Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Trial Marriage Husband Need To Work Hard 1225 I'm Not Your Sister-In-Law

Trial Marriage Husband Need To Work Hard 1225 I'm Not Your Sister-In-Law

Along the way, he heard people gossiping and learned that Yao Anqi had received a cut on her head that was getting bandaged and that it wasn't serious.

Mo Zixi relaxed and gave Yao Anqi a phone call, "Where are you?"

"I'm resting in my office. I'll be going home soon." A big incident like this had a bad impact on the hospital, so the head doctor allowed Yao Anqi to take some time off to get some rest.

"Come to the underground parking lot," Mo Zixi instructed.

Yao Anqi didn't expect Mo Zixi to personally come to the hospital. After all, she a.s.sumed that he wouldn't want to attract gossip. So, when she stepped foot into the parking lot and saw Mo Zixi, she was quite surprised.


"Get in," Mo Zixi said. "A lot of people are walking around, do you want to get noticed?"

Yao Anqi couldn't reject Mo Zixi's offer, so she quickly pulled open his car door and got in. Afterwards, the couple swiftly left the hospital. However, Mo Zixi noticed the thick bandages on Yao Anqi's head.

"Did you secretly come here to visit Chen Jie?" Yao Anqi asked naively.

Mo Zixi was a little surprised as he shook his head, "I specifically came to pick you up. From what I heard on the phone, it sounded like there was some kind of a disturbance at the hospital, so I was worried."

Yao Anqi was a little surprised, "I thought..."

"You've been overthinking," Mo Zixi explained before he drove her to Hyatt Regency. "As agreed earlier, I'm taking you to see Xingzhe."

"But, my head injury..."

"Do you think Xingzhe would understand at his age?" Mo Zixi asked.

Yao Anqi fell silent and did not reply. As Mo Zixi had said, Xingzhe didn't understand what it meant to be injured yet. They simply needed to comfort him a little and he'd be fine.

However, Mo Zixi never expected that his visit to the hospital would be noticed by someone. But, everyone thought that Mo Zixi went to see Chen Jingrong. After all, their matter caused quite a stir in the army base.

So, when Chen Jingrong heard about his visit, she was so emotional that she sat up in bed and asked, "Did Zixi come to the hospital? Did he really come?"

When Father Chen saw his daughter's useless expression, he was really disappointed, "Things have already gotten to this point. Why do you care if he came to the hospital or not?"

" know that I really love Zixi. In this lifetime, I won't marry anyone but him."

"Even if you won't marry anyone but him, you need to make sure that he wants to marry you too," Father Chen humphed. "Besides, you've already broken up. I'm not going to let someone humiliate my daughter time and time again."

Chen Jingrong didn't care what her father thought. All she knew was, Mo Zixi had visited the hospital. In other words, he hadn't completely let go of her.

So, she immediately pulled out her phone and called Mo Zixi.

However, she had no idea that Mo Zixi already blocked her number.

Chen Jingrong didn't give up and continued to call, but she still couldn't get through.

"My dear daughter, listen to me, stop contacting that man."

"Dad, as long as he still thinks about me, I will never give up." She had already liked him for so many years, how could she give up so easily?

Above all, she knew he was about to propose to her. So, who exposed her lies to him at a time like this? That was something that she really wanted to know.


Mo Zixi had no idea that in Chen Jingrong's heart, he once again created quite a stir. At that time, he arrived at Hyatt Regency with Yao Anqi.

As soon as they walked in through the front door, they saw Xingzhe sitting on the floor playing with some toys. Meanwhile, Tangning was sitting by his side with some snacks that she prepared for him.


Tangning turned and looked at the couple. She then smiled, "Come see your son."

Yao Anqi approached and lifted the child in her arms. She hugged him tightly and kissed him endlessly on the cheeks.


When Mo Zixi saw this, he could tell that they had a very deep relations.h.i.+p.

Tangning looked at Mo Zixi and gestured for him to show some concern for the mother and son. After all, it was Yao Anqi's second time there, so she'd definitely feel a little awkward.

At the same time, Tangning tried to calm Yao Anqi's nerves, "What happened to your head?"

"A patient caused an incident in the hospital today and I was hurt in the process," Yao Anqi explained.

"In that case, stay here and take care of Xingzhe. You can take this as an opportunity to get some rest," Tangning said before she handed Yao Anqi the spare key she prepared. "You can come whenever you want. You don't need to trouble our neighbor anymore."

"Auntie, I'm afraid that this isn't such a good idea."

"Zixi, convince her!" Tangning said as she handed the key to Mo Zixi.

Mo Zixi swiftly dropped the key into Yao Anqi's pocket, "Take it. Since my mother's already spoken, she's not going to take it back."

Yao Anqi did not say another word. She simply held onto her child and followed Mo Zixi up the stairs to see his room.

By now, the entire room was filled with things for Xingzhe.

"It's a little messy. I haven't had the chance to tidy it up..."

Soon, the Mo Family's members gradually arrived home. The first to arrive was Mo Ziyan. This was her first time seeing Yao Anqi, so she was particularly friendly with her greeting, "h.e.l.lo, sister-in-law!"

"I'm not your sister-in-law."

"You will be very soon," Mo Ziyan said as she winked at Mo Zixi. "Big Brother, you need to work harder. Sister-in-law's not acknowledging you because you bullied her in the past."

Mo Zixi laughed as he stopped his sister from talking, "Don't make things difficult for Anqi."

"Fine, I was just joking. Don't be upset Yao Jie. You must have been holding Xingzhe for a long time. Here, let me hold him for you. I've missed him all day," Mo Ziyan said as she stretched out her arms.

Before Yao Anqi could respond, Xingzhe already pounced into Mo Ziyan's arms.

"Aiya, Auntie's doting was worth it!"

Yao Anqi felt relieved; she could tell that Mo Ziyan truly liked Xingzhe.

"The two of you chat. I'll take Xingzhe downstairs to play."

In reality, Mo Ziyan was trying to create an opportunity for the two. But, she had no idea that the two of them were extremely boring people. Without the child around, they didn't know what to talk about.

Especially since Yao Anqi thought Mo Zixi still had another woman in his heart.

Hence, she refused to develop any feelings for him...

"My family is extremely affectionate. If you feel uncomfortable, just let me know. I'll tell them to control themselves."

Yao Anqi nodded her head. But, no matter what, she still felt a little awkward.

It seemed, Mo Zixi had never seen her smile before. She always had a cold expression and appeared unapproachable.

The couple had nothing to talk about, so Mo Zixi began to feel a little awkward too. In the end, he said, "Why don't we go downstairs."

"OK," Yao Anqi agreed.

As the two of them hadn't met many times in the past, they didn't get the opportunity to learn about each other properly. Plus, Yao Anqi kept trying to avoid Mo Zixi, so....

...Mo Zixi knew it would take some time before they could grow closer...