Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 529

Chapter 529

Late at night, in the Zhong Family home .

After Mother Zhong made a series of phone calls, Tang Xuan approached her and asked, "Mom, how did it go?"

"Everything has been arranged . The doctor in charge of examining Tangning has already accepted our money, so she will definitely carry through with the plan," Mother Zhong rea.s.sured as she patted Tang Xuan on the back of her hand . "I have also arranged to leak the information to the media so the whole world can find out that Tangning can't have children . Let's see how she will survive in the Mo Family . "

"More importantly, you are now pregnant . We should start planning how to get you back into the Tang Family . "

Tang Xuan rubbed her belly . This child was her last gamble . She could not afford to make another mistake . . .

"I've had people trailing your grandfather for some time . Ever since the business was handed over to Xia Yuling, his life has been quite leisurely . On the 20th of every month, he has been visiting the orphanage funded by Tang Corps . to check on the children there . It's clear to see that he wants grandchildren . "

"When the time is right, we will arrange to have you meet him near there . "

After hearing Mother Zhong's plan, there was a sharp twinkle in Tang Xuan's eyes . She had already endured too much over the past few months . This time, she was definitely going to make Tangning and Xia Yuling's life a living h.e.l.l .

After returning home from the hospital, Tangning quietly entered the study room . Seeing Mo Ting sitting on his office chair, she gently approached him and leaned against his back .

Mo Ting was in the middle of looking through some doc.u.ments . Sensing the woman behind him, he did not turn around, but gently asked, "What happened? Did Long Jie have another issue to deal with?"

"Yep . Why has it taken Lu Che so long to cure Long Jie's worries?" Tangning asked helplessly . "This is so typical of Long Jie . On the surface she appears unaffected, but in reality, she is more sensitive and fragile than anyone else . She also cares about Lu Che too much . "

"Since you're tired, then have a rest," Mo Ting turned around, pulled her into his embrace and gently stroked her hair, "Leave one's wife for their husband to worry about . "

Tangning breathed in Mo Ting's scent and stood up, "OK, from now on, I will only worry about my husband . . . "

"Go have a bath, you still need to go to the hospital tomorrow . "

Tangning gently placed a kiss on Mo Ting's cheek before she turned and left . Because of the examination tomorrow, Mo Ting did not do anything to Tangning that night . He simply hugged her and coaxed her until she fell asleep . Afterwards, Mo Ting got up and phoned Lu Che .

Lu Che received Mo Ting's phone call in the middle of the night . After returning to his bed, he shook Long Jie awake and asked, "What did you do today?"

"Huh?" Long Jie rubbed her eyes sleepily .

"The President called me just a moment ago and gave me a scolding . He told me to watch over my wife and to stop you from disturbing his wife," Lu Che said helplessly, "Tell me . What did you do this time that I don't know about?"

"I . . . "

Lu Che looked at Long Jie and eventually guessed the answer, "It's something to do with having a child, isn't it?"

" . . . "

"I told you a long time ago that I don't care if you have a child or not . Why do you keep pressuring yourself?" Lu Che asked as he furrowed his brows . "What do you want me to do to prove to you that I won't leave you no matter what happens and that I will always protect and cherish our family?"

Long Jie took the opportunity to pounce onto Lu Che's body and surrender, "I'm really starting to not recognize myself . You and Tangning are right . It's my own problem that I keep dwelling on this issue . From now on, I'll tell you everything and won't keep anything from you . "

"Can I trust your words?"

"I promise!" Long Jie raised her hand . "I am serious this time . "

"I've already spoken to my parents . They won't rush us to have children . You can have them whenever you want . In fact, it's OK even if you don't have any . "

"OK," Long Jie nodded enthusiastically . She suddenly realized how silly she had been .

"Tomorrow is the President and the Madam's wedding anniversary, yet you hogged her for an entire night . No wonder the President is angry . Can't you be a bit more careful?"

"You've never scolded me like that before," Long Jie whined .

"OK, OK, sleep . . . I'll scold you in my sleep instead," Lu Che once again hugged Long Jie as he pulled over the blankets . Actually, he knew deep down that everything Long Jie did was for his sake .

He and Long Jie were just average people, so he simply wanted protect their little family .

If he couldn't even protect Long Jie's heart, what right did he have to be her husband?

The next day .

Tangning woke up to find Mo Ting looking at her admiringly . She quickly covered her face shyly, "I just woke up . I haven't washed my face yet . "

"It's fine . You're as beautiful as ever," Mo Ting said before placing a kiss on her cheek . "Happy wedding anniversary, wifey . "

Tangning stretched out her arms and wrapped them around Mo Ting's neck as they hugged each other tightly . A moment later, Tangning looked at the time and forced herself out of bed, "I'm going to go have a shower first and then we can go to the hospital together . "

"OK," Mo Ting nodded .

Tangning got out of bed first while Mo Ting made the bed . At this time, Tangning's phone suddenly started vibrating . It was an unknown number .

Mo Ting casually picked up the phone . As he lifted the phone to his ear, all he heard was, "h.e.l.lo Miss Tang, we have the results for your hCG blood test that you did yesterday . According to the pathology report, it appears you are pregnant . May I ask when you will have some free time to come in for a follow-up exam?"

Hearing the word 'pregnant', Mo Ting froze . . .

"Miss Tang? Are you listening?"

"I am her husband . What did you just say about Tangning?" Mo

about Tangning?" Mo Ting asked for confirmation .

"Oh h.e.l.lo! Errr . . . according to the pathology report, Miss Tang appears to be pregnant," the person on the other end repeated politely .

The person on the phone realized, if she was talking to Tangning's husband . . . then that must mean she was talking to Mo Ting . . .

"However, we aren't 100% certain yet . That's why we suggest that Miss Tang come in for an ultrasound . "

"Thank you . I already have other arrangements," Mo Ting replied, trying his best to remain calm . He then hung up the phone with complex emotions . Was Tangning pregnant?

Pregnant . . .

Pregnant . . .

Up until the moment that Tangning left the bathroom, the only word in Mo Ting's mind was 'pregnant' .

Seeing Mo Ting standing frozen next to the bed, Tangning asked, "What's wrong?"

Mo Ting looked at Tangning and subconsciously glanced down at her stomach . He then smiled, "It's nothing . Wait for me downstairs first . I'll prepare breakfast, so don't move around too much . After breakfast, we will go to the hospital together . "

"OK . "

Mo Ting normally didn't allow Tangning into the kitchen, so Tangning did not question him at all . But, why didn't Mo Ting directly tell her the results? Firstly, he wanted to wait for confirmation, and secondly, he didn't know what to do in the spur of the moment . . .