Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Countering Dog-like Men and Women[^1]

A supermodel who fell…

But from now on,Tang Ning’s story was not limited to this.


Actually, Tang Ning had never felt so bold, daring to marry a stranger, but she had already done it, so she has to have no regrets.

Tang Ning went back to her car, preparing to go home, but just before she launched her car, she received a phone call from Han Yu.

“Tang Ning… where are you now?”

“I’m at the doorway of the Civil Affairs Bureau, I’m about to go home,” Tang Ning tried to calm her tone of voice.

“Yu Rou has an important show, you go for her, the makeup artist will give you a mask, so no one can see you,” Han Yu Fan directly commanded her, “Yu Rou was only hurt a little, but you need to work hard for her.”

“Miss Mo was not really injured? The media should know she was in the hospital…”

“However, I have let people know, that Yu Rou will attend, so you will go for her!”

Really shameless, ah, before she helped Mo Yu Rou do these stupid things.

Before, she was taken advantage of, however, not every time would she help Mo Yu Rou with her wedding dress!

Tang Ning remained calm and nodded, “Okay, tell me the time and address, I’ll be there.”

“Tang Ning, we are getting married, you should promote Mo Yu Rou, so her career will rise!”

“I will promote her as best as I can!” Tang Ning said.

“Then I will hang up, we can eat together later.”

Han Yu, who did not realize that the situation was already reversed, presumably just now, was keeping Mo Yu Rou company on her bed, was being sweet and tender to her? Tang Ning hanged up, gave her agent a call, was suddenly reminded of her anger in her heart and mind.

“Han really wants you to go and model for that Mo Yu Rou? There is no mistake? If you hadn’t gone and retired, there would be no place for her!”

“Sister Long, I have already promised…” Tang Ning said calmly.

“You really want to go?” Her agent vomited blood, Tang Ning and Mo Yu Rou at present day were entertainment models, but because Tang Ning retired, she and her agent were subjected to a lot of ridicule.

Tang Ning knew her agent was itching to fight the injustice, and laughed, “I will not be so stupid so as to let people use me!”

Hearing Tang Ning say this, her agent was suddenly revived,”So you have a plan?”

“Sister Long, I can trust only you right now, so help me with one thing, okay?”

“You say it,” her agent was absolutely loyal to Tang Ning, after all, their interests were the same.

“Mo Yu Rou is deliberately pretending to be too hurt to attend, simply because of the impact of the annual selection of the top ten models, help me go to this hospital!”

“I understand, during that time period, she is still in that hospital, and then we’ll expose her!” Her agent said excitedly.

“No, we have greater material - she is pregnant, and the father is Han Yu Fan! Also, please help me prepare a statement in advance, the content is that Han Yu Fan repeatedly used me to help cover for Mo Yu Rou, specifically a few events, I will also trouble Sister Long to find evidence.”

Her agent was first surprised, but then she suddenly understood the reasons for her change of att.i.tude. Really shameless, these man and woman, having an affair, and still using her like she was a servant!

“Tang Ning, do not worry, these two things, I will help you do a good job.”

Tang Ning did not answer, but her heart was still not calm, thinking how others were to her, and her to them!

Wanting to think about it later, Tang Ning hastily packed her things, drove alone to the catwalk site, and rendezvoused with Mo Yu Rou’s a.s.sistant.

He was a burly, married man, more cunning and *more powerful.

He was fairly polite to her.*

“When did you come? Quickly… follow me for your makeup…”

“This show today, what show is it?” Tang Ning asked while walking.

“Not that important of a show!” The a.s.sistant answered, actually, this is the well-known jewelry brand HF fas.h.i.+on show…

After this show, Mo Yu Rou may become the spokeswoman for the HF, the original contract may be wasted because of Mo Yu Rou’s injuries, however because Han Yu Fan wanted Tang Ning to model as her, then he could not wish enough for it!

Actually, Tang Ning, when she was on the road had already checked today’s show, this show was the crown of jewelry shows, Mo Yu Rou’s a.s.sistant had lied to her, was… she really that easy to deceive?

“Thanks to Mo Yu Rou’s status, we have an independent dressing room, you have the final appearance, this is the jewelry you will showcase for a while, this is the process table,” the a.s.sistant said pointing to the dressing table full of jewelry facing Tang Ning, and then told the makeup artist to put makeup on Tang Ning.

Han Yu Fan thought, if she wore a mask, that others would not recognize her as Tang Ning?

This was a desperate attempt, and she would give the two [^1]dog-like man and woman a surprise.

Actually, Mo Ting’s a.s.sistant followed Tang Ning, and found out that she was going to help Mo Yu Ruo, called Mo Ting, and hearing it, Mo Ting immediately contacted the secretary inside, “I’m going to the HF Jewelry catwalk event, immediately arrange!”

“Yes, President!”

It wasn’t really a high-level show for him, however, he wanted to see Tang Ning’s true strength.


Eleven A.M., *the show was playing cla.s.sical music, apparently already opening.

In the dressing room, Tang Ning had already had her makeup applied, she was standing in front of a long mirror quietly waiting. She was wearing a white tube top and a tight skirt, simple but beautiful, with a golden mask, creating a mysterious atmosphere, her long hair was set at her back, with a white rose in her hair, she simply looked incredible.

The a.s.sistant who saw her, thought, Tang Ning standing still, was still stunning, Mo Yu Rou’s promotion, she would get it!

“Your way of admission is from sitting on a chair from the sky! This bracelet, is the crown of stars, I’ll give it to you to wear!” The a.s.sistant took the bracelet, and carefully fastened it onto Tang Ning, however… Tang Ning compared to Mo Yu Rou was softer and slimmer, so the size was too large, it went directly down her arm…

The founder of HF designed the bracelet for her daughter, the gold chain body had a mosaic of a white diamond crown, and on the crown’s both sides, were two white star gems, a symbol of a parent around their baby.

“I can’t wear it… what do we do?”

“Do you trust me?” Tang Ning suddenly asked Mo Yu Rou’s a.s.sistant.

“Now I can only believe you, ah,” the a.s.sistant nodded, this critical problem, he can only believe in the model. This was Mo Yu Rou’s endors.e.m.e.nt, if this was screwed up, he would have to leave from Korea.

“That, give it to me…” Tang Ning said confidently.

“Get ready quickly… you appearance will come soon!” The a.s.sistant did not notice Tang’s eyelashes which were hidden under her eyes.


h.e.l.lo! Here we have the second chapter of this novel. It’s easy to see at the top, the t.i.tle was kinda weird, but I think it means like insulting them, calling the two b*tches? *shrugs* meh. Nothing else comes to mind for me.

[^1] I think it means b*itch but I’m not sure. It is meant to be insulting though.