Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 444

Chapter 444

"A legal notification will be sent to the Tang Family soon!"

"If the Tang Family want to enter into a legal battle, I, Mo Ting, am ready to play with you."

Mo Ting's words were serious and firm without a trace of hesitation. He was clear on his standpoint; he was going to make the Tang Family pay for what they did.

Whatever the Tang Family tried so hard to conceal, he was going reveal it all.

Whatever the Tang Family tried so hard to dispose of, he was going to prevent them from doing it.

He wanted to tell everyone, the way that the Tang Family bullied Tangning had officially come to an end.

"From today onwards, Tangning will officially change her surname. I will give the best of everything to my wife." After speaking, Mo Ting raised his hand towards the entrance of the hall.

As the crowd gasped, the security guards pushed open the grand doors of the hall, revealing Tangning standing glamorously in the doorway.

"Tangning's here..."

"Isn't she so beautiful?"

"Oh my G.o.d, she is being spoilt like a queen..." the reporters snapped away at their cameras, "She truly is beautiful."

Looking at the excited reporters and at Mo Ting who was waiting for her in the distance, Tangning took a deep breath and slowly walked towards the podium.


"Tangning, you are so fortunate! Who cares if she was sacrificed by the Tang Family, she ended up marrying Mo Ting!"

"In comparison, what's so good about being a Tang Family heiress? She already has a husband that loves her so much."

"I love the way that President Mo handles things. Did the Tang Family really think they pulled themselves out of trouble by sacrificing Tangning? President Mo, you are the best!" 

As Tangning walked towards the podium, there were plenty of discussions happening around her. Whether it was admiration or shock, belittling or praising, Tangning didn't hear any of it. At this moment, all she saw...was Mo Ting.

Not long after, Tangning finally stepped in front of Mo Ting. As soon as he saw her, the first thing that Mo Ting did, was pull his wife into his embrace.

"Tangning, Tangning, say a few words..."


Hearing the cries of the reporters, Tangning freed herself from Mo Ting's arms and bowed to the crowd. She then received the microphone from Mo Ting, "h.e.l.lo everyone, I am Tangning."

"Tangning...can you tell us how you felt about the way the Tang Family sacrificed you?"

"Are you going to support President Mo's decision to take the Tang Family to court?"

Straight off the bat, the media asked two extremely difficult questions; both related to the Tang Family.

Tangning turned and gave Mo Ting a quick glance as she held tightly to his hand. At this moment, she could clearly feel the support behind her. Filled with confidence, she replied in a loud voice, "I've mentioned my life motto many times before: I do not attack those that do not attack me first. Even when it comes to family, there is a limit to my tolerance. So, my husband's decision is also my decision; my husband's standpoint is also my standpoint."

"In that case, do you detest the Tang Family?"

"I do not detest the Tang Family. There are plenty of more meaningful things for me to focus on," Tangning replied in seriousness.

"Then, are you angry at all the rumors the public are spreading about you?"

"You cannot falsify truth, nor verify lies. As long as my husband trusts me, nothing else matters."

"Can you tell us how you are currently feeling?"

Tangning looked at Mo Ting and let go of his hand. She then took a step forward and said in a serious tone, " not sure what everyone thinks of me at this moment. But, I simply want to tell you that I have never initiated an attack on anyone."

"I am not pure and kind, in fact, to some of my fans, they even think of me as a calculative person. But, everything I do, I do it with a clear conscience; I've never stepped over the bottom line."

"My journey so far has gone through many ups and downs. I've been met with many misfortunes and suffering. But, because of this man beside me protecting me all the way, I have managed to get to where I am today."

"Perhaps many of you may think that I am not good enough for him..."

"After all, he is such an amazing person..."

"But, regardless of whether I'm walking on the runway or acting in a film, all I truly want to do is become the best Tangning, so I can be his wife."

"Plus, because of his love for me...I am the only person in this world that can accompany him."

"This will be my mission for the rest of my life."

"Before I finish off, I would like to thank my husband for everything he has done for me. Also, I want him to know that every decision he makes, I will support him without a doubt."

After speaking, Tangning once again bowed to the media...

Of course, because she opened up her heart honestly, many female reporters couldn't hold back their tears; her every word was filled with 100% emotion. She completely spoke to the hearts of all those that had ever experienced love...

"We wish you all the best!"

"Yes, all the best..."

"Tangning, you are amazing!"

"Tangning, don't be afraid. Let the Tang Family apologize to you."

After receiving blessings from the crowd, Tangning smiled and took a few steps back, returning to Mo Ting's side. She then handed the microphone to him.

Mo Ting held onto Tangning's hand and once again raised the microphone to his mouth, "Lastly, I hope the media can lead the public in the right direction. After all...the entire entertainment industry is influenced by you."

Mo Ting placed a moral responsibility on the shoulders of the media.

But, in reality, he was politely suggesting they give him some face. If anyone dared to stir things up, Hai Rui wasn't going to go easy on them!

"This is a given. Don't worry, President Mo..."

"We will report properly on the Tang Family incident...don't worry."

Seeing the couple had finished saying what they needed to say, Fang Yu retrieved the microphone from them and announced, "The press conference will now officially come to an end. Could everyone please move into the banquet hall, we have organized a dinner for you!"

As soon as the media heard the words dinner, they were filled with excitement. This meant Hai Rui's PR had something planned and they'd be given benefits.

But, before the press conference had completely finished, the public had already erupted...

Especially the fans.

"Yay, the day has finally come. Lucky I never gave up waiting!"

"What the h.e.l.l! Mo Ting sure is cool! He deserves 100 points for the way he protects his wife."

"Handsome! Great! I am envious of Tangning."

"Directly announcing their marriage! F*ck! Are they trying to kill us single people?"

"Mo Ting's press conference this time has completely tugged my heartstrings. Every single word is a slap to the Tang Family's face..."

"Hahaha, the Tang Family thought they were all high and the end, Tangning turned into a part of the Mo Family. Haha, who wants to be a Tang Family heiress? If given a choice, I would also choose to be Mrs. Mo!"

"By the way, the Tang Family sure are cruel. They are even willing to sacrifice their relatives. For the sake of their reputation, they could even say their own daughter isn't theirs! I must bow down to them, this is the first time I've come across something like this."

Because of the influence of the entertainment industry, Mo Ting was able to drown out the Tang Family's claims. So, what did the Tang Family think of all this?