt Regency . However, the way that Mo Ting looked at Lu Che did not match the cold tone that he spoke to him with the night before . Lu Che was quite surprised .

"President, everything is ready, we can leave at any time . "

With Lu Che's preparations, Mo Ting helped Tangning into the car and headed towards the hospital for a medical examination . En route, Mo Ting held tightly onto Tangning's hand and couldn't help but sneakily smile .

Tangning could tell that he was in a good mood, but she simply thought it was because of their wedding anniversary . Never would she have imagined that she had a Mini-Ting in her body .

Seeing the smile on Mo Ting's face, Tangning also felt her mood lighten .

A little while later, the couple arrived at the hospital . Tangning noticed Mo Ting remove his jacket, so she asked, "Are you also getting an exam?"

Mo Ting shook his head as he looked at her dotingly, "I simply want to accompany you . . . "

"You don't need to accompany me," Tangning rolled down his sleeves, "I'm just doing a simple exam . "

Normally, when she got bruises from filming, Mo Ting's heart ached for her, but he had never been so careful around her . Yet, she did not question his actions at all .

Thanks to Lu Che's preparations, the hospital was fairly empty . A moment later, the couple arrived at the examination room, but the doctor said to Mo Ting, "President Mo, please stay here . Family members need to wait outside . "

"It's fine for him to come with me . . . " Tangning approved .

"I still think it's best for him to stay outside," the doctor said firmly as she smiled, "This is a hospital regulation . Men need to stay outside . "

Under normal circ.u.mstances, family members were indeed not allowed to enter the examination room . So, Mo Ting furrowed his eyebrows but did not insist . However, his eyes darkened a little .

"In that case, wait for me outside a little," Tangning comforted Mo Ting as she gently squeezed his hand .

Mo Ting nodded as he watched Tangning enter the examination room . After a few minutes, Tangning came back out .

"How was it?"

"Why are you so anxious? It's not like I'm already pregnant," Tangning couldn't help but laugh, "It's just a simple examination . . . "

Mo Ting did not respond . He simply watched as the doctor handed the medical report to Tangning . Lu Che received it on her behalf and the trio headed into the doctor's office .

Seeing the doctor flipping through the medical report, Mo Ting expected to hear the good news that he had heard earlier that morning . However . . . after looking through the report, the doctor furrowed her brows, "Your uterus is very thin . . . Miss Tang, have you ever had any injuries or had an abortion?"

"That's impossible," Tangning immediately refuted .

"I don't mean anything by that . You could have also damaged your uterus after a small infection . As a result, it is difficult for an embryo to implant and grow in your body . Also, there is a slight shadow on the right side of your uterus . It appears to be a tumor, commonly known as a uterine fibroid . If you look here, it seems to be over 3mm in size . I'd suggest you go into surgery to get it removed . "

After hearing the doctor's words, both Tangning and Mo Ting's expressions changed at the same time . They didn't know what to do .

Mo Ting was especially confused . This result was completely different to what he heard that morning . . .

"But . . . my body doesn't show any signs at all . "

"You are an actress . You lead a busy life that requires a lot of focus . So it's normal for you to ignore signs given by your body," the doctor explained seriously as she placed the report in front of Tangning . "Don't worry, it can be cured . Current surgical techniques are very advanced and will not leave you with a prominent scar . "

"As for the condition of your uterus, it can be improved through medical treatment . However, you may have to stop filming and let your body recover . "

Mo Ting wrapped his arm around Tangning's shoulder and allowed her to lean on his body . He then questioned the doctor in a deep voice, "She can't film anymore?"

"If you both want a child, then you of course need to stop harming her body . Your wife is already in this state, how could you still be thinking about filming?"

Faced with the doctor's questioning, Mo Ting did not try to explain himself . He knew that Tangning understood why he had asked what he did .

"Go home and prepare yourself . When you're ready, make an appointment for the surgery . . . "

Tangning didn't know how she managed to walk out of the doctor's office . She had never been the type of person to let her body suffer . In fact, she cared about her body more than anyone else . But . . . why did this happen to her?

"Ting . . . "

"Let's talk about it at home," Mo Ting directly carried Tangning in his arms and comforted her, "Don't think too much . . . "

In reality, Mo Ting was in more disbelief than Tangning . After all, the phone call earlier that morning had given him too much hope . But, the medical report was clearly in his hands . So, where could things have gone wrong?

To comfort Tangning, Mo Ting directly carried Tangning into the bedroom as soon as they returned home and placed her on the bed, "Get some sleep . Don't think too much . I'll be here by your side . "

No child and no filming!

This was a destructive attack on Tangning .

She couldn't bear a child for the one she loved and needed to give up on the career that she was pa.s.sionate about . Losing both would completely destroy her . . .