Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Suspected Hype

Tang Ning smiled and nodded, and then wearing the skirt, went to the backstage, because she was wearing a mask, if anyone wanted to know the difference between her’s and Mo Yu Rou’s body, then she was known to have one of the most beautiful long pair of legs in the world!

The show was already at its climax, but they could see Tang Ning sitting on a wicker chair from the sky, all the spotlight was centered on her body, but when her wrist was lit up, there was no crown star…

This was… what was the matter?

The field of people looked around for the shadow of the crown star…

That is - those people would never forget those legs!

Following that, under her golden mask, Tang Ning smiled confidently, and softly and elegantly raised her hand, tilted her head backwards, made a very beautiful dance posture, and in that moment, on Tang Ning’s ankle was the string of crown stars, exuding a suffocating bright light.


Everyone was stunned by this scene, what was even more memorable is that Tang Ning was constantly changing her posture and movement, giving off a different sense of beauty each time…

The audience instantly broke out into very warm applause, everyone stood up excitedly, in order to applaud Tang Ning.

Among the crowd, in a high and very quiet place, Mo Ting concentrated on watching the stage where Tang Ning was, his new wife, the former Beijing supermodel, unexpectedly arrive to stand in for someone on a B model catwalk.

But he had to say, whether it was three years ago, or that she was retired three years after, she was really a supermodel.

WIth her last posture, it gave the jewelery show a perfect ending, the HF founder of Tang Ning’s last catwalk was very satisfied, of course, he did not know that it was Tang Ning, he thought she were Mo Yu Rou.

He stepped onto the runway from the backstage, and extending his hand towards Tang Ning he went to the top position with her and together, they bowed to the audience.

“Thank you, of course, please thank Miss Mo as well for the show’s development, truly wonderful.”

Tang Ning did not speak, but politely bowed, but no one thought, at the end of the T catwalk, suddenly came a sharp voice, “She is not Mo Yu Rou, I have seen Mo Yu Rou, Mo Yu Rou doesn’t have legs that supple!”

Suddenly, everyone was shocked, and giving Tang Ning looks of doubt, they kept looking at her pair of legs, “If you are really Miss Mo, please take off the mask, if not, then you are an impostor!”

There were more and more skeptical voices, more and more, even the HF designers doubted that the woman was Mo Yu Rou.

“Miss Mo, please take off the mask…” The designer also wanted to know whether she was Mo Yu Rou, if not, then their collaboration with Day Arts Entertainment would have to end.

Tang Ning’s earlier performance was difficult to pull off, however, at present, she was surrounded at all sides by enemies, and Tang Ning had no option, but to take off her mask, at that moment, everyone breathed a sigh of relief, but when one person took a glance to see the face of the supermodel…

“She is Tang Ning!”

Everyone said that since Tang Ning suffered after the ban, her status ceased to exist, *even newbies were better than her, to think that she was reduced to doing other people’s shows, was it a deliberate promotion, or was she forced to do it?

“Tang Ning, it is actually Tang Ning,” reporters quickly surrounded her, so Tang Ning was caught in the middle of a group of reporters, with no escape route.

“Miss Tang, can you tell us about the HF jewelry show, Mo Yu Rou was specially invited to appear, but why did you replace her at the last moment?”

“As we all know, you were banned three years ago, could it be that you are using this fas.h.i.+on show to return to the model circle?”

“A has-been model, you say, are you not taking advantage of Mo Yu Rou’s resources? Are you not taking advantage of her injuries, and would like to take the opportunity to take away her endors.e.m.e.nt?”

“It only took one look to know it was just some hype, I said, Mo Yu Rou has been injured, how could she come on the catwalk, what generation of supermodel, simply a model of lowly models!”

The reporters’ questions became increasingly sharp, and even some people began to speak.

“A has-been model…”

“This endors.e.m.e.nt was for Yu Rou, bring back Yu Rou!”

Tang Ning was pushed back step by step, by the journalists on a siege, she was even pushed by the reporters, but at that moment, the HF designer continued to attack her, “I will complain about Day Arts Entertainment, you are a fraud! I want Mo Yu Rou, you actually gave me a third-rate model.” The designer did not know Tang Ning’s status three years ago, he only knew that he had not seen such a model recently.

“And you, wait for it, I will see you in court! But now, get out of my sight! You don’t deserve to stand on my T catwalk.”

There was a sharp roar through the entire stage, and even the journalists and HF designers were shocked, because no model would be yelled at at the catwalk.

“You won’t get lost?”

Tang Ning had already been prepared, and still persevered through the humiliation, but at this time, a low and magnetic voice came from the other end of the T stage.

“That someone that will get lost…”

Reporters were surprised to hear the voice, surprised to see Mo Ting standing, looking indifferent at the end of T stage, everyone stared, G.o.d… was this not the president of Hai Rui entertainment? How could he be here?

More importantly, he went to T stage, everyone knows, Mo Ting hated deceitful artists, Tang Ning was now about to suffer the consequences, she seeked the road to disaster, even Hai Rui could not stand it.

Everyone forgot to breathe, that Tang Ning was actually so unlucky, surprised to see Mo Ting come to Tang Ning’s side, like an emperor, and say to the designer of HF, “… won’t be her, but you!”

“HF, do you want me to make you disappear from Beijing, since it seems your upbringing and your jewelry are not first grade?”

Tang Ning’s heartbeat suddenly stopped, she did not think…. To see the third side of her husband, that would stand up and help her speak.

All of the media was shocked, but they also began to be fearful, they had not known that Tang Ning and Hai Rui had a relations.h.i.+p, they did not dare to be so presumptuous.

The HF designer’s face became ugly, but he also knew he could not offend Hai Rui International, after a few seconds of silence, can only apologize, “I’m sorry, Mo Ting, I did not know about that lady and yours’ relations.h.i.+p…”

“You are wrong, she and I do not have any relations.h.i.+p, I was simply… not happy about your character!” Mo Ting left aside his relations.h.i.+p with Tang Ning, ready to leave, but just before leaving, he also said to all of the media, “but it is undeniable, that she will be a new star of the modeling industry.”


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