Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 523

Chapter 523

Everyone looked at the righteous old man quietly as he scolded Bai Qiusheng until his face glowed red in embarra.s.sment .  

A few reporters couldn't hold back their laughter, "This Bai Qiusheng is so stupid . He thought he hatched a flawless plan, but he ended up losing the battle against the director, Elder Mo and even Tangning . He wanted to play with fire, but ended up burning himself . "

"I know right! After such an embarra.s.sing incident, I'm a.s.suming he won't be acting in a film for quite some time . "

"If anyone works with this jerk, they will end up being boycotted . "

"We were almost blinded by a disgusting person . Luckily, the truth has now been revealed . "

The reporters below the stage clearly doc.u.mented everything that happened within the hall that day . As a result, Bai Qiusheng went from being a victim to a sewer rat that everyone wanted to destroy .

Every detail of Bai Qiusheng's scheme was revealed; Elder Mo did not hold back at all when dealing with him .

"Following on, you should sit down and explain everything to the police . "

Of course, Elder Mo had brought the police with him; treating the press conference like an interrogation room . The police had heard everything, so they directly walked in and pulled Bai Qiusheng out of his wheelchair, "Enough with your act . You're coming with us . "

Gu Heng looked at the helpless Bai Qiusheng and turned away pretending not to see him in his most vulnerable moment . She wanted him to still have a little pride .

While the cameras flashed, Bai Qiusheng was escorted out by the police, ending the long and ridiculous show that he had put on .

"I've never seen someone that can put on an act as good as Bai Qiusheng . He is much too shameless," the reporters were angry about being fooled by Bai Qiusheng .

"Luckily, Hai Rui did a thorough investigation and found the truth . Otherwise, I don't know what other shocking things he would have done . "

"Actually, Tangning was the biggest victim in all this . She never says much, but she always seems to receive so many insults . Whether as a model or an actress, her path has not been easy . "

After finding out the truth, the reporters looked at Tangning with an apologetic and helpless expression . However, Tangning never took this stuff to heart . In fact, after she was done with what she came to do, she didn't​ complain nor look for pity, she simply bowed thankfully and walked over to Elder Mo .

"Why are you still here? Let's get going," Elder Mo gestured for Wei An to handle the aftermath and negotiate the cancellation of Bai Qiusheng's contract, while he used his ident.i.ty as Mo Ting's grandfather to escort Tangning out .

Perhaps it was because Tangning did not say a word, the public began to feel extremely guilty towards her .

"Unlike other female celebrities - even after all that she suffered - Tangning has not made a single complaint . She's really not that simple . "

"Us fans have always known that our idol deserves our protection . We will always support Tangning . "

"I never imagined Bai Qiusheng to be so despicable . For a man to go against a woman, is not a good sight to see . I hope he no longer survives in the entertainment industry . "


"After what's happened this time, I really want to pay someone to beat him up until he receives brain damage . "

[Tangning incident clarified: True culprit revealed . ]

[Bai Qiusheng orchestrates his own attack: Takes risk for the sake of lover . ]

[List of incidences where Tangning has been accused incorrectly]

As the incident this time was on such a ma.s.sive scale, as soon as Tangning's innocence was proven, even the official media channels praised Tangning on her courage and ability to maintain a low-profile .

Her path to stardom had already gone through so much hards.h.i.+p that it was impossible for anyone to ignore .

She was neither humble nor arrogant; she simply moved forward courageously, setting a good example for those in the industry .

After the press conference, Elder Mo escorted Tangning out of the hotel to Mo Ting's car which was parked not too far away from the entrance . As soon as they boarded, Mo Ting swiftly drove his wife and grandfather away from the scandalous location .

En route home, Tangning sat in the front pa.s.senger seat while Elder Mo sat in the back . Mo Ting glanced at the two and said to Tangning, "I didn't tell you my grandfather's true ident.i.ty . . . "

"Don't blame the rascal . It was my idea to join the cast," Elder Mo said as he looked out the window, unsure why he needed to explain himself .

In reality, his heart had already accepted Tangning, but he kept picking out little things that weren't perfect .

The atmosphere in the car felt a little oppressed . After quite some time in silence, Elder Mo finally broke the ice and asked Tangning, "When do you plan to give Mo Ting a child?"

Tangning was a little taken aback by the question, but after a few moments of silence, she laughed and replied, "We've been planning to have one after the new year . "

"Great!" the old man slapped his thighs happily as his mood improved .

He knew Tangning was both a model and an actress, so there was always a possibility that she'd refuse to bear a child for the sake of maintaining her figure .

But after hearing Tangning's response, Elder Mo felt a lot better .

"Since you're already married, shouldn't you greet me properly? Or are you still annoyed by the way I treated you over the past few days?"

"No, I learned a lot from grandfather," Tangning naturally slipped the word 'grandfather' into her response . Hearing this, the old man's lips subconsciously curved upwards .

"I will still be partic.i.p.ating in this film . Don't let me catch you slacking off . "

"I wouldn't dare," Tangning felt a little emotional as she hugged Mo Ting's arm . Mo Ting looked at her and smiled .

Silly woman, she had successfully convinced the stubborn old man .

Mo Ting could already tell that Elder Mo had a high degree of acknowledgement for Tangning . If they got to know each other a little better, he was sure the old man would dote on her even more than he did .

In reality, Elder Mo felt he was still missing an opportunity to prove that Tangning was on the same path as the Mo Family . But, there was no rush . At least, up until this point, he had felt pleased by her performance .

Although Tangning was slandered during this incident, Bai Qiusheng had unintentionally drawn her closer to Elder Mo, rewarding her with a grandfather in the end .

So, at times, she wondered if she should thank Bai Qiusheng or despise him .

News about Bai Qiusheng spread quickly through Beijing like an explosion .

Hai Rui's PR quickly released a statement explaining the entire incident in detail .

This was indeed the entertainment industry: a scheming and calculative place .

However, there were always a selected few that would always remain pure, no matter how dirty their surroundings were .

Not long after, 'The Lost Relative' announced that they would begin refilming everything and immediately underwent a change in cast . Of course, Tangning remained as the female lead (this would never change), while the male lead was changed to a famous international actor . . .

Elder Mo disliked working with actors from overseas as he was a patriotic soul . He believed his own people should strive hard to break into the international market, but he didn't want to see outsiders intrude into the Asian market!

So, he thought this would be a good opportunity for him to give Tangning a test .