Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 212

Chapter 212

Luo Hao's expression was slightly complicated. Especially after witnessing Yang Jing's defeat, he had an indescribable feeling in the depths of his heart. So, when he opened his mouth no words came out. After Yang Jing quietened down, he finally asked, "Where do you want to go? I'll take you."

"No need..." Yang Jing shook her head. "Luo Hao, although I've done so many bad things to you behind your back over the years, all that I've done is because you made me abort our child. So, I've never felt that I've owed you anything."

After speaking, she pushed open the car door and left. As for Luo Hao, who was left behind - his mind was in a mess.

Child...that's right, all the problems started from that child. But, this is the entertainment industry, no one wants to end up like An Zihao and Yun Xin.

Amongst the darkness, Luo Hao sneered slightly. If over the years, he hadn't secretly helped Yang Jing, did she think she'd achieve such a high status with her prideful att.i.tude?

He couldn't deny that he still had feelings for her...but there was no way he'd turn back.

At present, the power in Cheng Tian was equally divided; he had Hua Yuan and An Zihao had Tangning. As for Li Danni who was previously under the control of Yang Jing, she was temporarily in the hands of the Vice President. From the looks of it, the battle for the best resources was about to start.

So, Tangning has someone backing her eh?

Doesn't everyone have someone backing them?

If the person backing Tangning was really that powerful, Tangning would have surpa.s.sed her current status a long time ago. Luo Hao felt, the information Yang Jing had given him, wasn't of any use.

In conclusion, during the confrontation between Lan Yu and Tangning, Tangning simply had to lift a finger without a word; all she did was present the results of her drug test and Lan Yu was dealt with quickly and efficiently with a stable level of exposure - Tangning was indeed a strong opponent. 

Because of the Lan Yu incident, Tangning's trustworthiness was once again increased. So, Top-tier offers flooded in, including many major brand endors.e.m.e.nts.

As a result, Tangning's schedule, under An Zihao's arrangements, became completely packed. Except for the 3 days she currently had off, the following month would be spent busy attending multiple jobs.

The night before heading to Moscow for Her Vision's shoot, An Zihao was on the phone with Tangning, "Tomorrow we will have a quick meeting at Cheng Tian to confirm all your upcoming plans. Are you sure you won't be heading to the airport with me for the 1pm flight to Moscow? What if something happens?"

Tangning was packing her and Mo Ting's luggage. She turned to look at the busy expression on her man's face as she smiled, "I will handle it."

"If something goes wrong, then from now on whenever we schedule a public event, you will have to listen to me."

"Nothing will go wrong," Tangning replied rea.s.suringly.

"Remember what you've said."

Compared to other artists, Tangning's self-discipline definitely put one's mind at ease. So, An Zihao did not push any further. After all, Tangning had already been in the industry for 8-9 years and was well aware of how things operated.

Tangning hung up the phone as Mo Ting also put down the doc.u.ments in his hands and approached her from behind. He breathed in her scent as he wrapped her into his embrace.

"I haven't showered yet..." Tangning resisted a little.

"I don't mind," Mo Ting responded in a deep voice before reaching out his hand to gently stroke her soft flowing hair. "I've looked at the jobs An Zihao has accepted for you. They are indeed helpful while you are on the rise. From what I see, he seems to have a good control of fans and has a team of well-experienced helpers. Our 'Little Miss Tangning' is no longer a disregarded 'stray child'."

Tangning turned her head and looked into Mo Ting's obsidian-like eyes as she chuckled, "Does that mean Big Boss can finally relax?"

Mo Ting lowered his head and placed his chin on Tangning's shoulder, "Towards you, I can never be relaxed."

"And that's why under such tiring circ.u.mstances, you still intend on accompanying me to Moscow for my magazine shoot," Tangning gently stroked Mo Ting's cheek as her heart ached.

"It's snowing there, don't forget to pack a few extra pieces of thick clothing," Mo Ting smiled. He disagreed with the word 'tiring'.

That had to depend on who he was going with!

The entertainment news on TV was focused on Lan Yu's injury, disfigurement, and her capture after taking drugs. As for Lan Yu's mother, she was also taken in for investigation after it was revealed she had changed Lan Yu's age. The netizens felt an infinite mix of emotions; an average young girl had actually done so many outrageous things. Now that she was disfigured, they naturally felt, she was no longer worthy of using the name 'Mini-Tangning'.

The only thing was, there were no longer any mentions of Yang Jing. After all, she was only an ex-manager of Cheng Tian, even if she could no longer be a manager, she could still change careers. However...the most recent instructions Mo Ting had given to Lu Che, was early that morning when he told him to use the most subtle methods to contact all companies in related industries. He declared that anywhere where Hai Rui was involved, Yang Jing must not be hired; preventing her from taking even half a step into the entertainment industry.

Without her high wages and special treatment, he wanted to see how she was to continue being evil and prideful.

The next morning, An Zihao drove Tangning to Cheng Tian Entertainment for a meeting. Just as they were about to head into the meeting room, they heard a crisp cry, "Tangning."

Tangning lifted her head to see a light blue figure heading her way. As a model, this person was naturally tall; she just didn't have long legs like Tangning. As for her face, she had clear-cut features with a well-defined jaw. Her slightly blue pupils made her appear charming like a foreigner.

It was Li Danni!

Simply looking at her walking posture, one could not see through her personality, but hearing her tone of voice, it seemed she was quite a friendly person. 

"Hi," Tangning greeted, nodding her head.

"Are you here for a meeting?"

"Yep," Tangning obviously found it hard to withstand her sociable personality.

"In that case, fighting! I've seen your shows, you're amazing!"

Tangning smiled without making any more responses as An Zihao pushed open the meeting room door and said, "Let's go, we are going to be late."

Li Danni watched as Tangning entered the meeting room, she had a deep look in her eyes. At this time, her a.s.sistant gave a grunt of ridicule before speaking, "This new A-Grade model doesn't know how to measure her own position. Out of all the models in Cheng Tian, Hua Yuan is the only one that doesn't need to bow down to you. Who does Tangning think she is?"

"Watch what you say," Li Danni warned her a.s.sistant softly.

"Yang Jie's resignation was obviously planned by Tangning, An Zihao and President Lan. As for the Vice president, he's useless, he has no ability to seize any good resources. Tangning has caused us to lose Yang Jie!"

Li Danni did not respond. Isn't Tangning going to Moscow for her magazine shoot? She was familiar with the photography team often used by Her Vision: they had previously shot a big commercial together.

It was fine that Tangning didn't bow down to her, but the incident with Yang Jing, she wasn't going to let it go just like that. Especially since all along it had only been her and Hua Yuan that fought for resources. How dare Tangning appear out of nowhere and take the best manager? What right does she have? And who does she think she is?