Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 213

Chapter 213

"I know you don't like to socialize, but the way you acted in front of Li Danni just then, was too cold," An Zihao said as he pulled out the chair for Tangning to sit on. Although he knew Tangning had a cold personality, Li Danni's status was at a level where others had to show some respect to.

Tangning lifted her head and looked at An Zihao. She spoke with a sense of ridicule, "If I'm friendly to her, does that mean she will forget that I caused her to lose her manager? Are you confident that she hasn't put the blame on me?"

"You should forget your pride..." An Zihao responded seriously.

"My pride is already forgotten."

An Zihao was stuck for words as he helplessly shook his head, "You entered Cheng Tian in such a high-profile way, plus you are currently very popular. You are the biggest compet.i.tor for Li Danni and Hua Yuan, that's why we need to be careful."

Put simply, she was standing in more and more people's way. Since the industry was full of both open and hidden rivalry, she should at least try and make her opponents hold back a little when throwing their attacks. Although Tangning's eyes were clear...she was a bit cold.

As they sat in the meeting room, both An Zihao and Tangning were surprised to find, Lan Xi had invited Luo Hao to join in on the meeting.

As the topic of Tangning's love life was brought up, Lan Xi once again reminded Tangning and An Zihao to be careful. Most importantly, she placed the focus on Luo Hao. She knew Luo Hao and Tangning had gone up against each other previously. She didn't care about what happened in the past, but from now on, she wasn't going to allow Tangning to be schemed against by her own people. 

"Luo Hao, everything related to Tangning isn't just An Zihao's problem. As the Artists Director, you also hold some responsibility. If anything happens to Tangning, you will go down with her."

Luo Hao frowned but still nodded at Lan Xi, "I understand."

In the end, Tangning and An Zihao left first to go to Moscow. After they left, Lan Xi looked at Luo Hao and tried to resolve the issue between them, "I know An Zihao has left a huge impact on you. I hope you can let go of the past. I still need you."

Luo Hao looked at Lan Xi. He wasn't sure how sincere she was, so he tested her, "I want to know who the person backing Tangning is. What kind of fearful power does he possess?"

"Power?" Lan Xi shook her head and smiled. "What power do you think Tangning has apart from the Tang family's power? If she was so powerful, would she require the help of Cheng Tian to help her slowly advance? He has no such power."

Luo Hao and Lan Xi's thoughts were the same. But, he was still suspicious, "If that's the case, then why did you allow Tangning to remain in a relations.h.i.+p?"

"What's so bad about it? When the time is right, we could even use it to divert the public's attention from a scandal. I can't guarantee everything for Cheng Tian will always be smooth sailing."

As expected, Lan Xi wasn't so kind-hearted...

"Then, have you seen the man?"

"No. But, I don't think it's someone that can be revealed. Tangning is extremely secretive, so I tried to look into it myself...however, I still have not figured anything out."

Luo Hao looked at Lan Xi, his eyes contained a sense of ridicule.

As for Lan Xi's investigation. Just because she wanted to look into it, did that mean Mo Ting would just sit around and let her investigate?

Most importantly, how dare she try to use Big Boss to divert scandals. What right did she think she had?

12pm. An Zihao arrived at the airport early. He wanted to see the man that was traveling with Tangning.

However, all he saw was a fully-disguised Tangning followed by Long Jie. The man was nowhere to be seen.

This was because Mo Ting had directly taken the VIP entrance, so of course, An Zihao had no chance of seeing him. By the time he boarded the plane, Mo Ting was already in the first-cla.s.s cabin having a nap.

So mysterious? An Zihao even suspected there was a possibility the man was actually on a different flight.

Inside the first-cla.s.s cabin, Mo Ting was hugging Tangning as they rested. While Tangning flipped through the in-flight magazine, her eyes momentarily stopped on the page advertising diamond rings; there was an obvious look of longing. Mo Ting noticed her gaze but did not say anything.

Although they were husband and wife...

...their hands were bare and they had never held a proper wedding ceremony.

He had to think of a way to let her wear a ring without others suspecting it to be a wedding ring.

It seemed hard, but not too hard...

Mo Ting recalled Tangning's schedule in his mind and smiled to himself. He had an idea.

Sitting in the economy cabin, An Zihao wasn't feeling great. This was the first time he had been thrown aside by an artist he managed. So, he couldn't help but think back on the happy times he spent with Yun Xin as they leaned against each other. Unfortunately, he was now all alone.

The 8-hour flight wasn't too long, but it also couldn't be considered as short. An Zihao once again approached the front of the plane hoping to get a glimpse of the mysterious man. There was only one way out of the plane, this time he wouldn't miss the chance, right?

However, the reality was, Tangning and Long Jie hurried out of the plane without a man in sight and An Zihao couldn't possibly say he'd stay back and wait for a while.

Seeing An Zihao looking around curiously, Tangning couldn't help but laugh, "What are you looking at? I never thought you had such a childish side to you."

"Do you not trust me?" An Zihao finally asked the question that had been in his heart. If Tangning really trusted him, she would not be hiding something that even Long Jie knew about.

"Yes, I do not trust you enough," Tangning answered simply and straightforwardly. "After all, you previously caused me a heap of trouble..."

An Zihao: "..."

"Fine, I won't ask any further, but where will you be living?" An Zihao crossed his arms and wrapped his body tightly with a jacket, "Have you also made separate arrangements?"

"Just book accommodation for you and Long Jie...I will live nearby and make sure not to cause any delays with work."

"Tangning, is this necessary? We will meet sooner or later...Since we are already overseas together, why can't you be honest with me?"

A light snow was falling on Moscow at this moment, but, Tangning was afraid of the cold. Even though Mo Ting was well-prepared, Tangning still couldn't handle the chill. She wrapped her arms tightly around herself as she rubbed her hands together. Seeing her actions, Mo Ting who was currently exiting behind her, couldn't hold back his heartache. He immediately took off his jacket and placed it on Tangning from behind before pulling her into his embrace and walking away with her.

Everything happened so quickly An Zihao had no time to respond.

Who was that man?

Who was the man that possessed the domineering presence of a king?

Too bad he didn't see his face!

An Zihao realized he felt a little nervous.


"I know what you want to say. But I can't bear to see you cold," Mo Ting wrapped his arms around Tangning as he hurried her onto the Airport Pickup Limo prepared by Dynasty Hotel.

His own artist had been hijacked, so An Zihao couldn't help but follow closely behind.

He and Long Jie walked side-by-side. As the weather was too cold, neither of them spoke. Since they had gotten to this point, would he still not get the chance to see Tangning's man?