Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 443

Chapter 443

For the sake of the press conference this time, Fang Yu sure racked his brain.

Because he knew that Mo Ting had high expectations, he selected a grand hall inside Beijing's most luxurious hotel: The Surrey. He also had full control over the entire event and had a strict criteria for reporters allowed in.

This was something Hai Rui had never done for another artist...

As soon as news of the press conference spread, everyone started rumoring that this was a sign of Mo Ting's support for Tangning.

However, noone considered, since the Tang Family's announcement had come so sudden, how could Hai Rui organize so much in the spur of the moment? Unbeknownst to them, the press conference today was actually organized by Mo Ting long ago; it was meant for the announcement of his and Tangning's marriage. But...

...since the Tang Family expressed their thoughts, it would only be right for him to give a response!

6:30pm. Mo Ting had just finished work and arrived at the hotel. As he stepped into the waiting room, he spotted Tangning standing by the window.

He stripped off his jacket and wrapped it around her, "What are you thinking about?"

"Thinking about you!" Tangning said as she pressed her cheek up against Mo Ting's, "I'm thinking about our future together. Just the thought of being together for the next multiple decades makes me feel warm and fortunate."

After hearing Tangning's response, Mo Ting spun her around and grabbed onto her hands, "After we announce our marriage, you will still be the same Tangning. There is no need for you to make any changes for me. You can continue to walk on the runway and act. I am willing to be your personal manager for the rest of your life as long as you are willing..."

"Should a prepare a lifetime contract?"

"Have you not read your contract properly? It is effective until 50 years after your death."

Tangning stood up on her tiptoes and placed a kiss on Mo Ting's lips. She then hooked her arms around his neck, "It's almost time. Let me help you get changed."

"Were you hurt by what the Tang Family did today?" Mo Ting asked as he held onto Tangning's hand and walked with her to the change room, rolling up his sleeves as he went.

"Rather than saying I was hurt, I would say I was more angered and frustrated. But, I know you will get revenge for me very soon." Tangning helped Mo Ting remove his jacket and then undid the b.u.t.tons on his s.h.i.+rt, exposing his masculine muscles.

"I'm glad you know..."

Tangning's cheeks flushed red as she asked, "Aren't you tired of running around because of me?"

"Yes..." Mo Ting nodded, "But, I think it's worth it. I'm willing to be this tired and I hope I can be this tired for the rest of my life."

Tangning helped Mo Ting put on his black suit and noticed a golden cloud pattern on his sleeves. She suddenly realized, their clothes were a set.

The Oriental-inspired retro suit clung to Mo Ting's built frame, making him look extra tall and n.o.ble. As for his ridiculously handsome face, it looked extra attractive underneath the hotel lighting.

This was the Mo Ting that Tangning was mesmerized by; the Mo Ting that she wors.h.i.+pped; the most precious gift that she received from G.o.d.

"It's pretty much time. I'll go out first and Xiner will bring you out in a moment," Mo Ting a.s.sured.

"Why do you need to go out first?" Tangning didn't understand.

"I have some private matters to deal with. Be a good girl and stay here for now." After speaking, Mo Ting placed a kiss on Tangning's forehead, "Did I tell you that you look beautiful tonight?"

"No, you didn't."

"You are honestly beautiful." After speaking, Mo Ting reached out his arms and pulled Tangning into his embrace. After quite some time, he finally let go...

Within the luxurious hall, most of Beijing's media had already gathered. They had attended many press conferences in the past, but this was the first time attending one that was so grand and fancy.

For the sake of Tangning, Mo Ting actually did something like this...

It was worth pointing out that one could get a rough idea of how much Mo Ting doted Tangning from what they saw today.

Within the hotel hall, a podium was set up. Behind the podium stood Fang Yu dressed in a blue lapel retro suit, looking extremely serious. It was clear to see how important today's press conference was by looking at him.

"Today, apart from clarifying Tangning's family background, we also have another piece of good news to share. I hope everyone can remain patient. For now, please welcome President Mo to the stage."

The reporters were stunned. Originally having Fang Yu host the press conference was already a big deal since he was Hai Rui's Vice President. Who would have thought, Mo Ting would also make a personal appearance.

A moment later, Mo Ting appeared from the backstage and stood before everyone.

The reporters all noticed Mo Ting's outfit and could see he viewed the press conference with extreme importance. But... didn't merely look like he was here to clarify something...

It looked like he was here to attend some kind of a ceremony!

Mo Ting faced the media. After sweeping his dark gaze across the hall, he finally spoke up, "Let me first give an official notification."

"There will be quite a few announcements at today's press conference and the information may be quite overwhelming. You are bound to leave here with enough material to fill multiple headlines for days to come."

The reporters laughed, thinking that Mo Ting was joking. But, their curiosity was triggered as they continued to listen intently.

"Firstly, regarding Tangning's birth, I would like to officially clarify that she was indeed born into the Tang Family, not a stepdaughter from another relations.h.i.+p. The blood currently flowing through her body is the Tang Family's blood."



"Oh my G.o.d, is this true? This..."

"Is President Mo slapping the Tang Family in the face?"

"If Tangning is really the daughter of the Tang Family, why would they not admit to it? Could it be that Tangning's mother is really a mistress?"

The media were in an uproar as they gathered into small groups and discussed the matter. Many of them didn't understand what Mo Ting's intention was for revealing this truth.

"Secondly, whatever Mother Tang has hidden in her closet, that is a matter in the past, it has absolutely nothing to do with Tangning. If anyone starts any rumors or spreads insults, once found, Hai Rui will definitely punish them by law."


Mo Ting looked at everyone and slowly raised his left hand, revealing the wedding ring on his finger. In a loud voice, he proclaimed, "On behalf of my...wife...Tangning, I hereby formally file a legal complaint against the Tang Family."

When saying the word 'wife', Mo Ting deliberately paused for a second to highlight it.


"What wife?"

"Quick, take some photos! He said wife!"

The reporters on the scene went crazy as they frantically snapped their cameras. "Hurry! Did you guys hear what Mo Ting just announced? He referred to Tangning as his wife."

"Did they get married?"

"They're married, right?"

"It's fair enough that the Tang Family want to maintain their pride, but, officially denying any relations with Tangning and claiming they aren't blood-related just to achieve their motive, has severely hurt my wife. Since the Tang Family aren't bound by morals, I have no choice but to punish them with legal methods..."