Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 524

Chapter 524

The international actor was called Taka . Although, he was an American man, his features were handsome and n.o.ble like a British prince .

One of the main reasons for his popularity was because of these good looks . But, more importantly, as a youngster, he had already been cla.s.sified as a versatile actor and had gained a wealth of experience . When faced with different roles, he was able to handle them with ease .

Wei An had put in a lot of effort to invite him into the cast . And of course, Mo Ting had provided some a.s.sistance behind-the-scenes .

For the sake of Tangning, he would always find a way to place the best things before her .

Because of the incident with Bai Qiusheng, Tangning's reputation in the entertainment industry had been unprecedentedly improved . After all, not many people could continue to stand tall and proud after so much hards.h.i.+p . . .

Tangning had been framed so badly that she was directly called in for a police interrogation . But, whether it was before the truth was revealed or after, she never once complained in front of the public . In fact, right after Bai Qiusheng's press conference, she once again disappeared from the limelight as she returned on set to continue filming .

"From now on, I will watch all of Tangning's films . Anything related to her, I will support unconditionally . "

"I'm convinced by Tangning . She's​ honest with her emotions and deserves an applause for how she handled this incident . "

"From now on, let's see who else can stand in Tangning's way . I'm impressed by her att.i.tude of not attacking those that don't attack first . "

"Oh! Why do I feel that Tangning is so cool . Also, I love the way that Elder Mo refres.h.i.+ngly taught Bai Qiusheng a lesson at the press conference . That's exactly how a senior of the industry should be . I applaud him!"

"Hai Rui is still the same Hai Rui; Mo Ting is still the same Mo Ting . From now on, I will trust in him!"

"Am I the only one that noticed that Tangning looks comfortable was.h.i.+ng clothes and cooking? She doesn't act like she's too precious at all . "

"President, statistics show that 80% of netizens support the relations.h.i.+p between you and madam . The madam appears to have successfully gained the public's trust," Lu Che couldn't help but smile and reveal the research results .

It was easy for an actor to be hated, but it wasn't easy to be liked . After the incident that happened, Tangning developed a high level of trust with the public .

"She deserves it . " Mo Ting expected this outcome from the start, so his response was calm .

Not everyone had the persistence to be themselves, but his wife was determined .

"I think the madam has a good chance at the Fei Tian Awards this year," Lu Che expressed his appreciation for Tangning . Of course, it also contained a sense of admiration .

Because of Tangning, his perception of women changed . Women weren't all weak, they could also be strong and wise; women didn't need to depend on men, they could also support themselves .

By taking note of Tangning, he also noticed the loyal Long Jie .

Although Long Jie wasn't as smart as Tangning, she was firm, decisive and equally attracted attention .

"By the way, filming has resumed . Would the president like to visit the set?" Lu Che asked as he put down the information in his hands . The new male lead was a foreigner . Plus, he was friendly and easy-going . Was Mo Ting really not worried at all?

"Let's talk about it again in a couple days . " As refilming was involved, it was certain that Tangning would end up staying late for a few days . However, Mo Ting was the person that hated seeing her suffer the most, so he couldn't bear to visit . But it didn't matter, at least Elder Mo was watching over her on set . This was probably the only benefit of his return to Beijing .

As Lu Che had followed Mo Ting for many years, he understood Mo Ting had his own considerations . So he simply smiled without another word .

As for Taka - the man with chestnut-colored hair - Mo Ting finally put down his pen at the thought of him . It would be odd if he didn't feel a little worried .

Of course, he wasn't worried that his wife would do anything . He was worried the American man would hara.s.s his wife . . .

In reality, it was two days later before Tangning saw Taka for the first time . As a lot of scenes had to be refilmed, Taka's first two days were mainly spent working with others .

However, she did not see him on set . Instead, she saw him in the corridor of the hotel .

The first time she lay eyes on this confident man, Tangning could sense a special presence about him . His appearance was, of course, impeccable . But, the most outstanding features, were his chestnut-colored hair and sparkling blue eyes .

He had a naturally dangerous and evil presence .

Upon seeing Tangning, Taka directly stretched out his arm to block her path . He then pushed her against the wall, trapping her between his arms and looked her up and down, "Just another old auntie . "

Of course, the man said this in English as he gave a light smile .

Tangning also smiled as she stretched out her arms and pushed Taka's strong body away . She then responded in perfect English, "Yes I am, immature child . "

After giving her response, Tangning walked away as Taka revealed a fascinated smile . The majority of women were mesmerized by his teasing, but Tangning did not care at all . He refused to accept this response .

Taka had partic.i.p.ated in many films and the female lead was always mesmerized by him . How could there be someone that was completely uninterested?

Even if she was married, it didn't matter . . .

Soon, the day of their first scene together arrived . It was a fighting scene .

At first, Wei An wanted to introduce them to each other, but Taka quickly shook his hands, "We've met . "

"You've met?" Wei An looked at them questioningly .

Tangning nodded her head quietly .

"Since that's the case, let's get started . . . " Wei An did not ramble . The crew had been quite stressed after the incident with Bai Qiusheng and Gu Heng, so all he wanted to do now was catch up on their progress .

This scene was the climactic fight scene of the film . Taka looked at Tangning's weak appearance and laughed . He was curious how good at martial arts Beijing women were . Since Tangning had acted so arrogant in front of him, he wondered if she had the right to act that way .

Tangning did not say much as she sat in front of the makeup table and allowed the makeup artist to do her thing . Ten minutes later, she returned on set . As Taka looked at her, he was stunned . . .

The Tangning at this moment had completely transformed into someone else . Wearing a wig, jeans and white sneakers, she had the strong presence of a fighter .

Taka was curious how Tangning would perform . In fact, before Wei An called for them to start, Taka continuously looked at her with a fascinated smile .

"Scene 201 . Action!"

In front of the cameras, Taka started off the scene by grabbing onto Tangning's wrists and restraining her from behind . Tangning was to retaliate by jabbing his chest with her elbow .

Taka did not expect Tangning to have much strength . He didn't think she could hurt him, but it would at least not tickle . However, when Tangning actually made her move, he unexpectedly took a few steps back and let out a groan in pain . . .